What do girls want in sex? Women's Tips for Great Sex

Get your notebook and pencil ready to write down women's sex advice. What would girls like to advise men on the intimate front? Great tips for great sex from women.

What do girls want in bed? What do women expect from men and want to try in sex? We overheard women talking about sex and then recorded it. Women advise and men write. These tips will help bring any girl to orgasm.

Women's advice for great sex

1. I love it when he makes noise and moans. It makes me want it.

2. Like the caresses of the neck and shoulders. Kissing, hot breath and light biting.

3. I like to hear the guy say obscenities and dirty words.

4. I love it when she slowly caresses her nipples, then picks up the pace and starts sucking them.

5. Stop hammering like a jackhammer. A little slower.

6. It doesn't matter if you come first. It's important to help me with it later.

7. It's boring when a guy just inserts a dick. We need caresses in parallel with sex.

8. A man should be patient and caress the girl until she gets wet.

9. Respond to my actions with moans, especially if in a cowgirl position or giving a blowjob.

10. Ask my preferences and ask if everything is fine when we have sex.

11. More caresses of various erogenous zones that do not receive enough love.

12. Take full control of sex. You can flip and fuck the way you want.

13. Do you want me to suck your dick? You need to eat the pussy.

14. Longer foreplay and pay attention to the clitoris.

15. Take a shower before sex, brush your teeth and use toilet water.

16. Do not be afraid of sex toys and new experiments.

17. Sex outside the home, in different places and different positions.

18. More action. Caress, kiss, moan, grab, pull hair, play with boobs, tease.

19. When close to orgasm, don't stop and keep doing what you were doing.

20. More variety in sex positions and less predictability.

If you are good at sex, then the relationship is good.