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What games can you play at home? 49 home games

Are you at home or indoors but don't know what to do? There are many interesting games for two or the whole company. What interesting, fun and cool games can you play at home when you're bored? Games for party, party, flat, birthday, date and boring times.

Being bored is the last thing when there are lots of fun games. What games can you play at home? What to do when everything is tired, guests are bored and longing is around? How and what to have fun in the apartment?

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What games can you play at home? Home entertainment list

House party games in the company

Decided to throw a cool party at home, but don't know how to entertain guests? There are plenty of fun games for any company. Here is a list of the most popular indoor house party games.

1. Crocodile. Show the hidden word when others are trying to guess. A classic for a fun company and party. ( Rules of the game "Crocodile" )

2. Truth or Dare. A fun game that you can have fun with. Need interesting questions or action? Here is a list of questions and actions for the game "Truth or Dare" ( Rules of the game "Truth or Dare" )

3. Bottle. A game for teenagers in love. An opportunity to kiss a pretty girl. (See " Spin the Bottle")

4. Hat. Everyone comes up with 10 words and then they throw it in the hat. After that, everyone tries to explain these words to each other.

5. I never. This game helps to get to know each other better and reveal the participants' darkest secrets. ( Rules of the game "I never" )

6. Mafia. A team-based turn-based game where the mafia and the police try to deal with each other. Fun, interesting and cool.

7. Who is the most likely? Game for the company. In this game, you need to choose who is most likely to do something. ( Rules "Who is the fastest" )

8. Cities. Intellectual battle for the best knowledge of geography and cities.

9. One of the two. The rules of the game are that you need to choose an answer from two options and explain your choice. Then you should ask two questions to the next player. ( Rules of the game “One of two” )

10. Associations. People name the associations that first came to their mind. A funny game for revealing vulgar thoughts.

11. Danetki. Players need to solve a prepared puzzle when the host answers only “yes” or “no”.

12. What will you choose? There are two funny options to choose from in the game. ( Rules of the game “What will you choose?” )

13. Fanta. Whoever owns the object must do something. ( Rules of the game and tasks "Fanta" )

14. Twister. They play on a special playing field. Sometimes it gets very hot.

15. Legs. A fun game of stability. The ability to hug girls during the game.

16. Active games and other: hide-and-seek, catch-up, blind cat, dancing on a leaf, quizzes.

17. Noble games: charades (riddles in verse), burime (absurd poems), live pictures (theatrical performances) (see "Entertainment and games of the nobles" )

18. Who am I or Guess who I am. This game requires you to guess which character is written on a sticker on your forehead. (see Who Am I or Guess Who Am I )

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Drinking games for company

There are drinking games for really grown people. This is an opportunity to have fun getting drunk, and not just drink without a goal. Alcohol games for the company help not to fall asleep quickly, but to have more fun.

19. Beer pong. This is a favorite game of American students, when you need to hit a ping-pong ball into a glass of beer.

21. Skilful hands. One should clap one's hand on the neighbor's knee, but the inattentive drink.

21. I never. The game allows not only to get to know each other better, but also to have fun getting drunk.

22. Truth or booze. This is an analogue of the game "Truth or Dare". If you don't want to answer, then drink.

23. Taboo. You can not do something, otherwise you need to drink. For example, say the word "yes" or "no". You can make some actions taboo.

24. Russian roulette with vodka. Out of 6 glasses, only one has vodka. Who will be lucky or not lucky?

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Board games for the home

Board games have been around since the dawn of mankind. They do not require physical activity, but the active work of the brain and logic. There are a lot of board games. They can be played with two or more players.

Many games require special cards, tiles or devices. But often you can find applications or programs on the Internet that will help remove some of the difficulties.

25. Chess. This is a classic for the smartest, played 1500 years ago in India.

26. Checkers, giveaway, Chapaev. Checkers is easier to play than chess, but more fun.

27. Backgammon. A popular game played by the ancient Egyptians.

28. Domino. A board game with Chinese roots where you line up a chain of tiles.

29. Scrabble, wordsmith or erudite. An intellectual board game where you make words from letters.

30. Bones. One of the oldest games from Egypt.

31. Go. Logic board game from Ancient China for smart people.

32. Mahjong. A Chinese game of chance using dice.

33. Monopoly. Economic and strategic board game for future businessmen.

34. Jenga. You take one block at a time until the tower falls.

35. Board games: imaginarium, equivoki, piggy and other board games.

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Household Card Games

A deck of cards can keep people busy for a long time, if the will is there. Playing cards appeared in the XII century in East Asia. There are many interesting card games. You can play for wishes or for undressing to make it more interesting.

36. Fool. Everyone knows how to play the fool, and if it's boring, then you can play the translated fool.

37. A thousand. Intellectual bribe card game.

38. Drunkard. The winner is the one with the whole deck.

39. Preference. Card game with bribes.

40. Uno. One of the most popular card games, but requires a special deck of cards.

41. Poker. Win bets by getting the highest poker hand.

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Paper games at home

At school we often played paper games. We did this not only during breaks, but also during the lessons. There are many paper games that can be both distracting and entertaining.

42. Naval battle. Wounded. Injured. Injured. Killed. What could be better than marine classics?

43. Dots. In the point game, it is important to covertly encircle the opponent. It's fun to play so far.

44 Tanks. Tanks are drawn on the paper, and then you try to knock each other out.

45. Tic-tac-toe. You can make the game more interesting if you play on the leaf without restrictions.

46. There are many games on paper. These are dots and squares, bulls and cows, a labyrinth, a bulldozer, a chain.

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Great games for home

47. Computer and video games. In addition to the home games listed in the article, there are many applications for the phone that will entertain the most demanding companies. Look for apps "games for the company" and then enjoy the fun. You can also play on the computer if you have cool ideas for party games.

48. Karaoke. There is always an opportunity to compete in vocal skills and sing songs. Karaoke is always fun, cool, incendiary and cool. You can sing not only in turn, but also in duets or even whole choirs, if divided into teams.

49. Dancing. Everyone loves to dance, especially young people. Why not arrange a dance competition or just a disco? This is an opportunity to get to know everyone better and have fun.

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What games can I play at home? In any. The very last thing to be bored or mope when life is so beautiful and wonderful. What do you like to play the most?