What do girls like most about guys?

Girls are said to be pretty quick at determining whether they like a guy or not. To attract girls and understand what girls like in guys, you need to work on your own style, speech and manners.

Actually, it's not that hard to please if you're witty and likable. But if not, then you have to try. It all depends on how interesting this girl is to you and what you are ready for in order for her to pay attention to you.

Let's look at what girls like about guys, from their appearance, character, lifestyle, to career achievements. Also take a look at what guys attract girls at 16, 20, 30 and beyond. Let's make a list of attractive features and qualities of a man that make him desirable for the fair sex. We will also consider what can be done now to immediately become a little more attractive to a girl.

The appearance of the guy

This is an important point, because, whatever one may say, the girl will pay attention to your appearance anyway. After all, in the future she will appear in public with you, kiss you, and in general, if you look bad, then you are unlikely to want to communicate with you in order to learn about your character and deep nature.

It is difficult to argue with this, because it is obvious that handsome men who are stylishly dressed achieve the attention of 80% of girls. Usually guys who take care of themselves are also more or less successful. It all depends on their behaviour. But if you completely scored on yourself, do not think that the lady should see your delicate nature behind your flabby body, acne and unpleasantly smelling clothes, then you are mistaken. Let's see what girls like in terms of appearance.

Let's not talk about facial features and body type, because this is not chosen, Although, regarding the face, you can improve skin tone and get rid of acne, if any, and as for body type, you can bring it to the standards beauty by regularly visiting the gym. Otherwise, appearance is what is given to you, and you can work with what has been for a long time. Therefore, consider your wardrobe and what can be improved

1. You should not be wearing dirty, foul-smelling, ironed clothes. In fact, underwear, socks and clothes are not so expensive now, and even earning 30,000 a month, you can afford to buy two or three things of good quality every month. Also, to make the thing look good on you, do not forget to choose it for yourself. You must have your own style.

Determine what colors suit you, look in the mirror for this, or if you have no taste at all, use the service of friends, girlfriends, parents or a stylist. If things are really bad, google the Internet and pay attention to what people who are called stylish are wearing. Choose for yourself such combinations of things that will be pleasant for you and will suit your figure.

2. The cleanliness of things is very important, because if you smell bad, it will repel even the most ardent girl towards you. Just because being with a person who gives off an unpleasant smell is disgusting. Wear deodorant and don't forget to shower regularly, which should be obvious to you.

3. It is also important to point out such shortcomings in appearance as overweight, problems with posture, gaze, skin and other signs of neglect and ill health:

3.1 Problems with weight. Even if you are a charming fat man, weight will sooner or later affect your health, and the abuse of fast food will also harm you, affecting your skin and well-being. Is it worth talking about a fitness club if it's obvious? In addition, it is much easier for men to get in shape than for women. No need to be lazy if you really want to be attractive and desirable for girls.

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3.2 Skin problems. What do girls like in guys? Obviously not manifestations of fungal diseases and other things that greatly spoil the quality of the skin. There is a solution here: you need to see a doctor and start treatment. No need to think that everything will pass by itself. Acne and rashes are common in teenagers, but if you're in your twenties and your face is still covered in pimples, then you should probably see a dermatologist.

3.3 Problems with posture and gaze. Girls like it when a guy holds himself confidently, he has a straight back, more or less pronounced muscles on his body. The look is also of great importance, because with it we express our state. If a person is confident in himself, then he looks straight, does not take his eyes off, his eyes do not run in indecision, he does not slouch and does not try to appear smaller than he is.

3.4 Other features. These are, for example, dirty nails, hair, bad breath, dirt on shoes, holes in clothes, and so on. How to fix it? Absolutely easy. With bad breath, you need to fight with a dentist, as well as a gastroenterologist. Treat all teeth so that they look healthy and the aroma of garbage can not come from the mouth. Also, if you have any problems with your teeth and their curvature, then put on braces. Now it is no longer a shame if you used to think so, and in a couple of years you will have a beautiful smile.

Also, as for your hairstyle, go to the salon, ask them to make you a fashionable haircut or a classic one that suits your type. As for the problems with shoes and clothes, this is just your inattention and carelessness. Here you can only advise to monitor your wardrobe and keep it clean. If the thing is completely worn out, then replace it with a new one.

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What character traits girls don't like in guys?

You can list for a long time all the positive qualities of a person that anyone will like. This is determination, purposefulness, self-confidence. But when it comes to relationships, it's better to make a list of what girls don't like, because it will be enough just to eradicate these qualities in order to please a beautiful lady:

1. First of all, get rid of touchiness. What is resentment? This is what makes a man look like a man. Resentment is typical for little boys, but not for self-sufficient men. If you are constantly offended in response to any actions of a girl, which, in principle, should not cause any resentment, then she will quickly get bored with talking to you, because girls usually have girlfriends who love to be offended, why else is the guy offended?

