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What kind of breasts do men like?

What kind of breasts do men like? What size chest do men like? What breast shape do men like? Many girls and women are worried about their breasts. Girls are looking for statistics, information and tastes of the stronger sex in order to like them more. But what do men think about this? Everything is completely different than the fair sex thinks.

Girls like to look for flaws in themselves. They reshape their breasts to feel more attractive and confident. This is their right, but men treat the female breast easier. In one forum, men gave an answer about their preference for female breasts. Which breasts do they like best and like best? The men answered almost unanimously in the same way.

Men usually call breasts boobs, but not for the reason that they do not respect girls. Breasts are like talking to “you” with a girl when we want to “you”. The word "boobs" comes straight from our subconscious when the brain has already turned off. Tits are amazing.

If a girl has complexes about her breasts, then she should better listen not to her girlfriends, but to the opinion of the stronger sex. After all, it is men who will play with her twins. What do men think about women's breasts?

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What kind of breasts do men like?

1. There is no breast that I would not like to see. Boobs of any shape and size make me happy. They fascinate me, intrigue and serve a purpose.

2. The best boobs are the ones I can hold. So there are no preferences or priorities. All boobs are great boobs if I have her twins in my arms.

3. Tits like beer. If they are offered to you, then shut up and enjoy them.

4. Small or large breasts? If I like a girl and she shows interest in me, then I don't care. It's like comparing a red sports car to a white sports car. I don't care what color. It's a sports car! It's boobs!

5. Does the girl have boobs of any size? Can I touch them? Can I interact with them? All other questions are irrelevant to me.

6. Tits like pizza. Big pizza? Give me two! Little pizza? Give me two! Pizza of any unusual shape? Give me two! Pizza of any kind and composition? Give me two!

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7. It's not the size and shape of a girl's breasts that matters. The best mistress shows imagination and enthusiasm in sex. They behave not like logs, but like passionate cats. And the shape and size of the breast is secondary.

8. Personally, I like big tits, but I would never refuse a girl if she had small ones. Small boobs are sexy as hell.

9. Every breast is magnificent. If a man does not agree, then he does not deserve them.

10. I don't care what breasts a girl has. What matters is which person it is attached to. This is what really matters.

11. Are the boobs big or small? What's the difference? The most important thing is the personality and character of the girl. If a girl has a positive, cheerful and kind character, then I am happy to see any boobs.

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12. Boobs are like alcohol. We have our own preferences and tastes, but we will take everything we have. Give me two.

13. Large breasts fill a man's hand, and small breasts fill a man's imagination.

14. Some men like blondes, others - brunettes, others - brown-haired women. So some men like big breasts, while others choose small ones. Someone prefers melons, and the other apples. Everyone has their own tastes.

15. When I fall in love with a woman, it won't be because of her boobs. And when I fall in love, her boobs will be my favorite in the world.

16. We just want tender female hugs, not boobs.

17. The best breasts are the ones you were allowed to touch and play with. I think I'm saying this from the opinion of most men.

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18. Breast size is overrated. For me personally, its form is more important.

19. The main thing is that the girl herself loves her breasts. If she wants to enlarge them or have an operation to change the shape, this is her right.

20. As long as there are boobs to play in bed, I don't care about anything else.

21. I loved every pair of tits that I had the opportunity to touch. They were all different, but all were amazing and unforgettable.

22. I prefer small, perky and neat breasts. This chest is my type. But they have nothing against medium or large breasts.

23. Whatever breast a girl has, she will always find someone who will like her. For every breast there is a lover.

24. I prefer large and medium. I love small and absolutely flat. I also love fake and silicone ones. I just love any boobs.

25. Chest like a book. I like to read. Any book is a great book to read.

26. How hot and sexy is the girl? If she is hot, then the size and shape of the bust does not matter.

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27. Chest should be in proportion to the body. If it looks harmonious, then everything is fine.

28. All Boobs Matter! All breasts matter!


29. Breasts do not make a woman sexy. A woman makes her breasts sexy.

30. It's like chocolate. If they offer me a small piece of chocolate, then I do not complain. I'm happy as hell to have chocolate in my hands.

31. Big breasts, small breasts. Who cares at all? If she is ready to share them with you, then you are lucky. That's all.

32. I like my wife's breasts. I can't even tell what size it is. She has changed over the years, but I still love her. It doesn't matter to me the size or shape of boobs. I like them because they are hers. I play with them regularly.

33. I don't care about the shape, color or size of a girl's breasts. I want love.

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All boobs are important and loved. It's time for girls to stop worrying about their breast size or shape. More important is how you behave. How fun, sexy and good. How you love us. And the chest is not so important. If we love you, then we love your breasts.