What do you want and how to get it

Please call your inner child to the screen, we have a conversation for him. Life is too short to live without a goal. Life is too boring to live without passion. How to understand what you really want, and how to achieve it?

Please call your inner child to the screen, we have a conversation for him.

Hello. Do you remember how enthusiastic you were when you were a child and wanted to be a fireman? And you had 52 fire trucks and the same number of books about these valiant handsome guys? You made a “pshhh” sound, imagining that you were putting out a house fire and saving a kitten. And you were not afraid of this work, you were afraid that this work would never happen in your life. Or maybe you wanted to ride in a husky team, build the world's greatest bridges or play in a puppet theater? You have matured and forgotten your dreams and there is neither enthusiasm nor time to even think “What do I really want”?

From Barbara Sher's second bestselling book Dreaming, you will learn how to overcome self-criticism, get off the beaten path, trust your desires, rediscover forgotten dreams, identify your talents, and finally find your own. path in life. So buckle up, it's time for extreme dreams!

“If you want to live a rich life, you need to find some meaningful direction for it. As soon as you go after a dream, you will wake up, and everything will be filled with meaning. Barbara Sher

Be an ace

Put your watch in front of you. Now, for thirty seconds, turn into a master of aerobatics and talk about it in such a fascinating way that anyone would want to be in your place. “I am an ace pilot. Enjoying freedom in the sky is wonderful. Most of all I like to soar over the mountains and follow the riverbeds, flying between the rocky walls. I love the roar of the engine and the feeling of power."

Got it? Try it yourself and start with an ace pilot - just for fun. Then repeat again and again, but with other characters. Be a prima ballerina at the Bolshoi Theatre, an Antarctic explorer, a cheetah hunter. Think of anything, and then become an active promoter of it. If possible, gather your friends and try together. We promise you will love it.

Imagine your ideal family

Imagine that you dream of breeding Labradors in the Himalayas. Agree that relatives and friends will react to this news in different ways. Most likely, your friends will get involved in solving your problem, suggest contacts of cynologists, remember that there are a couple of acquaintances in Tibet and, in general, will give you a boost of inspiration and moral support. And what happens if you voice the same idea at the dinner table with relatives? How will they react? Will they put the forks on the table and rush to dissuade you from madness?

Imagine and feel what it means to receive maximum support. By allowing yourself to see what your ideal family could be, you will begin to feel differently about yourself. With this exercise, you will prepare for a new present and future. So take a piece of paper and a pen and come up with a family in which you would be supported and understood. Visualize in detail how energetically you are supported by each member of the family.

Having a clearer understanding of what an ideal family would be, you will understand what to strive for here. The family will feel the changes in you on a subconscious level and will eventually accept any of your choices.

Put all your talents into practice

If you were ten people, how would each of you manage your life? Write down what you do in each of these lifetimes. Do you want more than ten? Write as much as you want! A list might look like this: a poet, a musician, a successful entrepreneur, a sinologist, a cook in a gourmet restaurant, a traveler, a gardener, a husband and father, a journalist, a talk show host.

You have a list with your future in your hands. To find a way to live each of these lives, answer the questions:

What kind of life can you commit to next year? What kind of life can you live when you realize the first one?

What can you do every day for twenty (or less) minutes? What about on weekends? What can you do from time to time?

"Do not think about how to fit into this world - think about how to arrange life in order to fit your many gifts into it." Barbara Sher

Actively move towards the dream for an hour

A small step from reasoning to reality can bring amazing relief.

For the next hour, actively engage in movement towards your goal. Set a timer for an hour and dedicate yourself to any of your goals or dreams. Stop in an hour. Or don't stop. Let go of all fears and all ifs.

Stop planning! Call, agree, promise, step over the threshold, do it. Right now.

By the way, if after devoting an hour to a certain goal, you do not feel fear or doubt, but you experience enthusiasm and joy, then you are ready to go out into the world and bring your wonderful scenario to life.

"As impractical as it may seem, finding out what you have the most heart for is the most practical thing you can think of in the world." Barbara Sher

Life is too short to live without a goal. Life is too boring to live without passion. A true genius lives inside you - one of a kind, inquisitive, with great potential. As soon as you go after a dream, you will wake up and everything will be filled with meaning.

Good luck!

Based on the materials of the book “What to dream about”.