What's new to try in sex? How to improve sex?

A good sex life will help you be happier, make relationships stronger, and make your girlfriend more agreeable. What things should be tried in sex and what will make it more varied? How to be a good lover and satisfy all women's sexual dreams?

Sex is too important a part of a relationship to be taken lightly.

How to improve the quality of sex? What's new to try in sex?

1. Immobilization of the partner in sex. Handcuffs, ropes, or other means to keep the person in place while the other half does whatever they want. This will help one to be liberated, and the second to dutifully enjoy.

2. Joint masturbation. It's very sexy to watch your other ladle masturbate. This will allow you to better understand each other in sex.

3. Punishment in sex. Many people want to be punished in bed and just wait to be spanked. Almost all women like to be punished and called "bad girls"

4. Use of sex toys. A vibrator, attachments, whips, handcuffs and other toys for debauchery will raise sex to a new quality level. Sexy clothes and lubes are good too.

5. Watching porn together. Movies for adults make you more aroused. You can take the first sex video that comes across and try to repeat after the actors. Variety is guaranteed, as is enjoyment.

6. Using dirty words. Vulgar, dirty and sexual words excite more. Whisper a vulgar compliment in your ear or call him a bad name? This is a good idea. Girls wind up from this and become like tigresses.

7. Role playing. A student and a teacher, a boss and a subordinate, a hostess and a plumber, a nurse and a patient, a policewoman and a criminal. Role-playing games will allow you to relax and try a lot of new things.

8. Oral sex and other experiments. Many couples undeservedly ignore oral sex, depriving each other of blowjobs and cunnilingus. There are many interesting possibilities in sex. Do not deprive each other of the joy of good sex. Try to make each other's sex fantasies come true.

9. Rudeness in sex. Many couples want sex with violence and rudeness, to the point of rape. Therefore, such games of a stranger and a sexual maniac are very popular. Girls want a strong, dominant and powerful male.

10. Changing places for sex. Sex in the car, outdoors, in a tent, in the shower, in a hotel, in the kitchen, in an elevator, on the roof of a house. The more diverse places for sex, the better.