What's annoying about movies? What annoys people in movies?

Movies are made with so many clichés and goofs that it starts to annoy the audience. What pisses people off the most in movies besides endless bullets in guns, passionate kisses from long-married people, and asking the killer if anyone is in the house?

Directors and screenwriters use so many stupid and overused clichés that they make you sick. What's wrong with modern films? Why can't they create smarter stories and movies? The question is rhetorical.

What pisses you off about movies?

1. After running out of ammo, movie characters always throw away their weapons. They do not put it in a holster, but throw it somewhere on the street.

2. Women come out of the shower in full makeup and wake up in perfect make-up. Girls wear makeup during the post-apocalypse, on a desert island and other similar situations.

3. All schoolchildren look at least 25 years old, and students look 30 years old, if not more.

4. Conversation sounds in movies are very quiet, you need to turn up the volume. And the scenes of shots and explosions are very noisy, which needs to be turned down.

5. The film is so dark that nothing can be seen or understood. Why shoot like that?

6. Movie characters live in houses and apartments that they cannot afford with their finances and work.

7. Most of the actors are stuffed with cosmetics, implants and the results of the work of surgeons. That doesn't happen in life. Especially in films about wars in the past.

8. Bullets do not penetrate overturned tables or doors. Are you seriously? Can you still hide behind a sheet of paper from bullets?

9. In romantic films, you have to lie a lot and be pushy to get an opportunity. It doesn't work that way in real life.

10. The protagonist guesses the password on the computer on the third try, looking at the posters in the room.

11. Lust equals love in many romantic films. Also a very unrealistic depiction of love and relationships in the films.

12. In doubtful situations, especially in scenes of jealousy, one hero does not want to hear anything and leaves. And the second does not follow and does not explain the misunderstanding. If you are told that they do not want to hear, this does not mean that you cannot explain.

13. A film that is based on a book or other source is terribly remade in its own way. It's better not to make such a dull movie.

14. Longtime married couples kiss passionately every 5 minutes.

15. Women run in high heels and don't take them off. No one breaks a leg or gets a sprained ankle.

16. Pointless dialogue between good and bad hero instead of using the chance to win.

17. In the movie, the main character stuns the guards or strangles them a little so that they lose consciousness. Like a good hero doesn't kill them. But if the guard loses consciousness for such a long time, his head is crushed, she is strangled and dead.

18. Nearly infinite ammo in any weapon unless melee heroes are intended.

19. The characters go to a place that is very dangerous or looks like a trap. People go to a suspicious sound. The characters ask if anyone is in the house, as if the killer would answer. Constant stupid ignorance of danger.

20. In the trailer, all the most interesting moments, when the film itself is complete nonsense.

21. Movie characters order something in a cafe, but do not eat it and leave, leaving it untouched.

22. In the movies, they always call each other by their first names. But in real life this rarely happens.

23. When someone speaks on stage and touches the microphone, but such a lingering creak is emitted.

24. All movie bombs take less than a few seconds to deactivate, and the loading timer freezes at 99%.

25. In films, the main pep talk for victory is: "We have hope and if we believe in ourselves, we can win the game/defeat the aliens/get the girlfriend."

26. Children in movies scream like crazy. Although in real life they are quieter.

27. In the films, the police, special services and military are shown as incompetent. But one person can make everything much better. Rave.

28. Heroes speak English in any country, and absolutely all locals understand them.

29. In action movies, the protagonist survives multiple wounds, while a bad thug dies from a single path or blow.

30. In movies, the main characters make decisions that go against common sense.

This is only a small fraction of what is ridiculous and stupid shown to us in the cinema. What annoys you the most in movies? What blunders and shortcomings infuriate you?