What if you buried you alive in the coffin?

Sometimes bandits bury a person in a coffin to scare or get rid of him. What to do if you are buried alive in a coffin?

This nightmare shown in the movies is real. It can happen to anyone. This was practiced by Jap. A person is buried in a coffin to scare or to get rid of him.

In the latter case, rely only on yourself.

1. Don't waste air. In a classic coffin, the air supply is for an hour, a maximum of two. Inhale deeply, exhale slowly. After inhaling, do not swallow, this causes hyperventilation. Do not light matches or a lighter, this takes away oxygen, but it is not forbidden to use a flashlight. Do not scream: screaming increases panic, heart rate and breathing become more frequent, and hence air consumption.

Still from the movie “Buried Alive”

2. Loosen the cover with your hands. In the cheapest fiberboard coffins, you can even make a hole (wedding ring, belt buckle).

3. Cross your arms over your chest, grabbing your shoulders with your palms and pull your shirt up (see picture) tie it in a knot over your head; hanging like a bag on your head, it will protect you from suffocation if it hits the face of the earth.

4. Kick the cover off with your feet. Cheap coffins have time to break under the weight of the earth immediately after they are buried!

5. As soon as the cover breaks, direct the earth from the head to the feet, when there is not enough space, try to press the earth with your feet in different directions.

6. By all means try to sit down, the earth will fill the empty space and move in your favor, do not stop and continue to breathe calmly.

Frame from the movie "Buried Alive"

7. Get up!

Remember: the earth in a fresh grave is always loose and "it is relatively easy to fight it", it is much more difficult to get out when it rains: wet earth is denser and heavier. The same can be said about clay.

Rely on yourself and act!

we hope you will never need this knowledge, but everyone should know this