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What professions will be in demand in the future?

The world is changing very quickly, and therefore you should think in advance where you will work in the next decades. Many areas of activity are dying because of the crisis, opening the way for others. You need to change your profession and specialty now, and not wait tomorrow. The most promising and profitable jobs of the future, where you can succeed.

“Simple specialties will soon be excluded from the list of professions with the help of artificial intelligence” Head of Sberbank German Gref

It is time to understand that in 10-20 years there will be rule other companies. Crises, the collapse of markets and global changes in the world quickly weed out some specialties as unnecessary. But at this time, other areas of activity take a rapid start. You don't want to be left behind, like teachers, engineers or lawyers used to be, do you?

Work is a very important topic in the life of any person. The quality of life and satisfaction with it depends on it. What professions and qualities will be in demand in the future? What should ordinary people do now?

You need to change your profession and specialty now, and not wait tomorrow or hope for a miracle. You are not a tree that cannot pull out its roots. You are no more stupid or worse than others. Choose now the job of the future, which will be well paid and will be in high demand in the labor market.

The world is changing very fast if you haven't noticed. What should pupils, students and already working people do? Learn new specialties and pump skills for the future. Already working? Start simultaneously getting a new specialty, promising knowledge and becoming a professional in another field.

What professions will be in demand in the future? Promising future work

1. IT sphere, software development and work as a programmer.

2. Online tutors in education, foreign language, fitness, health, nutrition and other areas.

3. The field of public health and medicine. Epidemiologist, biomedical, biotechnician, biophysicist, chemist.

4. Engineers of robotic systems. Industrial robots and robotic complexes.

5. Specialists in information protection and cybersecurity.

6. Expert analyst. Big Data Analyst or Big Database Analyst.

7. Business coaching and life coaching. Trainings about business and psychology of life.

8. Designers, web designers, animators and artists.

9. Bloggers, journalists, photographers and writers.

10. Development of mobile applications.

11. Sales managers of high-tech products.

12. Developer of artificial and additional reality. Architect and designer of virtual reality.

13. Internet marketers who work effectively with advertising and have a high level of analytics.

14. Design engineer of any profile.

15. Development of artificial intelligence. AI development will be the future.

16. Psychologists who really solve the problems of the layman. Psychologists leading online practice.

17. Nanoengineer and designer of neural interfaces.

18. Computer game development, e-sports and online gamers.

19. Consultant on genetic issues and DNA work.

20. Designing a smart environment, smart houses and automation.

21. Internet entrepreneurs, Internet trade and any business on the Internet.

Useful qualities for professions in demand in the future

Any areas where technology and science rule will be successful in the future. It is important not only to pump yourself in these professions. It is important to develop the internal qualities of the future, which will help to be competitive in new areas. What should be emphasized?

1. Creativity and creativity, which robots are not yet capable of.

2. Flexibility and plasticity of the mind, as well as actions.

3. Emotional intelligence. The ability to understand one's own and others' emotions.

4. Analytical thinking and the ability to calculate steps in the future.

5. Management, planning and process management skills.


6. Creating your own personal brand to be able to present yourself.

7. Customer orientation. Understanding customer needs and being able to find solutions for them.

8. Multifunctionality. Ability to work with rapid change of tasks and high uncertainty.

9. Systems thinking and work with complex systems.

10. Empathy and the ability to understand the motives of the behavior of others.

11. Multiculturalism and multilingualism. Foreign languages.

12. Communication skills, without ready-made it is impossible to establish contact.

Many professions will lose their relevance in the next ten years. What professions will be in demand in the future? Read the list again and choose one of them. You have time to gain knowledge, pump your inner qualities and engage in self-education. No time? And if this is done instead of TV shows, social networks, toys and laziness?

Take on the profession of the future now. Otherwise, you will be useless and useless in the near future. Use the crisis as the beginning of a new life. The profession of the future is the key to a secure and happy life.