What should a man do if he is unlucky

What should a man do if he is unlucky in personal relationships, love and sex? It's all about life strategy and rank. How to create a high-ranking male image?

Women exalt male modesty, but do not like modest men. (Thomas Fuller)

Women, like children, love to say no. Men, like children, take it seriously. (Yanina Ipohorskaya, journalist)

Never tell a woman that you are not worthy of her love - she knows it even without you. (Unknown author)

The following recommendations can be divided into two large groups - tactical and strategic. Tactical relate to specific behavioral acts in behavior with women; strategic concerns recommendations for changing the whole life. The strategic ones, I think, are already quite clear from the previous text - this is an increase in one's rank potential and the rank actually occupied by society, the accumulation of resources associated with this, so we will focus here on tactical recommendations. However, tactical recommendations should also be based on the strategic task of forming one's high-ranking image.

• First of all, you need to remember that you must not forget about your own dignity when caring for a woman, seeking her attention and favor. Self-humiliation is absolutely unacceptable! As well as any actions that reduce self-esteem visible from the outside.

• Women are not to be feared! The perception of a woman as a strict boss is almost a guarantee of failure. Often such fear is unconsciously manifested in the avoidance of gender-specific topics for communication. Instead of presenting himself to a woman as a man, a male, another overly shy young man begins to “load” her with high science or art, hoping that she will appreciate his achievements in this area. Well, if these achievements are really high, then there is no need to hide them, but behind science we must not forget that, first of all, it subconsciously evaluates you as a male, and analyzes how much you, as a male, are interested in it as a female. Therefore, science is science, and you shouldn’t forget about compliments either, although it’s possible for you to say them out of habit, it’s scary (this fear is actually a kind of fear for a low-ranking individual to claim a resource that is “out of his rank”). This, of course, does not mean that you need to immediately go in for a kiss, and even more so - insist on intimacy (although in some specific situations it is possible, and maybe sometimes necessary), after all, the ritual must be observed! And the ritual implies, in particular, the issuance of compliments to your interlocutor precisely as a highly fertile female; another thing is that the specifics of constructing such compliments (so that it is unambiguous, but at the same time "unsurprising and from afar") - this is already more from the field of art. If you load only with science, you will be enrolled in the detachment of "friends" from which you will never move into the detachment of "lovers" or husbands.

• You can't show a hunger for female attention, which might look like a preoccupation with sex (or otherwise). The most attractive to women are lovingly and sexually “well-fed” men; so to speak, "to the possessor - it is added, from the have-not - it is taken away." This satiety is undesirable to voice explicitly (especially - to lie on this topic - the disclosure of this lie is like a disaster!), It should be indirectly manifested in gestures, intonations and actions. However, one should distinguish between "satiety" and "lack of appetite". Appetite something as times should be.

• The most important topic is gifts. Gifts should be in the nature of a generous dumping of abundant surpluses, but not tearing off the last piece from oneself. A million scarlet roses look beautiful and romantic, but the artist from the song of the same name was left with nothing for a reason. For all that, the lady was very pleased, because it was a sign of her high attractiveness! Another thing is if you have a billion of these roses - then such tricks can be done, and even necessary. This does not mean that you have to be stingy and prudent, rather the opposite. But with your gift, you must demonstrate that you have excess resources, and not at all the ability to lie down for the sake of a beautiful lady. If you gave her everything that you had as a gift, and were left with nothing, then why does she need you when you have nothing else? After all, you will need to raise children on something. And self-sacrifice in this sense is of little value; even vice versa. Therefore, accepting signs of attention, even ruinous ones, a woman, as a rule, does not feel obliged for this.

• If a woman asks you to provide her with a service that humiliates you to one degree or another, then if there is no way to refuse, you need to emphasize in every way the ritual and formality of your submission. Do not immediately rush to do it with servile helpfulness, but do it, so to speak, with dignity and honor.

• One of the common pieces of advice that can be given in such a situation is to "behave naturally." However, the nature of all is different, and if one nature attracts women, then the other does not at all. So someone on the contrary, you need to control yourself very carefully. However, pretending to be BP while being HP is a risky and unpromising business. The “lieutenants” behave very, very differently with women, and their high rank is indicated not only and not so much by their relaxed behavior, but by their subtle self-confident facial expressions and “uncommon facial expressions”. Especially it is necessary to warn against aggressiveness in relations with women. Aggressiveness in itself is not yet a sign of high ranking potential, but only a sign of high ranking ambitions, and often indicates an HP that has temporarily seized power. You need to be dominant with women, but aggressiveness is not a synonym for dominance. The cheerful cheerfulness of a self-confident, even reckless person who is not afraid of both existing and possible problems, who is to a certain extent “full” of the joys of life, is not afraid to make contact with other people - this is the style of behavior and life that you need to strive for. Perhaps the best thing to advise a young (and not so) person with a distinctly low RP is to try to play on the additivity of the rank potential - the ability to make friends and generally arouse sympathy in people. Such abilities indicate the ability to successfully operate in alliances and groupings that can lead to hierarchical success of their members.

