What she wants sex

Women want in sex and from sex not at all what men do, so it can be difficult to connect in resolving these issues.

No offense, but it is sex that women pin their greatest hopes on, and not at all for the reason that men are always preoccupied with this topic, but for a completely different reason. The fact is that all the great and simply significant events along the entire path of human development were performed either for the sake of or thanks to sex, and this is a fact. Skeptics at this point may say that the guy is overstating the importance of sex on a global scale, but let's take a closer look at history through the prism of psychology. The weaker sex has long cleared this and, as far as possible, on the sly decides people's destinies, sometimes not even knowing what they are actually doing. Who does not believe that his fate depends on sex - let him sleep with the chief's secretary and see what fate awaits him in the very near future. Personally, I know about such things firsthand. So sex for a woman is all she can rely on to achieve any goal, and it should be noted that everyone uses it without a twinge of conscience. No, I'm not talking about prostitution or debauchery at all, I mean ordinary.

So what our lovely ladies really want from sex:

- power over a man

Like this - and no more, no less. It is in various theories that sex is considered a great sacrament based on mutual trust and respect, in fact, it is the very manipulator, thanks to which women do with men what they want, and they all endure it. I allow power in the name of greater pleasure, but this happens only to the elect - the rest are called upon to pay for it.

- offspring

To the logical question why the desire for offspring is not in the first place, I will answer: yes, because even the birth of children is often a tool to control a man and let me those who have never met this in their lives will throw a stone. Although, to be fair, most women are really not indifferent to sex because of its involvement in the great mystery of the birth of a new life. It is understandable - not everyone wants children with artificial insemination, but such a desire in life happens only a few times.

- benefits

Whatever sexual intercourse we take as an example, in the end it will be found that each participant pursued his own benefit, but if in men it is in getting pleasure, women are far from being so simple. Even in the usual on-duty sex of a couple who has been married for many years, a lady has a bunch of her own interests, starting with the ability to influence a man after sex, and ending with bonuses acquired thanks to him. Prostitutes are the only social stratum that does not make secrets from such use of sex, for which we respect them. - money, wealth, fame

No, female representatives are not at all as vain as representatives of the strong sex, but, nevertheless, they also want to achieve something in life. Far from everyone has enough of their strength and mind, so they have to win over the powerful of this world in the right positions, and even in such that the steps to glory are not burdensome, but wide. I do not at all condemn this approach, because everything happens with the consent of others - isn't it?

- their own satisfaction

It is foolish to think that women have sex solely for the sake of children and profit, not receiving satisfaction from the process, but if this very satisfaction is superimposed on profit - the best is not to be desired. In practice, it’s enough to give a lady an expensive gift so that sex for her that evening seems like a heavenly pleasure, but you can also drive a few extra pounds in sex without achieving anything if you refuse your soulmate to buy some little thing that is expensive the day before. not only as a thing, but also in price.

- health

Women, unlike men, care about their health, so they know for sure about the beneficial effects of having sex on it. Sexual intercourse is a stabilizer of the hormonal level in the body, namely, its imbalance is able to do any trick with any lady and no medicines will help.

- freedom

A huge number of sexual acts are not consensual, because women's interest in sex is not as great as men's. Realizing that the rejection of intimacy can serve as a reason to search for a more benevolent one, the ladies have sex so that the man, at least for a while, lags behind them with his eternal desires. With sorrow, I inform the male part of readers - more than 80% of such acts. By the way, even with my experience and capabilities, I often find myself hostage to this point and there is nothing I can do about it.

- satisfaction of a man

Not all women are equally selfish in sex, there are also altruists in terms of sex between them, who are ready to engage in it for the benefit of their neighbor, that is, men. However, for some reason they are called whores, or even a stronger Russian word, and are despised by society, despite the usefulness of their mission. I agree, sex for love also makes lovely ladies give themselves qualitatively and seemingly disinterestedly, except that in return they still demand love, fidelity, a stamp in the passport and registration in the apartment, and this is not at all from this point.

Women want in sex and from sex not at all what men do, so it can be difficult to join in resolving these issues. However, partner openness allows to reduce everything to a common denominator, when a woman does not hide the truth of her intentions behind a mask of lies and hypocrisy. I agree, it is unlikely that any relationship will withstand such a test, but why the hell then talk about feelings in sex?Author: Valery Saltykov