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What is a father for??

A father is the most useless person in the world. It is not known why it exists. What, in fact, to do with it? What to talk about with him? What is a father for?

Here is the boss, friends, lover, lover's girlfriend, dog, in the end, wife - there is something to talk about with them, because there is a goal behind the sounding overflow of words.

And what is the purpose of the father, what is the use of him? Why should he call, meet? I seem to ask strange questions. However, I'm not the only one who thinks so. Others also speak, though timidly. So Zhvanetsky constantly slips this all over the country: “Son, you at least call!” Does not call.

Recently, an old man of 80 years old was shown on TV in the village, the house - the roof was overgrown with moss and on one side. The gates are twisted, the quinoa is waist-deep.

Says: “The wife was, she died. There were eight sons, grew up, left, never saw again. Where are they dead already, I suppose. This is how he lives. We live. I even saw a banner on the street, however, it did not hang for long: “Call your father.”

That's what it came to, and they, that is, sons (and daughters too), at least that. They must be reading other banners.

The son will always explain why he cannot call. And even more so to come. He is sick, he is busy at work, he is building a house, his children are sick, he is going on vacation, he is getting divorced again, he is very tired, his wife is sick, his wife’s friend, mother-in-law, he is hungover, etc.

Reason for in order not to come, it is easiest to find. It's like (by the way) with drunkenness. “There are such occasions for drunkenness: commemoration, holiday, meeting, seeing off, christening, wedding and divorce, frost, hunting, New Year, recovery, housewarming, sadness, repentance, fun, success, reward, a new rank and just drunkenness - for no reason. ".

Also, the son will not come again if the father is not the same. For example, his company is not the same. Or because the father does not fulfill a number of conditions, and this irritates me: he does not talk about whether he is too happy or not happy enough to meet, sticks with questions, advice, reproaches, requests, delights, complaints, praises fools and talks about some people who have lived for a long time. And offers to eat what I do not eat.

Father... why would he? So Nekrasov writes: "... but somewhere there is one soul, she will remember to the grave." It's about a mother and a dead son. And where is the father? Yes, he is there, somewhere in the backyard of "being", while he is alive. But then he died, and how everything became calm and clear.

Now you can grieve. Now it’s clear what to do: you need to bring to his grave every five (or more) years, if you remember where it is, a bunch of rubles for 20, or even 40. Or even... no, that’s enough, and he doesn’t care. Yes, and don't forget to light a candle in the church.

He must have been a good person! I heard somewhere that we are all baptized, many even wear gold crosses.

And someone even read: "Honor your father and your mother, may it be good and may you live long on earth." But this is what God said to Moses three thousand years ago. And now FIFA, PACE, OSCE, BRICS, IG, volatility, derivatives, some corporate events, Ukraine, after all. Not to the father...

Call the father...

Source: Viktor Plyashkevich "Look"