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What should a man be able to do??

What does it mean to be a man in modern society, and what qualities distinguish him? A real man has to build a house, grow a tree and raise a son? And what else? What useful skills and qualities, according to other members of the stronger sex, should a man have? What should a real man be able to do?

Girls like to say that there are few real men, but even fewer real girls. The criteria for the ideality of a man are completely different. We will speak from the masculine point of view of a men's magazine, not a women's one. As we see the ideal and real representative of the stronger sex.

What should a man be able to do? Earn Money? To communicate with people? Have an athletic figure? Drive? To play guitar? Find a common language with girls? Fight? List of things that a real man should be able to do by his 18 years.

What should a man be able to do?

"Modesty adorns a man, but a real man does not wear jewelry." Yaroslav Gashek

1. Have self-respect.

2. To win over the interlocutor and carry on a conversation on any topic.

3. Be able to stand up for yourself and fight with any opponent or several.

4. Light a fire in field conditions.

5. Learn to ride a bike, skateboard, ski, snowboard and surfboard.

6. Be able to earn money.

7. Take care of your health, well-being, teeth.

8. Be able to fry a steak and make barbecue. Tolerably cook in the kitchen and have a couple of signature dishes.

9. Speak at least one foreign language.

10. Keep fit for life.

11. Open any alcohol without a corkscrew or bottle opener with improvised means.

12. Reinstall the operating system for yourself or a pretty girl.

13. Restrain emotions even in difficult moments.

14. Look stylish and look good. Have a wardrobe and clothes that you are not ashamed of.

15. Sew on a button or sew up a hole in the garment.

16. Speak beautiful and memorable toasts.

17. Get drunk before others and know your limits.

18. Be able to swim better than a stone and dive beautifully.

19. Parking in a car is good and correct, and not like a deer.

20. Be able to find friends and maintain friendship.

21. Keep the house, car, cottage and garage in good condition.

22. Be optimistic, positive and cheerful.

23. Distinguish between poisonous and edible mushrooms, as well as berries.

24. Have an education that will be useful in life. Don't stop developing.

25. Tie a tie and a bow tie.

26. To be able to leave and say goodbye to what is left in the past.

27. Do simple household chores: change a light bulb, repair something, etc.

28. It is easy to communicate and be able to raise children.

29. Shave well and smoothly.

30. Invite a girl on a date or get acquainted without any problems.

31. Take responsibility.

32. Play football, volleyball, basketball, billiards and bowling.

33. Learn to control your finances and manage your money wisely.

34. Use building tools.

35. Do not be afraid of mice, cockroaches and other animals.

36. Chopping wood, sharpening a knife, dismantling weapons.


37. Be able to negotiate, bargain and win concessions.

38. Boating, fishing and hunting.

39. Distinguish between good and bad alcohol.

40. Watch your appearance, but not fanatically.

41. Navigate the terrain and understand maps.

42. Shake hands firmly when shaking hands.

43. Keep a promise, keep secrets and not give up your own.

44. Whistle with fingers.

45. Hang a picture or nail a shelf.

46. Play the guitar or any other musical instrument.

47. Be able to remember names and memorable dates. This will come in very handy.

48. Tasty and skillful kissing.

49. Be able to say or remain silent in time.

50. Say beautiful and sincere compliments to a girl.

51. Be able to adhere to discipline and daily routine.

52. Read books and be educated.

53. Help the weak and those in need.

54. Choose restaurants, communicate with waiters, give tips.

55. Tell stories and jokes.

56. Know how to dance and move on the dance floor, and not cowardly huddle up to the bar.

57. Break or knock down the door, if necessary.

58. To be able to forgive yourself and others.

59. Provide first aid in case of accidents and accidents.

60. Be able to drive a car, change a wheel and make minor repairs.

61. Learn to read body language to better understand people.

62. Settle conflicts and find compromises.

63. Change a diaper and soothe a small child.

64. Put up a tent and be helpful at a picnic.

65. Endure the hardships and hardships of life without ceasing to fight for the best.

66. Take care of the second half, family and children.

67. Learn to say “no” to everything that makes life worse.

68. Be able to have a good time, relax and fool around.

69. Set goals, make plans and implement them.

70. Be able to squat, do push-ups, run and play sports.

71. Know the elementary rules of etiquette and behavior.

72. Be able to play checkers, chess, backgammon and cards.

73. Practice a knockout punch against a bully or bandit.

74. Be able to accept constructive criticism and listen to it.

75. Shoot from different types of weapons.

76. Do not be shy and do not be modest. Sure.

77. To be able to entertain your beautiful soul mate.

78. Mix and make a couple of signature cocktails.

79. Know how to be good in bed.

80. Be able to express feelings without embarrassment.

81. Always strive to win, but also know how to lose.

82. Repair elementary broken things.

83. Overcome your fears and shortcomings.

84. Be able to find alternative ways of earning.

85. Quickly type on the computer. Master the 10-finger touch typing method.

86. To be able to support in word and deed in a difficult situation those who are close.

87. Find your life guidelines and principles.

88. Work with a computer and basic programs.

89. Show aggressiveness, perseverance and perseverance where required.

90. Be able to travel light and be ascetic in life.

91. Be able to have fun without the Internet, telephone and other modern means.

92. Iron clothes, take care of shoes and take care of wardrobe.

93. Maintain a relationship with a girl.

94. Be able to deal with scoundrels and speak like a man.

95. Know the rules for survival in the wild and in war.

96. It's great to understand some area and be a valuable specialist.

97. Be able to determine your desires in life.

98. To teach to understand and listen to other people.

99. Understand hints, draw logical conclusions and calculate steps ahead.

100. Have a sense of humor and be able to make people laugh.

101. Be able to defend your point of view.

102. Perform artificial respiration and heart massage. Pressing 60 times per minute, and blowing 12.

103. Do the Heimlich maneuver to help the choking.

104. Be an example for the people around you.

105. To clean a fish or skin a dead animal.

106. Know how to wait when required and act when the time is right.

107. Solve problems, not run from them.

108. Do not ignore injustice and make the world a better place than it was.

109. Have a broad outlook that is not limited to television.

110. Find a balance between work and personal life.

111. Make dreams come true, move forward and enjoy life.

What should a man be able to do? All these 111 male qualities. A real man is harsh, brutal, courageous and strong. What would you add?