What do the very wealthy spend their money on?

When you get rich and have a lot of money, you will think about where to spend extra money. We will help you to choose a great hobby in advance. What do the very rich people spend their money on?

"Gazeta. Ru" made a selection of hobbies that those who have them spend money on.

Ice sculptures

Despite the fact that people who carve ice sculptures are most often surly men in earflaps, doing it as a hobby is very expensive. In addition to the fact that such a man will need to be hired as a teacher, the cost of ice, depending on the size and quality, can be in the thousands of dollars.

It takes years and money to master the art of carving a dolphin, so this hobby is for the very rich and very bored people who are not afraid of the cold.


If you take this business seriously, and not "we dived in Sharm el-Sheikh for 25 dollars", such a hobby will cost you tens of thousands dollars a year. Firstly, the equipment, and secondly, the maintenance of this equipment. In addition, instruction, obtaining a diver's certificate, and, of course, until some warm sea hits Moscow, you need to fly long and expensive to it.

On the other hand, if your dream is to learn and open your own diving school somewhere where it is warm and no one cares about the price of oil, then investing in a hobby can be perceived as an investment in your happy future, and don't save.

Railway models

Remember when you were six, Santa Claus with daddy's eyes and voice gave you your first railway, because you were a good boy all year, and even memorized a long poem? Some boys were so shocked by this childhood memory that they never got out of it and now, already in adulthood, they collect railways, locomotives, wagons and even bushes. Which can be planted along the paths. Despite the general uncoolness and complete lack of practical sense, this hobby is incredibly expensive.

An average locomotive costs at least $300, and even collectible models are generally estimated at hundreds of thousands. Plus, buy a conductor's hat.


Among the people involved in polo in Russia, it is quite difficult to find those who sincerely and irresistibly like it. Basically, this sport is played by those who think that this is how they become aristocrats, and English ones at that. A horse more or less suitable for such a hobby costs from $ 20,000, plus fifteen hundred a month for care, plus contingencies if the horse needs a veterinarian.

Add to this membership in the club of polo players (from $8,000 per year), and, of course, the salary of an instructor who will teach you this cute summer game in our snows.


If Jules Verne made a lasting impression on you and you have at least $50,000 dollars, then nothing prevents you from becoming the owner of your own balloon and your own instructor, which will teach you how to use it (from $ 3,500 per month - a full training cycle lasts about a year). But then you can travel the world and participate in races and festivals along with the same special people as you are.

By the way, I almost forgot, keep in mind that you are required by law to also hire a rescue team to follow your balloon in a car.

"Formula 1"

It turns out that in order to drive a car, it is not at all necessary to be a talented racer - just being rich is enough. Your own will cost you a million dollars plus maintenance, but you can get away with a little blood and rent a car. 15 minutes cost $500 plus instructor and compulsory accident insurance plus race track rental. But everyone will be very jealous of you.

Exotic animals

Forget your favorite cat - it's out of fashion now. To keep up with the latest trend, get a tiger. $200,000 for a tiger, $5,000 per day for tiger care and food.

Transforming part of your garden into a tiger enclosure (yes, assuming you already have a huge garden in a very warm country) - from $100,000.

Incidental expenses - tiger from loneliness can become depressed, so immediately count on the fact that you will need to buy him a girlfriend - well, or make him friends with your favorite cat. Okay, that wasn't funny.

Collecting comics

American movies and TV series teach us that the average comic book collector is an obese guy with a technical background who has never had a girlfriend. It turns out that this is not the case at all, and the market for collectible comics is valued at $10 billion.

not the rarest comic.

So it turns out that only clean-shaven men who have never had a girlfriend who was not a top model can fully afford this hobby.