What girls dream about in sex

What is at the top of women's sexual fantasies that they want to embody in intimate life. What do women like more about sex? What do girls dream about in sex, but are embarrassed to say?

Girls are still partisans, they dream about a lot in sex, but they don't always talk about it. You will have to take the initiative in your own hands and fuck them well.

What girls dream about in sex

Girls dream of having spontaneous sex

Sex in bed is good, but sometimes it's too predictable. Many girls are attracted to sex in an unfamiliar place when it happens on its own. At the peak of emotions and passion. It can be sex in a car, in nature, somewhere at a party, in a hotel. Spontaneous sex is sometimes devoid of foreplay, but this can be its appeal when passion captured both.

Girls dream of role-playing sex

Games of teacher and student, patient and nurse, boss and secretary, villain and captive, master and slave, client and prostitute, lover and wife, massage therapist and client, plumber and hostess, star and fan, fitness trainer and athlete, visitor and maid. Games allow you to change roles and increase the degree of tension in sex.

Girls dream about sex toys

76% of women think about using toys in sex. In addition to sex toys, there are erotic lingerie, handcuffs, whips, masks and other devices. Sex shops offer a wide range of products that diversify sex and add some spice to it.

Girls dream of being raped

Rape is a rather delicate topic, but relevant. According to statistics 35% - 55% of women have fantasies of violence on him. Why is that? The girls grow up and are constantly told to be wary of strangers. All this creates a beautiful image of a stranger who can do them some harm. Which will violate the concepts of morality, laws, to have sex with her. In addition, some violence removes the burden of responsibility that the girl had sex. She is not fluffy and not a whore, just a man was very persistent and broke her resistance.