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What makes girls happy in sex? 10 tips for great sex

The female body is a little different than men think. A couple of tips to help a man better understand women in bed. How to satisfy your girlfriend in an adult way?

What will make girls satisfied in sex? Understanding their desires and a clear knowledge of the anatomy of a seductive female body. The girls told the secrets of amazing sex. What does a man need to know about sex, according to the fair sex? What makes girls happy in sex? Tips for good sex

1. Teasing the girl

Foreplay is good for those that you can tease a girl to the point of complete exhaustion. Caress, slowly take off your clothes, kiss and hug. Tell the girl compliments and look for erogenous zones. When the girl becomes wet, will moan and breathe heavily, it's time to start sex. It can't be faster than 5-10 minutes.

2. Make some noise in sex

Do you like women moaning during sex? Girls also love it when a man is not silent in bed. Male moans or growls will make the girl more excited. Compliments and vulgar words are also welcome. Especially when spoken in a whisper and in your ear. The girl's body is covered with goosebumps.

3. Look into a girl's eyes

Girls don't always close their eyes during sex. Look a girl in the eyes when you caress or want to kiss her. It's very intimate and exciting.

4. Use pillows for sex

In sex, a large number of pillows will allow you to take a more comfortable position and make sex great. In missionary position, put a pillow under her ass. This will stimulate the G-spot and penetrate deeper, especially if you have a medium or small penis. This position will allow you to achieve deeper penetration and a strong orgasm.

5. Ask the girl to give signals for positive actions

Agree with your girlfriend to give a signal when you are on the right track and stimulate the erogenous zones correctly. If she feels good, she may squeeze her hand, start moaning louder, or give another signal.

6. Masturbate each other

Ask a girl to masturbate for you while you do the same thing yourself. This will add variety and allow you to better understand what each of you likes.

7. Caresses of the nipples, breasts, neck and body in sex

During foreplay, everyone caresses the breasts and body of the mistress, but forget about it during sex. When frying a girl, do not forget to periodically caress the girl's body. Kiss her on the neck, suck on her nipples, massage her inner thighs, grab her breasts or buttocks with your free hand.

8. Keep doing it when she's close to orgasm

Sometimes a girl starts moaning loudly, screaming “yes” and expressing everything that is close to orgasm. At the moment, a man does not need to change his posture, rhythm or his actions. Keep doing what you did before and don't stop.

9. Caress the girl's clitoris

Many girls achieve orgasm only because of additional stimulation of the clitoris. Stimulate the girl's clitoris with your hand or your body, pressing hard against your pubis. Start paying more attention to the clitoris, especially if you forgot about it before. This will greatly increase the chances of a genuine female orgasm.

10. More variety in sex

Buy sex toys and use them in bed. Try role-playing games and your sex fantasies in reality. Gentle sex is good, but rough sex is very hot. Dominate the girl, pull her hair or spank her. Use lubricant. There is never a lot of it in sex. Try different poses at least once a month. Learn all the positions of the Kama Sutra and have sex outside the bedroom more often.

These 10 tips will make men great lovers and women satisfied.