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What do women want in sex??

Every man can become an ideal lover. Here, neither the length nor the thickness of the penis matters much. Even erection problems are not a sentence. The main thing is to know what exactly women need in bed, and learn how to fulfill their desires.

Do not be afraid that you will have to do some difficult tricks. In fact, most beautiful ladies are not particularly whimsical in terms of sex. Of course, it is important for them that a man be attentive and have some sexual skills, but something supernatural will not be required.

Some statistics

A burning question that worries many men, Is penis size important for women? Statistics show that the average penis length for the stronger sex is just over 13 cm. The owners of such dignity themselves often have complexes, being sure that this is not enough, and at least 16 cm is needed.

But anonymous polls among women say that most of them do not care about the size of the reproductive organ of the partner (if it is, of course, not a micropenis). In 2006, more than 52 thousand representatives of the weaker sex were interviewed, and the results were as follows: approximately 85% of women are completely satisfied with the length and thickness of their partner's penis. Interestingly, among men it turned out to be much less than those who are satisfied with the size of their own penis - only 55%.

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The main desires of beautiful ladies

Before proceeding directly to practice, you need to at least roughly know what they want women in sex. This topic is often discussed in magazines and even on television, so it is not so difficult to deduce the main points. If you find it difficult or too lazy to read a long article, read a short list of what lovely ladies need in bed:

  • kisses (gentle at first, then ardent);
  • slow undressing;
  • the presence of a prelude;
  • love and interest in a man's gaze;
  • touching that increases arousal;
  • partner's awareness of the location of erogenous zones on her body;
  • compliments;
  • massage before or after sex;
  • hot hugs;
  • admiration for his woman.

The fair sex has a special approach to intimacy. It is not enough just to tell her that she is desired. You need to make a woman feel that you really want to possess her - and not only in body, but also in soul.

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Preparing for sex

Yes, if you want to be the perfect lover for her, you must be able to prepare his girlfriend to intimacy. And it is desirable to do this as often as possible. Female arousal begins in the head - she must know that she is wanted and how she is wanted so that the body gives the right reaction.

The best thing you can do is never stop preparing for sex at all. In other words - behave with a woman as if you are always ready to satisfy all her sexual needs. But do not overdo it so that she does not suspect you are a maniac. She should feel desired and loved, but at the same time be sure that, apart from her, you do not want anyone else.

Dates, nice words, gifts (preferably not cheap) - all this brings together and makes the relationship warmer and more trusting. But not very exciting. To get a woman, you need to focus on her sexuality. Let her believe that you burn with desire every time you see her. Show it not only with your eyes, but also with your touches. Write her messages with spicy compliments, say vulgar things in her ear - in general, kindle a fire of desire in her and keep it constantly.

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The Importance of Foreplay

Foreplay is almost the highlight of intimacy for every member of the fairer sex. Sometimes spontaneous sex may appeal to women, but for them it is like a rare entertainment that cannot fully satisfy sexual needs.

The correct prelude should include three stages:

  • conversations (compliments, words of love, frank confessions);
  • kissing and slowly undressing;
  • Bold caresses that will give her natural lubrication.

It is much harder for a woman to get turned on than a man. This is the nature of the female body. It is unlikely that she will "flow" from the mere sight of your naked body. She needs gentle kisses, strokes, a hot whisper, your passionate look. This is especially important if the partner is new, and you do not yet know how to quickly turn on each other.

Some women get very upset when a man, having started foreplay, pays attention only to her main erogenous zones - the clitoris, vagina and breasts. Then she perceives herself as a sexual object, and not as a desirable woman. Caress her body everywhere - kiss her neck, stroke her tummy, massage her ass and inner thighs. This will relax her, and she will quickly open up as a sensual lover.

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Nothing without an orgasm

Sex without an orgasm for a woman is, of course, not a disaster, but a disappointment. No matter how beautiful ladies try to convince themselves and their partners that the main thing in bed for them is not to finish, but to get moral pleasure, this is not true. Every woman, embarking on intimacy, hopes that today she will experience unearthly bliss. And if this does not happen, the man ceases to seem so sexy and desirable.

So, to be frank, what women want in sex is to experience a bright and lasting orgasm (or rather several). You will have to learn how to give your partner maximum pleasure in bed. But then she will look at you as a god.

In women, there are two main sensitive points, the impact on which leads to an explosion of erotic pleasure - this is the clitoris and the G-spot (located on the front wall of the vagina). Emphasis should be placed on their stimulation. But remember that you can’t caress these points with dry fingers. If the partner is not yet excited enough, use a lubricant (sold in any sex shop).

Ask your friend in bed what exactly she wants at the moment. But, of course, this should not look like an interrogation. If your partner is shy, do what you think is right, but ask if it brings her pleasure.

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Caressing the genitals, do not forget about kissing on the lips and other parts of the body. Nipples are a very sensitive area on the female body, touch them, kiss them, squeeze them. And watch her reaction. If your girlfriend doesn't like to talk in bed, focus on sounds - breathy moans directly indicate that she enjoys what you are doing.

It is important to choose the right position for sex. Most often, beautiful ladies end up in the “rider” and “doggy-style” positions. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't try other options. Be careful - if in the process of frictions she looks indifferent, breathes calmly or looks at the ceiling, change the position of the bodies. When a woman enjoys sex, she always shows it - groans, bends, closes her eyes from the influx of emotions.

Many women take time to achieve orgasm. If you can not hold out for a long time, use special means to prolong sexual intercourse. For example, the erection ring helps to increase the duration of intimacy. It must be put on an excited penis, after which it will be possible to carry out a long sexual marathon.

A flaccid penis cannot please women. So if there are problems with erection, you need to solve them. The easiest way is to alternate frictions with finger caresses in the process of intimacy. But it can be tedious. It is much more convenient to use a vacuum pump - the procedure is carried out immediately before intercourse in order to force blood into the cavernous bodies of the penis. This is great to help maintain an erection for as long as possible.

In order to guarantee to bring the partner to orgasm, you need to properly relax her before intimacy. And in no case should you put pressure on your girlfriend, asking at the time of intercourse why she cannot finish. Everything should go naturally - without reproaches and resentment.

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The main mistakes of men in sex

There are moments in intimacy between a man and a woman that most beautiful ladies seem to disgusting. It is enough to stop doing certain things in bed to grow in the eyes of a partner:

  • turn away from her after sex;
  • try new tricks in bed without asking her opinion;
  • to force certain types of intimacy that she does not accept;
  • making love in the same way (same caresses and postures);
  • refuse contraception;
  • neglect her body.

When wondering what women want in sex, you must understand that your girlfriend may have her own unique sexual desires. To learn about them, you need to talk on this topic. And in order for the conversation to turn out to be confidential, it is necessary to have a woman to yourself and be for her not only a lover, but also a friend.