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What sex positions will become your favorite

How to diversify your sex life in sex? Some sex positions that are different from the usual missionary scenario. What positions in sex can become favorite.

We decided to talk about how to diversify your sex life and get to know your partner better with the help of intimacy. So, what sex positions you should definitely try this weekend, so as not to delay the moment of pleasure.

Often when a man and a woman want to try something new in bed, if they talk about it in the abstract, then everything ends up in the usual missionary scenario. Therefore, you need to prepare in advance for a change in the usual course of events and study the theory. Then you will surprise your half with knowledge that will save you from searching for the Kama Sutra at the moment of sexual desire.

What will be your favorite sex positions: sliding

Let's start with a simple and understandable one - the man lies on his back, and the woman on top of him, the legs of the two should not be apart. The woman begins to slowly slide over his body, having sexual intercourse. This position helps to see the sensuality of a partner, which we often do not pay attention to because of the all-consuming passion.

Favorite sex positions: Butterfly

Moving on to more complex sexual positions that require much more physical effort than sliding. The woman lies on her back on the surface of high furniture. You can't get by with an ordinary bed. The man stands in front of her, she puts her legs on his shoulders. The woman rests her hands on the surface so that it is convenient for her to hold her hips, and the man takes all the movements on himself.

What will be your favorite sex positions: split bamboo

Split bamboo can be performed on the bed - the woman puts one leg on the man's shoulder, the partner holds her by the thigh of this leg, rests his body on the second and makes penetration. With free hands, a woman can caress herself, exciting her partner.

What will be your favorite sex positions: juniper

The woman lies on her back, stretches her legs and spreads them. The man sits between her legs, stretching his lower limbs as well. He lifts his partner's hips and holds her back. This is the position for lovers of non-extreme sex who want to try something unusual.

What will be your favorite sex positions: boat

It all starts with your partner lying on his back, and the woman sits on him. But do not rush to draw conclusions, because nothing ends there. After that, the man rises, tightens his knees, the woman repeats his actions. It turns out that both are sitting face to face with their legs pressed to the partner's body. During sex, it is convenient to hold on to each other's legs to maintain balance.