2. An important and serious thing is aggression. If you are aggressive, lose your temper quickly and can even insult a girl, then your relationship is doomed. The fact is that such guys usually test the limits of what is permitted, crossing the boundaries further and further. As a result, such aggression can reach the point where the guy simply becomes a tyrant, without noticing it himself, and the girl is a victim, and she will not be able to do anything, because she will slowly get used to such an attitude.

3. Stubbornness. If you are constantly imposing, looking for meetings, while she is more or less calm and does not burn in the same way as you, then you lower your significance for her. She will not appreciate you as if you were a busy and business guy who works and earns for the future.

If you have no business, then at least try not to show it to the girl and not be intrusive. No need to try to get her and look for a meeting, especially if at the same time she is in business, and you only get offended and tell her how much you want to see you, but she does not appreciate you, because she prefers to communicate with other people.

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4. Bragging. Especially if you have nothing to brag about. But usually, if a person has something to boast about, then he behaves modestly. If you try to show off in every way, talk about your salary so that they pay attention to you, then you will most likely be unpleasant. Almost no one likes boastful people. You need to somehow appease the desire to be an upstart.

5. Dependence. Moreover, this dependence applies both to the girl and to the approval of others. If you cannot take a step without thinking about what others will say about you, then you have serious problems. It's time to grow up, take responsibility for your life and make independent decisions, and not depend on the opinions of others.

6. Infantilism. This is what is called childishness and irresponsibility. When you are already an adult, for whom, in principle, it is time to start a family, but you sit every evening at the computer, immersing yourself in games. And it would be fine if there was a good job and a stable income. Such people usually do nothing from morning to evening, they do not show themselves at work, they just take up space, they also like to complain about their duties.

In the evening, they simply come home and disconnect from the outside world, plunging either into a binge or into computer games. No, there is nothing wrong with computer games as long as you play them in a way that doesn't harm your life in general. If, because of the games, you do not get enough sleep, do not communicate with anyone and score on yourself as a whole, then this is a serious problem and needs to be addressed.

In addition to what was said at the beginning of this paragraph that girls appreciate all the positive qualities in men, they highlight several of the most important ones that are important for the stronger sex:

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  • Self-sufficiency. This is exactly what opposes obsession and tediousness, as well as touchiness. The ability to take care of your mental health and balance on your own, as well as provide for yourself and be balanced is what girls like in guys. If you are self-sufficient, you do not try to humiliate yourself, run after a girl and expect handouts in the form of attention from her, you value your time and do not constantly try to adapt to someone, but do everything the way you need and the way it will be best for you. both of you.
  • Self-control. This is what is opposed to aggression and nervousness. You must inspire strength, confidence and calmness with all your appearance. If you are balanced, then it is good with you and the girl will feel that nothing threatens her, that you will not hurt her and will never harm her in any way, but will only do better. The absence of outbursts of aggression indicates the maturity of your personality.
  • Self-confidence. This is probably what all girls like in guys. But this is not a synonym for arrogance, but rather the fact that you understand well what you want and know how to achieve it. Such purposeful and self-confident guys are very attractive to girls, and usually the relationship in this case develops very well for both partners.

As for career achievements, girls, of course, appreciate the ability of a man to earn money, because one way or another, a woman always thinks about the future, about children, about family. In this case, such moments are inevitable when the girl will not be able to devote time to work, she will be busy raising children. And if you don’t know how and don’t want to earn money in order to provide for your family so that it doesn’t need money, then why do you need a relationship in principle?

Guys that girls like 16 years old.

Here you can generalize and say about the guys who like teenage girls, ranging from 15 to 17-18 years old. The fact is that all the girls are different, like the guys, and accordingly, everyone has different tastes. Some girls are thrilled by buff and handsome fellows, while others like quiet and cute nerds with glasses because they think they are smart. This is all very nice, because it is at this age that feelings such as First love, first affection and the beginnings of an adult serious relationship arise. But in any case, the girl is more likely to choose a smart one, not a stupid one, a strong one, not a weak one, and one who can protect her, at least with a word.

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What do girls like about guys when they are in their 20s and 30s?

This is the time when people create families and that's when girls pay special attention to men. Here, the solvency of a man will come to the fore rather. Also, what girls like in guys at this time is reliability. It just includes earnings, and those qualities that make a man faithful and devoted, since when creating a family this is very important, because a girl will need to give birth to children, a man will need to take care of his family and therefore these qualities will certainly come to the fore.

