What do girls not like? What men don't like?

Often they do not want to meet with us, or they leave us halfway. Why is this happening? In the modern world, it is more important to be not special or unusual, but normal. There are many special and exceptional ones, but only a few adequate and normal ones. How to become more ordinary, but more qualitative from the point of view of the opposite sex?

We want to please the opposite sex, and therefore we look for methods of sympathy. But it is often more important to get rid of traits that repel and repel. What do girls and men in the opposite sex not like? What common character traits repel and make a person unattractive?

In the modern world there are many special ones, but only a few adequate and normal ones. But these are exactly what adults are looking for who want an adequate relationship, and not constant drama. What habits and weaknesses should you get rid of to increase your chances of a relationship?

You will find at least 5-10 flaws in yourself if you do not lie to yourself, or ask for an assessment from the outside. This will help you be more attractive to the opposite sex.

What do girls not like and what do men not like?

1. Obsession with social networks.

2. Lack of hygiene and tidiness.

3. Narcissism, narcissism and narcissism.

4. Excessive love for selfies.

5. Excessive requirements for a partner and inflated expectations, when a person himself is nothing special.

6. Constant depressive and negative mood.

7. Worn or dirty clothes, as if a person does not care how he looks.

8. Excessive commercialism and thoughtfulness when choosing a partner.

9. Bad breath, or bad and diseased teeth.

10. A person who is constantly on his phone.

11. The demands of the other half to win her in order to show their “worthiness” for the relationship.

12. Excessive uncertainty, when a person does not believe in himself and his strength too much.

13. Regular removal of the partner's brain.

14. "Broken" men or women who put their past mistakes on you

15. Lack of sense of humor and self-irony.

16. Fat people who feel worthy of athletic and fit people.

17. Vulgar language, limited vocabulary and narrow point of view.

18. The raspy voice of a little girl, especially if it's on purpose.

19. Complete lack of initiative and steps forward.

20. Increased interest in the life of celebrities and condemnation of gossip.

21. Inability to listen and be attentive to the interlocutor.

22. Abuse of cosmetics or plastic surgery.

23. Excessive artificiality in behavior and manners.

24. Lack of ambition, goals and desires in life.

25. Using a partner as a psychologist when you have to wipe the snot 24 hours a day.

26. Attempts to manipulate another person.

27. Limited, when a person stops in development.

28. Excessive bragging or boasting.

29. Be rude to others: vendors, drivers, waiters.

30. Talking nasty things about others in order to look better in front of them.

31. A bored person who is not interested in anything.

32. Excessive vulnerability, when a person is offended by everything.

33. Victimization of a person, when he constantly exposes himself as a victim.

34. A person's lack of friends indicates that he or she does not know how to get along with people.

35. Selfishness when the ego is the size of a planet.

36. Complete lack of empathy and sympathy for a person.

37. Inability to admit one's mistakes and inability to apologize.

38. When a person perceives any advice or criticism as a personal attack.

39. A desperate attempt to be unique. A person considers himself special and not like everyone else.

40. Lack of compassion when a person cares only about himself.

41. Excessive obsession and stickiness.

42. When a person thinks that only his opinion is correct.

43. Excessive pride, like a girl is a princess, and a man is a prince.

44. Constantly whining that others live better, but they are not lucky.

45. Lack of hobbies, hobbies and interests in life.

46. Displaying toxic traits as if it makes a person a person.

47. Materialism. Evaluation of everything in life in terms of money.

48. Inability to look at situations from the outside.

49. You're not the star of some reality show, so stop acting inappropriately.

50. Regular whining and complaining.

51. Smoking, alcohol, shopaholism and other bad habits repel.

52. Greed or avarice of a person.

53. Lack of curiosity towards the world and limited thinking.

54. Complaining about poverty or displaying one's wealth.

55. Having incredibly high standards and making demands on a partner.

What do girls not like? What do men not like? Usually this is the same set of flaws and character traits. In the modern world, everyone wants to meet normal and adequate people. Everyone has long been tired of dramas, but they want quality relationships.