What makes men good lovers, according to women

Good lovers don't have a long list of love victories, huge sexual experience, and the biggest dick around. Women call men with completely different qualities good lovers. What makes men really good lovers and professionals in bed games?

Many women dream of a good lover, but rarely get one. The fact is that men perceive the qualities of professionalism in sex differently. They improve other sexual skills that are not so important.

So many women are dissatisfied and go in search of real lovers. Real lovers don't have big dicks, huge love and sexual experience. The point here is quite different. What do women look for in sex and what do they expect from men?

What makes men good lovers, according to women

1. Interest and attraction in sex

Sexual experience is not important and not so necessary how they talk about it. Even inexperienced lovers can give each other incredible sensations in sex. Suffice it to recall the first undertakings in sex. Zero experience, zero love technique, but both are in heaven from bliss.

What matters is not experience, but interest in a partner and attention. Emotions, tenderness, love, sensations are important. This is especially true for women. They want to feel wanted, loved, and sexy. Girls dream of seeing and hearing admiration. Girls miss compliments, male attention, pressure, flirting and increased interest in them.

2. Enthusiasm for sex

Big cock is only good in movies, not in real sex. An attentive and caring man, with an ordinary penis, is more likely to bring a woman to orgasm, unlike a selfish owner of a huge stick. It is not the size that gives pleasure, but the desire of the partner to satisfy the girl.

When a man enthusiastically takes up sex, shows variety, does not forget about foreplay and stimulation of the clitoris. When a man is an inventor, he does not hesitate to try something new and pushes the girl to experiment. Sex in the car, in nature, on the roof of the house, in the water, on the table, corridor and floor. Different positions, role-playing games, toys and accessories for sex. In sex, desire and enthusiasm are important. Therefore, the best lovers and mistresses are those who take the initiative in sex and are almost always ready for love joys.

85% of women noted that enthusiasm and interest in a partner is more important than other factors. This is what makes men good lovers, according to most women.