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What not to do in life?

The path to a dream can be much shorter than you think. Often, many things look tempting and quite obvious, but they are not worth it. In our life, sometimes it is more important not to do something beyond our strength, but to avoid making standard mistakes. What not to do, but you continue?

The traveler who avoids dangerous places, rather than rushing ahead, will reach the goal faster. In life there is always a place for dead places, habits and actions, where many people have already disappeared. Why be like the poor fellows of the past? Shorten your path by avoiding mistakes, rather than checking each one on your forehead.

"Instead of cursing where you fell, you should have found where you slipped." Paulo Coelho

What should not be done in life? Other people's mistakes

Failure to quit on time and lack of sense of proportion

Smoking one cigarette after quitting. Drink more alcohol when you already feel that you have gone too far. Returning to an ex when it's time to start a toxic relationship and look for a better girlfriend. One more hour to watch TV, surf the Internet or play on the computer before going to bed. Eat another slice of pizza or one cutlet when you are already full. Another year of suffering at work, when it was long overdue to leave.

A little more and that's it? How many more cases like this have you had in your life? But all the problems went to a new round and made the circumstances even worse. In life, it is very important to be able to stop at the right moment. Don't stay where it's bad. Don't do extra things. Recognize the edge and the point of no return. You have to leave when the time is right. Moving forward and limiting yourself to stupid things is development.

Acting on emotions

We often act rashly under the influence of strong emotions. Hasty decisions, actions and words can make everything even worse. Avoid doing anything when you are not adequate enough and can only mess things up.

Exhale, relax and give yourself time to cool down. Only when you think well, then make a decision. This will save you from problems that will then have to be long and hard to solve.

Neglect of self-interest

How many times have you let other people take advantage of you? How many times have you agreed to something when you planned to say no? How often have you been a too good Samaritan when others have ridden on your neck? Why were you afraid to express your wants and needs?

Being selfish within reasonable limits is right. This is the right choice if you want to achieve something. It's better to be selfish than to be convenient for other people. It is better to be considered an egoist than an ingenuous fool who is easily fooled. What not to do? Be weak and simple. Take what you rightfully deserve.


Do not use a condom

We all love sex and neglect safety. But what is behind this carelessness? Approximately 1.5% of the adult population of the country have HIV infection. That's a lot to play Russian roulette with your life. The bus you take to work can hold about 100 people. This means that there is always one or two sick people. Do you feel how much?

And how many marriages on a flight? Recently, about 50% of marriages are concluded when a flight occurs. Needless to say, about 80-90% of such marriages then break up? Why do you need problems where they shouldn't be?

Use a condom. This will save you from such mistakes in life, which then will never be corrected. Although naive fools continue to play Russian roulette.

Ignore sleep and rest

Do you think you don't need to sleep yet, but you'll be fine in the morning? As a result, you stay up late and late. But at the same time, you are constantly sleepy, tired, exhausted, look old and very sad.

Try to go to bed at the same time and get enough sleep. You will be surprised by the results. You will feel more energetic. You will look younger, fresher and more beautiful. You will be more capable, efficient and smart. Sleep works wonders and makes us happier.

Lack of control over anger and tongue

Do not say unpleasant things to someone you care about or with whom you do not want to spoil the relationship. When you are angry, you can say too much, which you will regret later. Words can destroy relationships you hold dear. It's better to count to 10 and keep silent than to regret later.

Often we blurt out things that are better kept sealed. People learn your secrets and then spread them. It is better to be silent, especially when drinking. This will save you from later regrets about talkativeness.

Being too naive

How many people let you down, betrayed or deceived you? We are too gullible, simple and naive. We trust people, and then weep bitterly. You have far fewer friends than you suspect. You have many more enemies than you think.

Grow up early. Don't rely on others. Don't be naive about many things about money, career, relationships. We believe in other people, but we don't believe in ourselves. Believe in yourself and your dreams, and be wary of others.

Habit of making mistakes

We easily make mistakes when they could be avoided. In life, many people know how to make mistakes, but why learn from your own? Everything in the world has happened more than once. Smart people learn from the mistakes of others. Don't reinvent the wheel one more time and be reasonable in life. What not to do in life?

  • We get into bad relationships
  • We ruin our health with bad habits
  • We make friends with jerks
  • Pay attention to the opinion of envious people
  • We chase only material things (phones, clothes, etc.)
  • We spend a lot of time and money on entertainment
  • We worry about trifles
  • We waste money to impress others
  • Avoiding sports and healthy eating
  • Doing different nonsense

Fear of new things

We become addicted to habits and a certain lifestyle that we rarely try something new. But by avoiding the new, we deprive ourselves of many good opportunities.

How long have you tried something unusual and radically new for you? Step outside of your normal life. Visit new places, meet new people, try new things. The new gives rise to new opportunities that you didn’t even suspect about. Stop sitting in a shell like a cowardly turtle. Look outside and you will see a lot of interesting things.

Avoiding doing the right things

We like to do other things and avoid real work. Watch a series, play on a computer, sit on a social network. Do not do what has long been necessary. Start learning a foreign language, improve your skills, go to courses, engage in self-education.

What should not be done? You yourself know perfectly well what you need to do, but you do not do it. You are lazy, waiting for a sign from above and go with the flow. Do what you need if you want to achieve your dreams and achieve your goals.

Fear of making mistakes and fear of risk

“The one who does nothing does not make mistakes, although this is his main mistake. Alexey Nikolaevich Tolstoy

Often we choose options that are too proven because of the fear of mistakes. We don't do anything, or we try just a little bit so we don't lose. But this fear does not allow you to play at full strength. As a result, successes will be very modest or you will lose.

We all love guarantees so much that we are afraid to take risks. But in any business, risk is required to try to climb to a new height. There are no risks and competition only where no one wants to be. Learn to count and take justified risks. Stop cowardly.

Expecting instant results and lack of perseverance

Everyone wants to get a lot and immediately, but this does not happen. Luck is a capricious lady who gives only when you deserve it. Luck will win, put spokes in the wheels and test your perseverance.

How much more do you deserve? But when you prove your perseverance, confidence and diligence, then everything will work out. Fate and luck surrender only to the strongest. The most stubborn. The most daring.

You still have time

All people think that they still have a lot of time ahead of them. This is their biggest mistake, which they realize too late. You don't have time. You either do everything now, or you agree that you don't need it. Your life will pass like a moment or a flash. Trust me.

What not to do in life? There are many things, actions and thoughts that only make life worse. Get rid of them once and for all before they poison your life. As soon as you stop making mistakes, more strength and opportunities will appear. And with them happiness, success and well-being.