What not to talk about on a date

Sometimes you think after a date what was pulling your tongue to blurt out or ask such nonsense. Women always pay a lot of attention to what a man says on a date.

There are no hard and fast rules in a relationship, but there are topics and phrases that you should not say on a date. A girl may misunderstand, be offended or withdraw into herself, which does not contribute to further closer acquaintance.

What not to talk about on a date

Do you like music?

It's just a "wonderful question." I would also like to ask if you like to eat. A general question confuses people and makes them doubt the questioner's intelligence. A more specific question would be more correct and would allow us to start a conversation about the taste preferences of the interlocutor.

Blind dates suck

Any of these judgmental phrases regarding dating through buddies, the Internet or a dating service would be some rudeness on the part of the speaker. The fact that she came and met in a way that, according to them, is worthy only of “nerds”, diminishes her sense of dignity and makes her feel at least a fool.

Financial situation

Until you live together and raise 3 kids, your financial problems are your problems. And there is no need for a girl to know about your difficulties and the thickness of your wallet.

Are you going to have children?

This is too rude a question at the initial stage of dating. This question is equivalent to whether she had an abortion and how many guys she slept with. If a man has already pissed her off on a date before with his other equally “brilliant” questions, he risks running into the answer: “Not with you, moron!”

Do you have a scar/birthmark/tattoo?


If she has a scar or something else of interest on her arm, neck or face, then there is no need to ask about its origin. This question has been asked a thousand times and she is already tired of answering. Surprise with your delicate treatment of this topic. She can say it herself when she sees fit.

You went to the polls

Dating politics is a bad manners and a way to quarrel over small things before you become a little closer to each other. Bypass such topics, even if she tries to find out herself.

You have a hooked nose

Don't pick on your looks, even if it's made as a joke, she might start to hate the man.

My ex

Any topics related to other love relationships almost always lead to misunderstanding and rejection. The optimal choice is not to speak at all or, in extreme cases, casually, if circumstances forced you to do so. Concentrating on the object sitting opposite will be the best choice.

Are you dating anyone?

Don't ask questions you don't want to know the answers to. Perhaps she is dating someone and maybe a very long time ago, but now she is not next to him, but to another. A girl may not know what she wants, and asking such questions is dangerous.

You're dressed like an astronaut

This jumpsuit she wore for you and even if she looks a little ridiculous in her outfit, you shouldn't say it on a date. As much as you like her outfit, you can't tell her until you get a little closer.

I was sick last month

When it comes to health, it doesn't look strange, but rather ridiculous. The girl got used to such conversations when visiting her elderly 70-year-old grandmother. But hearing this from a grown man trying to seduce her is nonsense.

I'm in a hurry

The fact that you are in a hurry, waiting for business or friends can be perceived in only one way: "His friends, business, work is more important than me." You should not say this on a date and you need to plan it with a good margin of time in order to avoid difficulties.

I know it

Know-it-alls are tiring. It is better to be honest about your ignorance than to "swim in a puddle" with a smart look and look ridiculously lying.

On the other hand, a man should not worry too much that he said something wrong on a date. In our country, as before, “for 10 girls, according to statistics, there are 9 guys” And any absurdity can be turned into a joke.