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What Men Think About and Why They Don't Moan When They Have Sex?

Girls love to moan during sex, when men are heroically silent and thinking about something incomprehensible with concentration. We decided to ask ourselves, what do men think about and why don't they moan when they have sex?

Why are men silent and what do they think? At such moments, each man has his own thoughts, ideas and desires. The opinion of men about moans and what they think about in bed.

What do men think about during sex?

“I try to think about something extraneous and complex, so as not to finish quickly. I think about work or some business. I probably look puzzled during sex, like I'm at work or calculating a theorem."

“Before, he was always silent, so that only the parents would not hear us and not hit us. Then so that the neighbors do not hear how we have sex. Now I don't want the kids to hear. All my life you have to hide that you have sex. What a life?"

“Thinking about why this girl gave to me. I've already lost hope."

“When I have sex my brain is free of any thoughts. I enjoy sensations and rarely make sounds.

“I only think about not finishing ahead of time. I repeat to myself: Don't screw it up, don't screw it up, don't screw it up!

“Usually I am silent during sex and I am embarrassed to be loud. But the new girl asked why I restrain myself and keep quiet. Now I can’t restrain myself and let out moans loudly enough. It's much nicer that way."

“Years of masturbation made me want to do it silently. Now there is a girl, but the habit of being silent has remained. Having sex with a girl and thinking about how beautiful, hot and sexy she is.

“In sex, I rarely moan, only when it's really good. What do you think about in bed? I admire the girl's face, boobs and body more. There are no thoughts. One desire, lust and passion."

“In sex, I control my movements and pay attention to how the girl reacts. My task is to bring her to orgasm, and then I can’t hold back. Sometimes I growl and moan.

“I think during sex, about sex. I prefer to listen to the girl moaning erotically, but I myself do not disturb her with sounds. Her voice and erotic melodies turn me on.”

“During sex, I am glad that it happens. Finally. It's great."

This is what men think about during sex and why they rarely moan. [nineteen].