What have you missed in life? Things to try at least once in your life

The more you live, the more you feel that time is gradually running out, and you are missing out on many things that should have been tried. Life is short. How to enjoy every moment of it?

This is just a list of what you should try at least once in your life or many times. But this is not a complete list of everything, but only an approximate one, so that you yourself supplement it with your dreams. What have you already done in life, and what is still to come?

List of things to try in life. What haven't you tried yet?

1. Go hiking and camping.

2. Get yourself in great physical shape.

3. Travel alone.

4. Watch the sunrise, sunset, solar eclipse.

5. Chat with a stranger all night.

6. Live alone.

7. Attend a concert of your favorite band.

8. Jump from a high cliff into the water.

9. Learn to surf.

10. Spend the night under the starry sky.

11. Be a volunteer.

12. Visit the most famous festivals around the world.

13. Find good friends.

14. See and swim in the sea.

15. Move to live in an unfamiliar city.

16. To fail in business or relationships.

17. Climb a high mountain.

18. Skydive.

19. Quit an unloved job.

20. Perform in front of a large crowd.

21. Ride a horse and motorcycle.

22. Run a marathon or triathlon.

23. Throw a cool party.

24. Learn a new language.

25. Change someone's life for the better.

26. Take part in a fight and punch the enemy in the face.

27. Experience someone else's death and understand the value of life.

28. Learn to play a musical instrument.

29. Go on a blind date and have sex with a stranger.

30. Cardinally change the image and lifestyle.

31. Fly in a balloon, airplane, paraglider.

32. Go on a cruise on a big ship, sail on a yacht.

33. Start your own business and succeed in it.

34. Scuba dive.

35. Confess your love and receive mutual confessions.

36. Play a role in a movie.

37. Read as many interesting books as possible.

38. Learn to do back flips.

39. Swim naked at night with a girlfriend.

40. Start a diary or YouTube channel.

41. Continue your education and learn something new.

42. Conquer your biggest fear.


43. Make the world a little better.

44. Write your own book or make your own film.

45. Go skiing or snowboarding down the mountain.

46. Do a good deed.

47. Learn the martial art.

48. Go on a hitchhiking trip.

49. Being alone with nature.

50. Plant a tree, build a house, raise a son and a daughter.

Life runs very fast. Don't let her run away like sand between your fingers.