Carter Lowe Creator, entrepreneur, and self-care advocate
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What mistakes are you making today that you will regret in the future??

A fool learns from his own mistakes, but a smart one learns from others. Use other people's mistakes so as not to make similar ones. What mistakes can you make in life? A lot of things you are already doing right now.

People answered that they would have changed in a past life, from the height of their current experience. What mistakes do people recklessly make, but later regret? What do people lament about, and you have yet to make similar mistakes? Or maybe you already do them today?

Do not step on people's favorite rake. Be smarter and wiser. Learn from the mistakes of others and don't be a fool. You're wasting time and effort inventing the wheel.

What needs to be done today so as not to regret it in the future?

Wouldn't waste my time on nonsense. These are computer games up to 20 years old, running after every skirt up to 28 years old, as well as alcohol. Don't waste time on something that isn't worth it.

Get the right education that you can apply in your life and career. My diploma was just a waste of time and effort. My friends diplomas were 90% useless. This is not education, but self-deception.

Stay away from all stupid, selfish, evil, hysterical and materialistic women. Your life will be the one you choose. Choose with your head, not with your lust. A good girl will make you happy, but a bad girl will ruin you.

I would not have drunk in my youth, but quit earlier. Alcohol has brought many problems in career, relationships and health. Now I would never take drops in my mouth. And so he got into trouble time after time. There were even convictions for a drunken hooligan.

Would have started going to the gym at age 20, not at 38 when health problems arose. Pump up your muscles and figure today to go through life athletic and beautiful.

All my life I have been running from the dentist and have been embarrassed to smile because of dental problems. At almost 30 years old, I got all my teeth fixed and felt happy. Make your smile flawless, go to the dentist and take care of your teeth.

I would study much harder, and not give up on education. Education allows you to do something more relevant, high-tech and promising. If you have the right knowledge, then there is a good job.

Would save money while earning a lot. Then earnings fell and savings were minimal. No need to spend money on shit.

I would never invest in dubious scams like MMM and Forex. You're always losing money, and the scumbags are cashing in on you.

Spend more time with my loved ones. Otherwise, you will regret it all your life that you communicated with them so little.

Eat well, go to bed on time, pursue a career and not waste your energy on empty entertainment.

I would choose my surroundings more carefully. Many with whom I talked and hung out badly ended. I should have broken with those who dragged me to the social bottom earlier.

In childhood and adolescence, I would restrict myself in nutrition. But he did not do this and gained excess weight. It was the scourge of my whole life. Excess weight did not allow me to realize myself fully. In my career, with friends and with girls, I had problems.

I would find the courage to do what I want. Wouldn't have spent my whole life in a crappy job that I always hated. I would take the risk to try to realize my dreams, and not waste time and life in vain.

I wouldn't cheat on my half. It destroyed my family and the love of my life was destroyed. I wouldn't screw up again.

I would go to the doctor more often and monitor my health. If you do not do this, at one point health problems will break all your grandiose plans.

Would change the strategy in life. He never missed a good opportunity and took risks rather than being cowardly. I would always try and try, and not give up before the start. Much of what I dreamed about, I never realized. Most of all I regret that I did not show courage, arrogance and confidence. You bitterly regret what you did not dare to do.

Enjoy life, not just work. Travel more, communicate with friends and family. Enjoy every moment. Life is short, save time and spend it with those you love.

And what will you regret in the future?