• If the initiative of your meetings or other contacts (for example, telephone) always comes from you, and she, at best, only graciously refuses, then this is a clear sign of the futility of your relationship. In this case, you are just a copy of the collection for her, and perhaps a source of pleasant gifts.

• Don't make hard work, sobriety, thoughtfulness, sensitivity, etc. the main focus of your courtship campaign. You will not win her heart with this; and if she has not yet been married, then most likely you will not win a head.

• A lot has already been said about money here, it is really not useful in terms of increasing gender-specific attractiveness, because it is almost impossible to get rich in the primitive herd, being a low-ranking one - the higher ones will take everything away. In modern society, this is already possible in principle, but if your actual rank is already very clearly inconsistent with your wealth, you may later encounter her infidelity. After all, it is pleasant to “milk” the “breadwinner” sometimes by encouraging sex, but she wants another lover...

• As already mentioned, a characteristic of people is the difference in their levels of primativity. Let me remind you that a low-primative person in everyday life is guided more by reason, and not by instinctive programs. Since instinctive mating rituals are dialogical, like a password and a response, the inconsistency of a person's behavior with these rituals can seriously complicate his search for a life partner. Such a man may simply not be perceived as a mature male.

• They say that women love with their ears. I will say more, this is typical not only for people! Male songbirds sing songs precisely to attract females, for the same reason a grasshopper chirps, a male frog croaks, a March cat howls at night, and so on and so forth. Well, there’s nothing to say about pop stars - this is one of the most popular category of men among women... Yes, and they sing mostly about love!

• What is more important for success - high rank or high primativity? Certainly a high rank! The lieutenant is forgiven everything, including low primativity. Moreover, high-ranking men with low primativity often have a special charm, and are especially successful with high-ranking women, although they do not have record harems. However, primativity is basically an innate quality, and it is difficult to change it with any “work on yourself”, especially if you do not have artistic talents.

• You can try to compensate for low chances with a large number of attempts - under a lying stone and water does not flow. And do not hesitate to use your favorite female tactics for this - to spin several novels in parallel, of course taking measures to ensure that these “parallels” do not intersect... At least, you will gain practical experience, and perhaps you will gain the confidence you lack. To gain experience, you can also meet through marriage advertisements, but do not consider them as a fail-safe way - they give very, very small chances of success; you can unsuccessfully meet on these ads for many years.

• Of course, it is natural for women to make fun of low-ranking men in every possible way, but be philosophical about this, and do not stop trying. In any case, don't make a tragedy out of it, and don't get depressed. Moreover, we live in a probabilistic world, and as already mentioned, a high rank in itself is not yet a guarantee of complete success, and vice versa, a low rank is not yet a guarantee of failure; but these are only factors that greatly affect the likelihood of reciprocity. In addition, there are also instincts of sexual curiosity and search... And also, if your ranking potential is low, try not to waste time on high-ranking women.

• Don't judge your loved ones for making eyes, and maybe meeting not only with you, but keeping you "attached" at a certain distance - nature has placed the main responsibility of choice on them. Although the times are not the same... And do not condemn your wives for an irresistible desire to please all men in a row - infidelity does not automatically follow from this. Remember that without good reasons, a woman will not bring something dangerous into her life.

• But! Do not waste time if you see that the distance between you has not been reduced for a very long time - it means that you are kept only for the collection. In this case, she most likely does not need you - she needs your signs of attention. The fact is that the female need for signs of attention from men is almost an end in itself for them, a kind of psychological food. And dosed favor is released to you only so that this source of your signs of attention does not dry out as long as possible. Statistics say that too long courtship does not lead to successful marriages - for the rest of your life you will be considered like a cancer without fish, a kind of emergency option.

• As already mentioned, women are characterized by certain varieties of parallel promiscuity, more often platonic. That is, they tend to "process" several men at the same time. If at the same time she keeps a sufficient distance from all but perhaps one of the "worked" ones, giving the rest only one hope, then this is the NORM, and a common practice that serves to expand the field of choice. This practice, combined with self-centeredness, is perceived as cunning; this term in this case is not entirely accurate - on whom she will choose, often she herself does not know until the last moment (however, she usually knows exactly who she will NOT stop this choice on); and at the moment of choice, she is not always aware of why one is chosen and not the other. So do not make scandals about this, and do not get into a noose in vain - in accordance with instinct, women are simply obliged to do so.

