What girls hate about sex

Girls have their own list of intimate annoyances that happen to them during sex. What do girls hate most about sex, but constantly face in reality? We asked the girls to talk about the biggest troubles that happen to them when having sex with men. What girls don't like about sex, but what happens to them?

What girls hate about sex

Sex that ends before you know it's started.

Sex in a dirty bed.

Sex in a cramped car while banging your head.

Sex, where a man does not even try to satisfy the girl, but thinks only of himself.

Oral sex is terrible when a guy tries to put his cock too deep down his throat.

Sex with a man who has no idea where the clitoris or G-spot is.

When a man tries to get anal without warning.

A man does not have a penis and nothing raises it.

Sex when you didn't find a condom and decided to take a chance.

Sex with complex positions that are more tiring than enjoyable.

Too long sex that you wonder if you like the guy.

Oral sex with a guy who had never heard of an intimate haircut.

The man is drunk and cannot finish for a long time.

Sex when a girl tries to watch an interesting show.

Cowgirl sex, all the time intercourse, is too physically tiring.

Sex with someone who forgot about the toothbrush, razor and cleanliness of the body.

Sex positions that lead to back pain or injury.

Sex is unpleasant when a man has watched too much porn.

Sex in a cold room that even the nipples become sharp.

Sex when there is a risk that the parents will come in.

Sex ends at the moment when the girl is almost, almost finished.

Sex with someone who fusses a lot and is completely inexperienced in bed.

When a dog or cat is in the room during sex.

Silent sex, when a man is absolutely silent. [thirty].