Therefore, if you want to start a family, then take care to find yourself at least a good and well-paid job by the age of 20, 25. Otherwise, you are unlikely to be able to create a family, or you will live in constant need and experience problems with money. Your relationship will suffer because of this. And it's not far from divorce. Therefore, take all measures that will enable you to become a reliable head of the family. Of course, if you need it.

After all, all people are different and someone at this age is looking for entertainment for an evening, a month or a year. Not everyone comes to a serious relationship, and not everyone, especially men, want them. But we focus on what girls like in guys, and therefore we need to take into account the needs of women at this age, and this is precisely the family.

What kind of men do women of 30 and older like.

At this age, there usually comes a period when most divorces happen, disappointments and women are no longer looking for a family, they are looking for love, pleasure, cool sex, sincere conversations and so on. But, by the way, from 30 to 35 years old, there are very often such women who want to start a family and children.

Pay attention to her requests and act according to the situation.

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Attractive features and qualities of a man that make him desirable for ladies. How to develop them at home and what can be done right now.

Based on the needs of the fair sex, we can identify some qualities that they pay attention to when answering the question: “what do girls like in guys?”

1. Charm. She's charisma. This is exactly what you have if you are basically relaxed, spontaneous, and not afraid to show yourself. Charismatic people usually become actors because they attract attention, they know how to win over and everyone likes them.

How to develop charisma? You can sign up for courses, also if you want to do it right now, then you are unlikely to succeed, but there is an option to talk to yourself, looking in the mirror, and at the same time not try to writhe, squirm and squeeze something out of yourself. Perhaps each time it will turn out more natural.

2. Politeness. This quality has been spoken about by many people, in many articles and in various words. Being polite is very important for a man, because it is very endearing, makes you pleasant, and you want to communicate with you longer. A polite person generally looks more endearing than a boor. If you communicate politely with a girl, then you are more likely to hear her consent in many matters.

You can be more polite right now. You don't need to enroll in any course to do this. Unless, if you have serious problems with outbreaks of aggression and they need to be worked out with a psychologist.

3. Responsibility. This quality is indispensable and is in the first place of all that girls like in guys. If you are responsible, then you are not afraid to dive into a serious relationship, start a family, and you can not be afraid of what will happen next. This automatically makes you desirable for many women, because now there are very few people who are ready to take responsibility for their family, for their woman, and so on.

What can you do right now? First of all, become responsible for yourself. That is, for example, if you now live with your parents, then move. If you don't have a job, first find one. If you have a girlfriend, and she wants a serious relationship, and you love her, then do everything to bring this moment closer and be with her.

The same applies to such a quality as independence. She is incredibly attractive to women, and you can really make yourself more independent if you take responsibility for yourself, your life and for the future of your couple.

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4. The ability to joke, it's also a sense of humor. Many guys underestimate this quality, but without a sense of humor it is very difficult to take out a relationship. The fact is that in any couple, quarrels, scandals arise in one way or another, and this needs to be resolved somehow. It doesn’t always help to swear and sort things out, most often it’s better to translate everything into a joke, and if you know how, then you have no price.

How to develop a sense of humor? Sometimes this quality is innate, when a person knows how to extract a reason for a joke from almost any situation, but most often it is acquired over time, when you study various funny stories, anecdotes, look at what is interesting and funny in various life situations.

How to develop a sense of humor right now? It looks like a maximum task, but it can be done. At least start by studying the most common stories on popular sites. Try to look at what makes people laugh, it is often written in the comments under the stories. You can also try to reproduce these stories and remember similar cases from your life.

5. Self-development. It's easier to describe it as a desire to get better every day. This applies to both character and other changes with your body and spirit. To become stronger, to become better, more polite, smarter - this is all that is subject to you, provided that you find the willpower in yourself to change.

Those people who regularly engage in self-development win against the background of the rest, because our society does not stand still and if you stop developing, then at some point you become incredibly boring and generally unclaimed.

What should I do right now to develop this quality in myself? Try to develop at least what girls like in guys at first glance. And this, of course, is the appearance, namely the body. Sign up for a gym. As for the mind, buy a book on your specialty or on a topic that interests you. So you will have a reason for the conversation, you will become more interesting than you were before. Is this not self-development?

In fact, in order to really attract a girl, it is not always necessary to have all the qualities that were listed above. Of course, this is desirable, but you can only have one or two of all these qualities, and at the same time you can strive for the best. So do not worry and move consistently. Most likely, you will find your man who will appreciate you for who you are, provided that you change for the better, at least for yourself, and not for someone else.