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What is included in the emergency case? What do you need for the apocalypse?

It is difficult to foresee all the negative situations that occur in life. It can be a cataclysm, an epidemic or an armed conflict. Any extreme circumstances can lead to the fact that the situation will develop very rapidly, and the person will not be ready at all. But if you prepare in advance, then the chances of survival will be much higher.

It's good when you can afford an underground bunker or a house in a remote place where you can hide in safety. But most people live in cities, and extreme situations catch us in our ordinary apartments.

What should I do if there is an epidemic, cataclysm, armed conflict or unrest? For any trouble, you need to prepare yourself and things in advance. It is necessary to collect an alarming suitcase so that it contains everything you need.

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When you collect an emergency suitcase, you need to focus on the number of people who will have to be helped. Each adult family member should have their own autonomous suitcase, which can provide them with everything they need.

It is better to complete an emergency case with a supply so that you can help children, relatives and other people. It is unknown how long it will take to find a safer place.

An emergency case is a capacious and sturdy travel backpack. It is better to put in a bag according to the tourist principle, when all the light and necessary things are located on top of the bag. First aid kit on top, and a flashlight and a knife in the pockets.

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What is included in the emergency case? What is needed for the apocalypse? List of things

1. A set of essentials for an emergency suitcase

Necessary things, without which it is impossible to function autonomously and fully in troubled times.

  1. Documents, passport, military ID and copies of documents (keep in waterproof bags)
  2. Money and precious things (hide in different places)
  3. Keys to the apartment and cars (copies for each)
  4. Flashlight and stand-alone dynamo flashlight
  5. Battery packs
  6. Portable charger (ideally power bank with solar battery)
  7. Phone chargers, tee
  8. Knife-multitool (universal knife with a set of tools)
  9. Knife for various needs (work and defense)
  10. Gas spray for self-defense
  11. Compass, map, wrist watch
  12. Lighters and hunting matches (a lighter may not always work in the cold)
  13. Headphones for the phone to listen to the radio
  14. Notepad, pen, pencil, magnifying glass (you can look at something or light a fire)
  15. Strong threads and needles
  16. Hatchet, spatula, saw (it’s generally difficult without an ax)
  17. Work gloves
  18. Water bottle
  19. Whistle, flare, flare
  20. Scotch tape, rope, string
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2. List of medicines for the first aid kit of the emergency case

The most valuable thing in the emergency case is the first aid kit. It is she who allows you to improve or maintain health in difficult times.

What should be put in the first aid kit? First of all, a daily set of medicines. After that, prepare a basic first aid kit.

  1. Sterile medical bandage
  2. Bactericidal adhesive plaster
  3. Roll adhesive plaster
  4. Tourniquet – to stop bleeding
  5. Individual dressing bags
  6. Disposable gloves
  7. Disposable masks
  8. Respirator
  9. Antiseptic wipes
  10. Cotton wool
  11. Disposable syringes
  12. Peroxide hydrogen - for the treatment of wounds
  13. Iodine or brilliant green - for the treatment of abrasions and cuts
  14. Activated carbon - for detoxification of poisoning or dysentery (1 tablet per 10 kg of body weight)
  15. Pantocide, aquabreeze, aquatabs - water purification agents
  16. Paracetamol or aspirin - antipyretic and anti-inflammatory agent
  17. Validol - a remedy for nervosa and angina pectoris
  18. Corvalol, valocordin or valerian in tablets - a remedy for sedation and tachycardia
  19. Analgin - a remedy for migraine, toothache, burns, pain in the head
  20. Suprastin - cf. medicine for allergic reactions
  21. Nitroglycerin – remedy for angina attacks, treatment of cerebral ischemia
  22. Loperamide or imodium – remedy for diarrhea
  23. Phenazepam or donormil – sleeping pills and for nervousness
  24. Levomycetin - a broad-spectrum antibiotic
  25. Drotaverine or no-shpa - a remedy for ulcers, gastritis and abdominal pain
  26. Potassium permanganate - an antimicrobial and antiseptic agent
  27. Panetonol - a remedy against burns and for skin regeneration
  28. Tweezers
  29. Scissors
  30. Measuring cup for medicines
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3. Hygiene products for emergency case

Personal care and hygiene products.

  1. Soap and laundry
  2. Toilet paper
  3. Napkins
  4. Toothpaste and toothbrush
  5. Disposable razors and products for shaving
  6. Nail scissors
  7. Skin cream, antiperspirant
  8. Feminine hygiene products
  9. Handkerchiefs
  10. Towel
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4. Provisions, food and camping kit for the emergency case

A set of food necessary for 3-7 days survival.

  1. Cereals, porridge, noodles
  2. Canned food (sometimes too heavy)
  3. Tea, sugar, salt, spices
  4. Nuts and any dried fruit
  5. Chocolate, condensed milk, energy bars, sweets
  6. Individual food rations or army rations
  7. Sublimates (natural dishes in tourist shops)
  8. Water
  9. Mug, spoon, bowl, knife, pot (all iron) 124]

    5. Clothes and a travel kit for an emergency suitcase

    Preparing the necessary things and clothes for an emergency.

    1. Changeable underwear, T-shirts, turtlenecks
    2. Cotton and woolen socks
    3. Warm clothes for cold nights or times
    4. Thermal underwear
    5. A raincoat that will keep you dry
    6. Practical and discreet clothing, but not camouflage (confused with the military)
    7. Warm hat and cap
    8. Gloves
    9. Reliable and practical shoes.
    10. Hammock, tent, foam, sleeping bag
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    What to do in a dangerous emergency situation?

    Take an alarm case and leave. What is included in the emergency case? The most necessary things were included, without which it is quite difficult to survive in extreme conditions. It is better to let the alarm case stand idle than not to have it when it is unexpectedly needed.

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    The emergency case needs to be sorted out from time to time to replace medicines and food that have a certain expiration date.

    What to do in case of unforeseen circumstances? Without normal functioning, the city turns into a dangerous stone jungle. We need to get out of the city to safer places, away from the source of the threat. It will be good to sit out with distant relatives in a remote village or in the country.

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    In difficult times, it is important to act without panic. It is impossible to foresee all cases, but, first of all, it is the prepared ones who survive. The carefree, the imprudent, the reckless and the brave perish very quickly.

    Do you have an emergency suitcase and a backup plan in case of an apocalypse?