What girls want to tell men about love and sex

Love and sex need harmony. Men and women talk too little with each other, which makes it difficult to reach understanding. What do girls want to tell men about love and sex?

"If men knew what women think, they would court twenty times more boldly" Alphonse Carr

What do girls want to tell men about love and sex?

We do not expect the relationship to develop rapidly. Sometimes we prefer not to rush through all this mess.

All girls are different. If you didn't succeed in the past with some woman. Someone cheated or abandoned, then I'm not to blame here. Try with me. We might all work out for the best.

Do not be shy, but be bold! Come, talk, hug or kiss. How much weather can you expect from the sea? For a ride in the nose do not beat!

I don't expect you to spend all your money on dates and me, so don't show off and worry too much.

We can't go anywhere in jeans like men. Therefore, tell us in advance how and where we are going to prepare the wardrobe.

Girls are not as stupid as they sometimes seem, it's just that everyone knows that men don't really like bright girls.

We don't really like making dating decisions, so try to come up with something interesting yourself.

We perfectly understand why you call us to "watch a movie" or try to be alone. The girls themselves are ready to play such games.

If you have a password on your phone, then sooner or later we will peep it.

We tell our girlfriends about our relationship. So they are aware of our love battles.

If you want to say something, then do it. Sometimes we also do not raise what is happening in a relationship.

Nice guys don't always come last in sex and that's okay. Just don't forget about us during sex.

It doesn't matter who you met there, but if I'm next to you now, then the hottest girl in the world is me. No discussion.

We hate to say the same thing as you listen to repetitive things. This means that you need to listen carefully the first time, and not let everything pass by your ears.

The 69 position in most cases is not very good, as shown in porn.

Good sex should not last 45 minutes, but not 10.

When other girls flirt with our man, we can look angry. But we are pleased with the fact that other women are interested in our man. Until these whores cross the line.

Girls want sex too, and sometimes even more than you.