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What shortens our lives and how to live a very long time

Experts identify seven main causes of death, and also calculated what prolongs life the most. What takes away our years, and what prolongs them?

Even according to the most conservative official estimates (given that only 16.7 million adults have been examined so far), more than 40% of Russians have at least one chronic disease. They need constant monitoring and treatment, the minister said. At the same time, the latest World Bank studies give even more disappointing figures: the average Russian lives 14 years less than a European or American, and 16 years less than a Japanese. Many men in our country live only up to 58 years, women live an average of 72 years.

Experts identify seven main causes of death in Russia. And on the example of the most “long-lived” Japan, where after the Second World War the average age of departure to another world increased by as much as 20 years (now it is 83 years), experts calculated what prolongs life the most.

What takes our years…

mmol / l) 3. Smoking (shortens life by an average of 14 years) 4. Obesity (“excess” is body weight when its index - BMI - is 25 or more. For calculations, you need to divide your weight in kg by height in meters squared) 5. Alcohol (doctors consider safe no more than 2 glasses of red wine per day for men and one for women, more is harmful)

6. Low physical activity (for health, it is recommended to walk at least 40 minutes a day day) 7. Air pollution

... and what adds

Plus 10 years - improving the environment (reducing the harmfulness of production, switching to more refined gasoline, etc.) Plus 6 years - advances in medicine Plus 14 - 15 years - getting rid of bad habits (smoking, overeating, immobility) Plus 3 years - raising the level of education (It has been proven that people with higher education live longer).


We spend more on silicone and Viagra than on treatment

A vivid statement is now actively circulating on Internet sites and blogs, the authorship of which is attributed to Brazilian oncologist Drausillio Varella: “Today in the world we invest 5 times more money in drugs for male potency and silicone for the female breast than in the treatment of Alzheimer's disease. In a few years we'll have old women with big breasts and old men with hard dicks, but none of them can remember what it's for."

“It is bitingly said, but in many ways it is true,” agrees the ex-chief physician of the “Kremlin”, doctor of medical sciences Alexander Myasnikov. - All over the world in medicine now the principle prevails: to invest money where they will bring profit the fastest. The commercial success of Viagra has not yet been surpassed, and the funds invested in the development of drugs for age-related diseases will generate income no one knows when. But old age awaits everyone. Therefore, it is foolish and dangerous to underestimate the importance of such research.

Doctor's comment

Do not neglect medical examinations!

Emergency and emergency care expert, doctor Mikhail Konevsky:

— I would add one more important means to prolong life and avoid premature death — disease prevention. After all, we have a lot of people walking around, not realizing that their cholesterol or blood sugar levels are going through the roof. And if something hurts, they suppress painkillers and hope that it will pass by itself. And then - sudden heart attacks, strokes - it is with them that we, emergency doctors, most often encounter as the main cause of death.

Therefore, I urge everyone to undergo regular medical examinations. And not formally, but really to be checked, to take the necessary tests and control your condition before it's too late.

What are you doing to prolong your life?

Author: Anna Dobryukha, KP