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What do women do that men don't know about? 30 women's secrets

Girls have a lot of thoughts and things that men are not even aware of. Women's life is full of its own small secrets, mysteries, difficulties and problems. What do women do and think, but it remains behind the scenes of men's lives?

"We all need secrets, if they are not lethal - they protect us." Dr. House

Girls love to maintain an aura of mystery and riddles. It seems that this is their character trait, but it has an explanation behind it. Mysteriousness helps to maintain the interest of men and hide their certain secrets. What do women hide from men?

Women are more confused than men about different things, deeds and thoughts. For this reason, they need to do a lot of things that the stronger sex is not familiar with. We elicited from the girls all their secrets and make them public. What do women do that men do not suspect and do not guess?

Women's secrets that men don't know

1. Men think that women's bodies are naturally smooth, soft and beautiful. But in the real world, a girl needs to make a lot of effort for this.

2. Girls constantly tell their girlfriends where they are going and with whom. They take photos of taxi drivers, men and screenshots of correspondence just in case.

3. Girls use code words to let their girlfriend know how the date is going and how she's doing.

4. When hugging a girl who likes makeup, she keeps her face away so as not to transfer makeup to another person.

5. Men start the engine, check the mirrors and look at the dashboard of the car when they get into the car. Girls, first of all, check the back seat and close all the car doors.

6. Hair is shaved by girls not only on the legs, armpits and pubis. Hair on the face, around the nipples and in other unexpected places.

7. Girls take screenshots of correspondence with guys and send them to their girlfriends. They discuss men in their general chat.

8. Girls worry about getting pregnant. Even if there was no sex this month.

9. When a girl receives a message from a stranger, she is always afraid. The girl thinks it might be an obscene proposal or a photo of a cock.

10. Girls always think about their wardrobe and accessories. They spend a lot of time to look harmonious and beautiful even when going to the store.

11. Girls are always looking for a couple to go to the toilet with her. This is an opportunity to talk, discuss plans and men. It's also safer.

12. Women are concerned about the shape of their breasts after weight loss and the color of their nipples after giving birth.

13. Girls are afraid to leave their drink unattended. Someone can put something in it that the girl will become easy prey.

14. Girls constantly monitor their weight, lose weight and grow their hair.

15. Girls carry everything they need in their purse and worry if something is missing at the right time.

16. Girls think about family and career planning. They are trying to achieve a balance in order to succeed everywhere.

17. Women are always concerned about their safety. During the movement, the girls constantly look around so that no one is chasing them.

18. All holidays, gift ideas, event and meal planning. All this falls on the shoulders of the girl, when men rarely worry about this.

19. Girls worry about cameras installed in bathrooms, toilets, changing rooms, hotels and unfamiliar places.

20. Girls plan their affairs and life depending on their menstruation.

21. Girls with large breasts worry about their boobs sweating.

22. Girls believe that it is better not to drink too much, so that they are not taken advantage of. Again.

23. Girls should definitely take a photo or selfie from any event. Otherwise it's a disaster. It was like they were at home. Girls devote a lot of time to maintaining social networks.

24. Girls try to avoid poor men and losers. You can’t cook porridge with such porridge, you won’t raise children and you won’t go on vacation. Everyone wants a strong man.

25. Girls like to chat on the phone when they go home or somewhere. To do this, they have a crowd of girlfriends and acquaintances.

26. Girls constantly think that the clock is ticking. Sometimes it infuriates them.

27. Girls choose the safest way home, even if not the closest.

28. Wearing a bra is not fun for girls. They rejoice when it is removed.

29. Girls often prefer to wear headphones to avoid awkward conversations with others. But they often turn the volume down so they can hear what's going on and other people's conversations.

30. It is difficult for women to choose their men. The struggle of the mind, heart and sexual desire. How to find the golden mean?

These are just a small part of what girls hide in their female world from the stronger sex.

And what women's secrets do you know?