What is better to lie to a girl?

Telling the truth to a girlfriend or spouse seems like the right idea. But in real life it's not like that. The truth can destroy relationships, rattle nerves, reduce intimacy, and make life worse.

We tend to think that lying is bad. But it is not so. There is such a thing as a delicate lie or a saving lie. This is when you do not want to spoil the relationship or the mood of your girlfriend, and therefore you are lying.

What should a girl or wife lie about?

Lie to a girl about past relationships

Don't tell how many girlfriends, affairs, casual relationships and long-term relationships you've had. How carelessly entertained and lived happily. The girl will immediately be upset, and your relationship will reduce the degree of trust. Why does your girlfriend need to know? Let him be blissfully unaware that your past women were better at something, you were happy, had great sex and were desperately in love. Never talk about past relationships. Why spoil everything? You don't want to know anything about your girlfriend's past private life, do you?

Lie about a girl's appearance

How do I look? Does this dress make me look fat? Am I not old? Do I have wrinkles? Do I look sexy in lingerie? When a girl is interested in her appearance, then there is no need to cut the truth of the uterus, that she does not always look perfect. The girl asks this for one purpose. You yourself understand that she is waiting for approval and compliments. Don't tell the uncomfortable truth. Support the girl's confidence and self-esteem. You love and pity her.

Lie about yourself

Do not spoil your image of a man. Don't talk bad about yourself, even if you have to lie. Do not slander negative or negative traits about yourself. You've never been a coward, you've never been a scoundrel, you've never been an asshole. You are a good worker, a great friend and the best option for your girlfriend. Do not undermine your male authority in the eyes of your beloved. She will never find better.

Lie about the girl's girlfriends and relatives

Is the girl's mother a real mother-in-law in the full sense of the word? Don't talk bad about her loved ones. Just kill and accept.

But when it comes to her girlfriends, you can act differently. At the beginning of dating, speak only positively about her girlfriends, even if they are witches, fools or whores. At the beginning of a relationship, her girlfriends can tear you apart if you slander them. But later hint that someone is not indifferent to you, someone is jealous of your happiness, and someone has a cool body. So you can easily get rid of these harpies.

The truth is not always good, but a saving lie is good. Protect your relationship with lies, even if you have to take on this sin.