What makeup can reveal about your personality?

All women use makeup. What does her everyday makeup say about a woman? Her self-esteem, beliefs, preferences, mental abilities and more.

A woman without makeup

Some women are simply allergic to it. But, those who deliberately refuse to use cosmetics have low self-esteem. They do not want to take care of themselves, due to laziness or lack of time. A lot depends on the environment and upbringing. If the girl's mother never put on makeup, then the daughter is unlikely to do it all the time.

It can also talk about feminism. A woman who wants to be on a par with men does not use cosmetics. Some women think that they look stunning even without makeup, so they do not use it. There is another category that thinks like this: "I am who I am." And, of course, also cool to cosmetics.

Barely noticeable, natural makeup

Girls whose cosmetic bag consists only of eyeliner and lip gloss are also not special supporters of makeup. They tint only out of the conviction that this is accepted, it seems like they cater to society. These women are not temperamental, they prefer to be on the sidelines than in the center of attention. Men, as a rule, are attracted by their mental abilities.

Bright, defiant make-up

Under the bright make-up, women can hide some flaws in their appearance. There is also a psychological reason: perhaps the woman has problems in her personal life. So she kind of disguises them.

Make-up that takes an hour or more

Women who spend hours at the mirror and apply makeup are narcissistic natures. They are definitely perfectionists.

The same make-up

There are women who wear the same make-up all their lives without changing it. These are ladies who do not like change. And for work, and for a dinner party, and for a party, they will apply the same shade of lipstick and shadows. If they are offered to change something in their image, they categorically refuse. So do not try to give them a lipstick of a different color, the money will only fly away.

Professional make-up from a stylist

Women who love style and surprises turn to professionals. That's just behind the external gloss can hide self-doubt. For them, the very fact that a professional is working on it is a guarantee of quality. They do not think that even professionals tend to make mistakes, the main thing is style and a loud brand.

Photo: By Lies Thru a Lens flickr.com/danrocha