• As one of the very strong (albeit risky for women themselves) methods of seducing men, a short-term “admission to the body” can also be used. In these cases, a woman relatively easily agrees to short-term intimate relationships, which generally do not involve development and deepening. The main subconscious goal of such a connection is to bind a man to himself, simultaneously satisfying the instinct of sexual curiosity. At the rational level, this is explained by a woman, as a rule, as a desire to "have fun." However, after a short time (often the very next day), you may be denied the continuation of an intimate relationship, perhaps with the offer to “remain friends”. And woe to you if you have already fallen in love with her! The prospects for reciprocity in this case are illusory or vanishingly weak. In short, do not rush to fall in love with a woman just because she gave herself to you a couple of times - this can only be bait, followed by nothing but a painfully stinging hook. Of course, this does not mean that intimacy should be abandoned; the bait must be carefully gnawed without swallowing the hook (in the sense - without losing your head).

• The less we love a woman, the easier she likes us... With regard to Pushkin himself, these words are certainly true, but such recommendations, such as: “pay no attention to her” or “immediately put her in her place”, "yell", etc., are characteristic of the behavior of "lieutenants", and work well in their performance. The dominant does not need to love women - women love him anyway.

If your rank is low, then your neglect will go unnoticed; and an attempt to “put in place” will be the growl of a paper tiger, and will not cause anything but a smile or righteous anger, because “the hat will not suit Senka.”

• About female infidelity. If you do not consider explicit or implicit prostitution, ie. sexual intercourse for material benefits, then a woman cheats in most cases when she is not satisfied with the rank of her husband. Especially if she has increased the strength of the innate program of sexual curiosity. And if you do not satisfy your wife sexually, but someone else satisfies, then the point here is not in his special skill, and not in the size of the genitals, but precisely in rank. Even potency is not the main reason for infidelity. If she is not satisfied with something else (low intelligence, rough treatment, laziness, etc.), then she will rather leave you than begin to cheat.

• It is natural for women to whimper, including about how difficult it is for them to get married. However, don't take this whimpering too literally, and don't be under the illusion that women will throw themselves at you, shoving off competitors (unless, of course, you are a pop star, or a similar person with the highest rank). Women, striving to please all men, nevertheless, will sit until old age and wait for someone to conquer them (and they will still defend themselves! - However, the stamina of this defense is inversely proportional to the rank of a man), thereby proving their primitive right to close contact, even when there is no longer a chance. In practice, they want to get married much less than they talk about it. Especially if they are over 30 - in this case, among other things, it works (however, inherent in men too) unwillingness to change the usual order of life.

• When saying that they say, “there are no men” or “no one pays attention”, a woman is voluntarily or more often involuntarily disingenuous. A woman of reproductive age who ABSOLUTELY does not use the attention of men is an almost impossible phenomenon (unless, of course, men are physically present within a radius of several kilometers). These statements should be understood as “few men” or, accordingly, “few fans”, and among them there is not enough suitable (and we know who this is suitable). Well, fans, like money, are never too many. So when caring for some woman, even an ugly one, do not expect that she has no other suitors at all, but proceed from the fact that you are only one of the applicants.

• But if the competition for a woman is clearly weak, be careful! Well, if the reason for this is an unattractive appearance. Otherwise, there may be very serious reasons for that. If women reject men for not meeting primitive criteria, then men, guided by reason, reject women for more objective shortcomings. The same applies to divorced women: they try not to lose good wives - it is very desirable to find out the reason for the divorce.

• Don't be modest and don't engage in self-criticism. If you have something to be proud of, do not leave it for later, in the expectation that later it will be a pleasant surprise for her. That “later” will never come. Also, do not expect that she herself will see your virtues - the notorious female insight is nothing more than a myth. The illusion of female insight is created by the female ability to read gestures and facial expressions well, like an ancient preverbal language of communication. However, gestures can be used to determine the current state of a person, but not his biography and moral character. As already mentioned, women, guided by feelings, evaluate men very superficially. I can’t speak for all women, but the average woman is not at all insightful, which is a consequence of her egocentrism. If this were not so, women would not suffer so often from crooks in public transport.

• A woman, evaluating your merits (as they are presented to her), rather compares them not with her own merits and demerits (in accordance with the principle of the indispensability of a female, her own shortcomings are less important in comparison with the very fact of the existence of a female), but compares them with similar qualities of other men (also as they are presented to her).

• Pay attention to how shamelessly experienced Don Juans praise themselves, not disdaining to lie on occasion. Of course, I cannot recommend lying as a method, but what is there should be put on display. At the same time, one should not forget the old Carnegie - "Going fishing, I take worms with me, although I myself prefer strawberries with cream." That is, what you like about yourself may not like others.

• Be careful with declarations of love! This could be the finish line, as the purpose of women's marital behavior is to fall in love with themselves; if this goal is achieved, then further relationships may become uninteresting for her, they will only sluggishly hold you for the collection. The fact that listening to explanations is pleasant for a woman is simply a pleasantness from the realization of her being in demand as a female, and therefore a sign of her high biological value. Who wouldn't be pleased to know that he is "worth a lot"! Based on the materials of A. I. Protopopov "Treatise on love, as it is understood by a terrible bore"