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What is wrong with me?

We are good, smart, promising, kind and cool, but life does not treat us the way we want. We are constantly unlucky in our personal lives, career problems, lack of good friends and eternal difficulties in everyday life. At this point in life, we are increasingly asking the question: “What is wrong with me?”

How often do we fail to understand what is wrong with us? Why are we so good and perfect, but life is so bad? What is wrong with me? I really want to hear the expected answer that everything is fine with you, but it's just that the world has gone crazy. Asking ourselves the question “What is wrong with me?”, We are always sure of our normality and adequacy. This is a bad world, evil people and unfortunate circumstances, but not you. Has the world conspired to make us miserable? Somehow weird.

We are puzzled, lost and annoyed. We repeat over and over, "What's wrong with me?" But we cannot find an answer in such a formulation of the question. In such a matter, a claim to the outside world that does not want to accept us as we are. Are we too good for this rough and tough world? As a result, we have a complete loss of interest in life, irritability, depression and despair. But you should always look for answers not from outside, but within yourself.

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What could be wrong?

1. Love problems

There is such an old anecdote: “If the third husband also hits in the face, maybe it's not in the husbands, but in the face.” If the next relationship goes to the bottom, then clearly the matter is not only in your partner, but also in you. Something in you is not right.

Maybe you have not learned to understand people, you do not know how to maintain healthy relationships, or you yourself are ruining promising relationships? If the fifth or tenth relationship is unsuccessful, but the matter is clearly in you. But few people are able to admit their shortcomings and work on them so that this does not happen again.

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think about your behavior. Why is it difficult for you to find a common language with others? How are you behaving? How friendly and sociable are you? Can you listen to other people and be interested in them? How pleasant are you to talk to? Why do some people love everyone, but you are always avoided? We can suffer all our lives until we learn how to find an approach to people and be adequate in communication.

3. Career problems

When you are not paid enough, are not appreciated or are not hired for a good job, then obviously the problem is with you. Maybe there is not enough experience, few professional skills or a weak layer of knowledge? Carefully work on your "hard skills" and "soft skills" so that employers fight for you among themselves. Career problems lie only in what you can offer from your side. So you're not good enough, you think. Get down from heaven to earth and get down to business.

Every time we ask ourselves the question “What is wrong with me?”, we want to hear a simple answer that we are all right. This world is rotten, people have deteriorated, and no one understands you. We can agree with this, because we do not mind. That would be nice to hear, but it certainly won't solve your future problems. If you are right about everything and so good, then why are you so unhappy?

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What do I do if everything is wrong with me?

When you start to wonder, “What is wrong with me?” Turn on critical and sober thinking. Habitual ideas about yourself do not allow you to see the situation more soberly. Try an unbiased assessment of yourself from the outside, ask friends for advice or get professional help from a psychologist. That problems cannot be solved at the level of development at which they arose. And for this you need specialists who will solve your difficulties.

Move into life on manual control, and do not move on autopilot. The last way is easier to live with, but you make the same mistakes over and over again. When things don't go your way, it's important to wake up. Think about what you're doing wrong. Do any thing as if you are doing it for the first time. This will allow you not to make old mistakes according to the usual pattern. Examine all your actions, thoughts and words. Look for your weaknesses and then fix them.

What's wrong with me? Something is really wrong with you, not with the world around you. Now take care of your problems, and do not run away from them and do not hide your head in the sand.