What excites modern man

What does a modern person want in sex, but what is he afraid to say? Durex researched the sexual habits and preferences of modern man.

Durex conducted a survey of British sexual habits and preferences. More than 2,000 respondents participated in the survey. The purpose of the study: to understand the attitudes and sexual preferences of modern citizens.

The answers showed that the fear of voicing their desires is still inherent in young people. The frequency of sex in the average couple has fallen to 3 times a week from 5.

What does a modern person want in bed, but is afraid to say:

• 63% are excited by reading “literature for adults,” but only 40% of people have ever acted out emerging sexual fantasies into reality.

• 47% said they would like their partner to be more open in expressing their sexual desires.

• 43% of respondents described themselves as relaxed in bed.

• 28% admitted that they are embarrassed to invite their partner (partner) to try something new in bed.

• Most of all people like to experiment with sex toys (17%), role-playing games (17%) and lubricants (10%).

• More than 35% said they haven't tried anything new in bed in a year.

• Erotic films (41%) and vacations (38%) are the most likely to fuel sexual feelings.

• 81% of people say that the emotional and psychological aspect of sex is as important to them as the physiological one.

• 20% admitted to sending each other exciting texts to fire each other up while they are apart and "prepare" for sex.

• 53% of men said they would like their partner to take the lead in coming up with new ideas to implement in bed.

• People are twice as likely to choose to read in bed as to have sex.

• 65% of couples say that reality attracts them much more than fantasy or erotic films/books

• A quarter of the respondents said that on Valentine's Day they are more open to experiments in bed

• 20% said they plan to try something unusual this year

• The most popular game among couples is tying (32%). Couples also like to tease each other with special toys (24%) and blindfold their partner (partner) (17%).