What do women want?

Guys, do you want to know what all the women want? (well, I mean, we are) Ready to hear the truth? In short, what all women want. Just don't tell anyone.

A friend was about to propose to his girlfriend. We talk tongues on Skype:

- Why not marry her? She loves me very much, she is a housewife, she is cool in bed. In the morning he sets an alarm, wakes up, prepares breakfast for me and then goes to bed.

- Married, - I say, - you see, he really wants to. And you use it, consumer.

- I love her too! - assure. Otherwise, I wouldn't have lived with her.

- Uh-huh, who wouldn't want to live with a girl when she's so... comfortable? Poor headless girls... Why do you love such bastards?

— Damn, I have a friend, everything is with him. Very caring, wealthy, lives in a luxurious house. Baam doesn’t do anything, but they turn up their noses and even fuck more. What do you, women, need, I can’t understand.

Guys, do you want to know what all the women want? (well, I mean, we are) Ready to hear the truth? Now I'll tell you.

All our life we ​​are looking for an ideal, so that he loves us, protects, cares, gives gifts and pampers. We watch tearful melodramas where handsome men perform dizzying acts and utter words of love on the roofs of skyscrapers in the pouring rain, and we sincerely believe in it. We attend various trainings to find and attract the one who will fill our life with meaning. We do epilation, injections in the face, wear heels, diet, tear our backs on simulators, read "smart" books, educate ourselves, try to be interesting, and sometimes it seems that the only thing we live for is the cherished goal of finding the perfect partner.

And now, after a series of mistakes and thousands of goats - surprisingly, we find! Bingo! It would seem that one should live and rejoice - but no! "Too suspicious!" - a thought will light up the woman, and she begins to carefully look for a flaw: either she grabs the knife at dinner with the wrong hand, or she doesn’t cut the hair in her nose, or she puts the stress in the word wrong. And so these insignificant, at first glance, little things begin to annoy that there is no strength. And besides, he loves us so hopelessly that sometimes he just feels sorry for him.

And then you hear a familiar song somewhere, or you stumble upon a text message from two years ago - memories will come flooding in about someone who did not love, did not appreciate, did not respect, but it was so fun and interesting with him! There were so many emotions, what was the intensity of passions...

In short, to what all the women want. Just don't tell anyone.

We have no idea what we want!

Photo: SuicideGirls flickr.com/suicidegirlsAuthor: Lolita Vinogradova