What should I do now so that I don't regret later in my old age??

More often we regret what we didn't do than we regret what we did. What is worth doing in your life right now so as not to experience regrets in old age?

“20 years will pass and you will regret what you didn't do more than what you did. So to hell with doubt and laziness. Get out of the safe haven. Catch the wind in your sails. Travel. Dream. Open." Mark Twain

Life will someday be full of regrets if you don't try to live life to the fullest right now. What do people most often regret that they did not do in their youth and in adulthood?

Stop dying in laziness, dreams, everyday life, debauchery, alcohol and inaction. For changes to a better life, a person needs only his desire. It's enough.

What should you do now so that you don't regret retirement later?

1. Be confident in yourself and your abilities, this will make life brighter and better.

2. Take care of a beautiful body, do sports and do not eat everything.

3. Never date girls you wouldn't marry.

4. Develop a wider range of interests, this will give new opportunities.

5. Work on yourself to become more sociable, open and sociable.

6. Don't try to be the nice guy who sits in the friend zone. Be the bad guy.

7. Save money, don't throw it around and buy junk. Will fit for sure.

8. Meet new people more often and visit new interesting places.

9. Don't waste time on girls who don't reciprocate.

10. An ideal diploma does not guarantee anything in life. Make connections and gain experience.

11. Spending a lot of time on parties, drinking and entertainment can miss out on life itself.

12. Break up with a girl you're unhappy with and find one you'll be happy with.

13. Make quality friends, not alcoholics, lazybones and losers.

14. Drink less. A teetotaler is more likely to meet girls and succeed in his career.

15. Work hard and try to become an expert in your field.

16. Use your free time to good use, and do not play on your computer, do not sit on the Internet and do not watch the box.

17. Suppress impulses and emotions so as not to mess things up in life.

18. Set goals, make plans and achieve your desires.

19. Get out of your comfort zone, take risks and try, and don't expect miracles from heaven.

20. Travel. It is travel that gives life experience and the most vivid impressions.

Your happiness depends only on whether you are able to carry your dreams and desires through the trials of life.