What should be a real man?

In the modern world, to the question: “What should a real man be like?” many of the fair sex often answer with a smirk a question to the question: “But did they really remain?”. Then they accompany their answer with unflattering comments and regrets that “men are far from the same now as they were before...”. I propose to figure out when was this mysterious "before"?

At what time were there "real" men who are now, according to many women, gone?

Have you yourself thought about when was that time, about which they proudly say that “then there were men!”. At what point and who decided to divide men into "real" and all others - fake? Let's try to lift the veil of secrecy. It is worth noting that such characteristics were not noticed in the history of Ancient Russia. Among the people, there were usually concepts of a “glorious” peasant: “traveling” and “hard-working”, the opposition of which was “loafer”, that is, there was no talk of dividing into “real” and “fake” ones. Therefore, it is not entirely clear what time the representatives of the weaker sex are talking about, arguing that "the men have disappeared today."

Why is it not necessary to compare men of those times and modern men?

Ancient paintings show us healthy, tall men, such as, for example, Russian heroes, who are known for their strength and readiness for battle. If we compare those men and modern ones, we can say with full confidence that their differences are completely justified: the masculinity of the first ones was inspired by the time when there were endless enemy raids, during which bloodshed was committed - the living conditions assumed a similar strength of mind among male representatives.

The boys of those times grew up very early: from the age of three they were excommunicated from their mothers and transferred to the upbringing of their fathers, who from early childhood taught them to protect the earth from enemies. Therefore, their rapid maturation occurred in the most natural way. It follows from this that it is inappropriate to compare the men of those times and the present, and even more so to say that then they were “real”, but modern men are not.

Erroneous stereotype

Society very often gives wrong ideas about the “real” man. Many people think that this is a man, necessarily of a huge size, always disappearing at work, gloomy, with the position: “I said, so it will be so!”... He can only be a winner: he has the last word, no arguments can convince him, always stands on its own to the last.

I hope that the majority understands that such an idea of ​​a “real” man is erroneous: issues are resolved exclusively with fists, money is senselessly sprayed, someone else’s opinion is not perceived.

TOP- 5 characteristics that describe a "real man"

What should a real man be like?

1. Realization

There is a huge variety of spheres of life. A realized man tries to succeed in each of them: in a family full of love and understanding; in work, or rather in a favorite business that brings a stable (not necessarily high) income; in leisure that gives pleasure, etc.

2. Self-confidence

Such a person clearly understands how he wants to see himself in life: he not only blindly believes in himself and his abilities, but every day he sets himself tasks that he faithfully solves one after another. A self-confident man will not allow himself to be pushed around in someone's interests, but will do everything to achieve what he wants for himself and for his family.

It is important to remember that being and seeming are not the same concepts. Develop your confidence, do not be afraid to take action and achieve your goals.

3. Responsibility

From early childhood, men are taught responsibility: for the spoken words, for the actions taken, and in general - for their lives. At a certain moment, when a family with a wife and children appears in the life of a male, he courageously places responsibility for them on his shoulders.

4. Purposefulness

A man who sets goals for himself slowly but surely moves forward. He is not afraid to face life's difficulties, overcomes them, learns from his mistakes in order to subsequently achieve his own.

5. Stress resistance

On the way of becoming a man, there will be a lot of ambiguous situations, losses and all sorts of hardships - despite all the difficulties, a real man will cope with his emotions, will not show himself compassionate. Stress resistance is an important element in the life of every person.

A list of personal qualities that a “real man” should possess

A man is considered a representative of the stronger sex, therefore, on his shoulders lies a great responsibility not only for himself, but also for his family. He is considered a defender, able to resolve difficult situations, is not afraid to take on the problems of loved ones, to look for ways to solve them. It should be noted that for each person the concept of a “real man” is different. Let's try to analyze below those qualities that are considered generally accepted:

1. Courageous

In the usual sense, courageous is a person who has a bold spirit and a brave heart. However, if we delve deeper into this issue, we will find that not everyone will be able to show determination to show qualities that are not characteristic of men (from a social point of view). For example, tenderness, reverent and caring attitude.

2. Kind

A strong man will never pass by a person who is in trouble, in need of help or support. A kind man will not be able to close his eyes to the misfortune of a defenseless kitten, which was "hostage" of a branchy tree. A heart warmed by love will always respond to someone else's sadness.

3. Courageous

A real man will never hide behind excuses, other people's backs, boldly admits guilt if he was wrong. He will not be considered weak when he gives in to his loved one.

4. Honest

Is a man capable of betraying? Undoubtedly. As is the woman. The world is complicated and not ideal, countless unforeseen situations can happen in life. The main thing is to remain honest with yourself and with your loved one.


5. Honesty

Honesty is manifested in love, devotion and respect.

6. Sexy

Male sexuality is a very nice bonus. However, this sensuality does not lie in the ordinary understanding of this word - it is in the confidence of a man, in intellect, in the integrity of his personality.

7. Erudite

A well-rounded man attracts women like a magnet. The ability to not be boring to convey information is highly valued in women's society.

8. With a sense of humor

What should a real man be like? A quality that can help you survive temporary hardships with a smile on your face, it's easier to relate to life. Women call him one of the first when they describe their ideal man.

9. Sociable

A man should not be shy to conduct a dialogue in a company, rather, on the contrary - express his opinion on the subject of a dispute, captivate with an interesting story, etc.

10. Hardworking

A real man is not afraid of hard work: he will dig up potatoes in the village, and bring water, and will not consider it shameful to help his beloved woman with cleaning the house.