What needs to be done today so as not to regret tomorrow?

Sooner or later we will all die. Some will meet death with a smile, remembering their past life. And others will realize that they missed all the best and most interesting. What needs to be done today so as not to regret tomorrow?

We go to kindergarten, school, university, work, start a family. But the most joyful and best moments of life are between these events. These short fragments of life are like bright flashes among gray everyday life. They give us positive emotions, the joy of new sensations, incredible experience and warm memories.

Time to live to the fullest! What needs to be done today so as not to regret tomorrow?

1. Go on a long journey

Travel across the country. It could be any country, including your own. But distant countries that are not at all similar to their native places will be much more interesting. Take a minimum of things and hit the road. Nothing can replace getting to know new places, traditions, mentality and people. Do not use travel companies that offer cultural holidays. Choose the path of a real traveler. Leave the beaten and proven paths of pseudo-tourists. Turn into unfamiliar streets, places and cities. Feel the freedom to choose direction.

2. Find your hobby

The choice for knowing yourself and your inner talents is limitless. Join a theater group, a dance group, a musical group. Take up painting, racing or buy a sports bike. Dedicate enough time to your talent and desires at some point in your life. Maybe this is your path and your real life. Find something that is an extension of you. Take care of it now.

3. Dive into the abyss

We all came out of the water. Oceans and seas occupy most of the planet. Have you never dived into the abyss and plunged into this mysterious environment? You have lost a lot. Everything looks different in the water. Diving opens up new possibilities for knowing the oceans, its inhabitants and your feelings. In the water you can feel your body in a different way.

4. Conquer the mountains

“Better mountains can only be mountains that you have not yet been to” Vladimir Vysotsky

The popular sang a lot about the mountains singer Vladimir Vysotsky. There is something in the mountains that is not in the deserts, seas, forests and plains. In the mountains you are higher to heaven, stars and dreams. They make you feel like you're on top of the world, even if it's not the highest mountain in the world. Great views, fresh air and a sense of freedom. In the mountains, you can feel like a real pioneer.

5. Go in for sports

Do you feel in great shape? Not? Then you need to change it. Get your lazy ass up and head to the gym. Pump biceps, shoulders, chest and other muscles. Start running, cycling, rollerblading. Get yourself in shape. You don't want to be skinny or fat all your life, do you? Make it so that you can be proud of your physical condition, and not be ashamed. Going in for sports, do not neglect the advice of a trainer and sports nutrition.

6. Improve yourself

Do you want to be liked by someone other than your mom? Find your style. Get 150% out of your appearance. Do not run hair, stubble, manicure, body hair. Do you like well-groomed chicks? And well-groomed girls like men who take care of themselves. But they do not become less brutal and courageous from this.

7. Find friends

The best friends are childhood comrades. But on your way you will meet many more interesting people. They will not necessarily be your colleagues at work, school or neighbors. Expand your social circle: go to unfamiliar places, join different companies. Don't be afraid to meet. Look for like-minded people, friends and brothers in character. Friends will help you get through hard times and give you joyful moments. Look for your people in this world, collect them, take care and appreciate them.

8. Remember the family

Make friends with your parents, brothers, sisters and other relatives. These people, whom you often did not notice, often worried about you and supported you. They are cool and interesting people. Try to make friends with them while there is time.

9. Understand yourself

We are in too much of a hurry to live that we do not notice the world around us. Take time for yourself. Go to secluded places and take care of your inner world. Understand your desires, feelings, emotions, sensations. Recognize yourself as a person. Open yourself to the world and find your way in life.

10. Plunge into love adventures

Don't be afraid to get acquainted, invite on dates, fall in love, confess your strongest feelings. Try, act and don't be afraid. It often doesn't end well, but you tried. You will regret not trying, but not trying. Immerse yourself in love adventures without reasoning, regrets and attempts to control yourself.

What needs to be done today so as not to regret tomorrow? Everything! And don't put it on hold. Life is not as endless as it seems at first glance. My grandmother always said that life is a moment. She didn't even notice how her life had gone. Old age comes unexpectedly. Remember this. Act today and now. Tomorrow you may be hit by a car or your heart will stop. And you haven't tried, traveled, lived, and truly loved.