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What fears haunt men and how to avoid them?

Despite the confidence and strength of men, we have many fears that haunt us. Many men experience this anxiety, and you are not the only one who has these fears. What are you most afraid of and how can you avoid it?

Many men have many fears deeply. They suffer in silence for the reason that among men it is not customary to share such things. Men are afraid that they will not be perceived as courageous enough if they share experiences, and this is like death.

You are not alone in having such fears. 100% of men have different complexes and fears. Fear is normal. This is a protective reaction of the body, which helps us survive in any conditions. How to deal with fears?

What fears men have and how to avoid them?

Baldness is the main fear of a man

Many men are afraid of losing their hair and becoming bald. Men under 30 are especially afraid of this. The fear of baldness lies in the fact that they will look older and less attractive. There are many ways to combat baldness. But if all else fails, then a shaved head is no less sexy, as many women confirm.

Penis size makes men doubt themselves

Watching porn makes men compare themselves to adult movie actors. But it should be noted that in porn they take those who are much larger than average. Many women, knowing this complex in men, insult him about the penis. A man can carry such grievances in his soul for decades. Don't worry about penis size. Try to make a good foreplay, listen to the woman and be active in sex. A good lover is one who knows how to handle women.

An average career causes depression in a man

When we are young, we dream of being millionaires, bosses, or working for ourselves. But life is much more difficult. It's depressing when we see the success of others. Stop comparing yourself to others. Life is too short to worry too much about it. It is more important to be happy and enjoy life than to spend your whole life at work.

Erection hardness and male potency

Many men experience problems with potency. But this is normal, because you are not a robot and sometimes you get tired. There are many methods for strengthening erections. These are Kegel exercises for men, good nutrition, vitamin complexes, giving up bad habits, sports and a healthy lifestyle.

Bags under the eyes and wrinkles in a man

Having old and ugly eyes that add ten years is extremely unpleasant. To avoid this, you need to use sunscreen, get enough sleep and lead a healthy lifestyle. There is one of three popular surgeries called blepharoplasty. It improves the shape and appearance of the eyelids.

Ugly and non-sexy appearance

The fashion for a model appearance has entered our lives so much from TVs and the Internet that you need to look just perfect. Therefore, many men worry about their appearance and are driven by it. The best beauty salon for a man is a gym and a healthy lifestyle.

Feeling fear is normal. The main thing is not to let them defeat you.