What does money love? 50 laws of money energy

Money loves those who love it. Why are some people poor and others have enough money? What is the psychology of poverty? How to have more money? How to open the energy channel of abundance and money?

If you don't like money and you don't have it all the time, then you have to do something about it. It is quite possible that you are mired in the psychology of the poor and have blocked the energy channel of money. This is the path to poverty, unhappiness, anger and suffering.

Money is energy and should be treated accordingly. As soon as a person begins to throw them around and use them unwisely, they leave him. If people consider money to be evil, then the result is poor. Someone gets hung up on poverty and cannot get out of it, mired in the psychology of the poor. For some, money "burns" their pockets, they try to get rid of them as soon as possible and they never have those.

Money must be valued and respected, then it will stay with you and come more often. How to open your financial flow and get the desired abundance? How to open a flow of money? How to open a flow of very big money?

What does money love? 50 Laws of Energy of Money

1. Money loves active, enterprising and energetic people

2. Don't make money your goal when moving forward


4. All rich people are thieves, but money is a sin? This is the psychology of the poor

5. Carefully count all income and expenses

6. You need to work not 24 hours a day, but with your head

7. The words "discount", "sale "and" action" make you buy unnecessary things

8. Forget about loans and installments

9. Thank fate for what is, and do not complain about what is not

10. Live within your pocket and do not try to impress others with money

11. Save 10% of income

12. Make a clear budget and plan

13. Do not save on food, will come out sideways

14. Money loves silence

15. Invest in education and advanced training

16. Successful people are those who know what they want

17. The psychology of irrepressible consumerism is flawed

18. All the poor do not leave the comfort zone

19. Keep your mouth shut and think what you say. Only the poor can be talkative

20. Working hard does not mean having a lot of money

21. Happiness lies not in things

22. Don't buy a new phone just for a whim

23. Associate with the successful and energetic, not the poor, unfortunate and evil

24. Buy in bulk and in large stores. A penny saves a ruble

25. Use cashback cards

26. Being rich is not dangerous. It's dangerous to be poor. Money is an airbag

27. Don't expect miracles, inheritances, and winning the lottery

28. The race for brands and coolness is ruinous

29. Money loves to be in work and moving

30. Don't complain about being poor, failures and stop being a victim

31. Tune in to abundance and prosperity

32. Believe in yourself and doubt others

33. Bargain with sellers and look for where it is more profitable

34. Do not scatter money on entertainment and girls

35. Rejoice in the success of others, and do not envy. There will be enough success for everyone

36. Do not pass money from hand to hand, do not give your financial energy to others

37. Appreciate your time and effort. Do not throw it away for free

38. Pay your bills and give with joy so that the money comes back

39. Consider that you deserve money and do not feel guilty about it

40. Learn to refuse to lend and work for free

41. Create a circulation of the energy of money, they will return 10 times the size

42. Control money yourself and do not let women take the reins

43. Give part of the money to charity, they will return like a boomerang

44. Accept gifts, money and help. Do not block the flow of abundance

45. Always look for new opportunities to earn money

46. Enjoy making money, do not hate your job

47. Consider yourself happy and attract happiness in life

48. Be happy to let money into your life

49. Reward yourself for achievements

50. Love money and treat it well

Money love those who love them. Love them, learn to thank life and become happy. Open yourself to the flow of opportunities and money…