What can you do to improve your life? 101 rules for a happy life

Do something today that will make your life much better tomorrow. We asked 101 people for one wise piece of advice that has personally helped them improve their lives. It turned out to be very informative and useful. How to get everything from life? How to live to the maximum? How to become happy? How to realize yourself in life? How to improve life? 101 rules for a happy life.

"Life is what happens to you while you make other plans." John Lennon

Everyone has their own path in life, but we tried to find out how to make it more exciting and happy. What needs to be done to make life better? People of different ages, gender and social status gave their personal secret. 101 rules for a happy life.

What can you do to improve your life?

1. Started exercising every morning and making the bed.

2. Began to control income and expenses.

3. I give people compliments, it improves relationships with others.

4. I open the curtain before going to bed so that the sun shines in the house in the morning.

5. Rewarding myself for achieving even small goals, it motivates me.

6. Became more smiling and cheerful. It all came back.

7. Now I think first, and then I do or say.

8. I devote enough time to my hobbies and hobbies.

9. I avoid anger, anger, envy and other negative emotions.

10. Focused on self-education, not social networks, games and drinking.

11. I began to walk in the fresh air more often.

12. I thank life for everything I have: work, family, health and even little things.

13. I began to look at life more positively and optimistically, and not to drive.

14. Training made me much stronger and much more attractive.

15. I started using social networks less. It killed all my free time.

16. Almost stopped drinking. Reduced the number of drinks per month to 1-2 times.

17. Started eating more vegetables and fruits, cutting down on crap.

18. Moisturizing the face and body with creams. Keeps youth and makes the skin healthy.

19. Accustomed myself to reading books. It's just amazing.

20. I live in the moment and do not worry about what does not depend on me.

21. I treat everyone more respectfully and kindly, regardless of status.

22. I began to sleep for at least 8 hours. I immediately felt full of energy.

23. I began to love myself, and not to hate and condemn.

24. Punctuality is one of the best and right things.

25. I stopped running away from problems and avoiding them, but began to solve them.

26. I began to pay less attention to the phone, and more to others and to myself.

27. Got himself a pet. Now I'm thinking about my family and children.

28. Changed numerous coffee drinks for tea, juices and water.

29. I started planning tomorrow in the evening.

30. Stop comparing yourself to other people.

31. I put things in order at home and maintain it regularly.

32. Determined a list of traits that I want to get rid of and that I want to instill.

33. Became more honest with others, stopped lying and lying. It's easier and better that way.

34. Began to design his ideal life and strive for it.

35. Stopped reacting to all emotions and began to control them.

36. Started wearing nice clothes that I like.

37. Get rid of toxic friends and acquaintances.


38. I have become more organized and follow the discipline.

39. Refused to watch adult films and found a girlfriend.

40. Started eating breakfast regularly and eating less for dinner.

41. Made an effort to become a better version of myself in all areas.

42. I began to walk more, and not ride the car and the elevator.

43. I swore to myself that laziness would never interfere with my life. As long as I keep my word.

44. Started doing things that make me feel alive.

45. I stopped being afraid of everything and started trying new things for myself.

46. Learned to listen to people, not just talk.

47. I began to enjoy life: bath, coffee, sunrise, conversation.

48. I learned that the most interesting things in life are outside of TV and the Internet.

49. Began to make plans for life, and not limply go with the flow.

50. Got out of a failed relationship and found a new love.

51. Reduced the amount of sugary drinks and began to consume less sugar.

52. If I'm too lazy to do something, then I count from 30 to zero and start.

53. When good ideas come to mind, I implement them, and do not put them off.

54. Began to do good to others.

55. Stop dwelling on doubts and past mistakes.

56. Realized that I don't need a new phone, a car or a big house to be happy.

57. Got rid of debts, stopped taking loans for things and began to pay in cash.

58. Received as much knowledge as possible, which allowed me to be competent at work.

59. I talk more with my family, relatives and spend time with friends.

60. I say good things about other people, even if they are not around.

61. I began to think about what is needed to change my life for the better.

62. He took off his rose-colored glasses and began to look at life more soberly.

63. Regular sex improved health and appearance, and raised self-esteem.

64. Put off less things for tomorrow, and do more today.

65. He took revenge on all his enemies, having achieved a lot in life and becoming happy.

66. Started listening to more good music. It's uplifting.

67. I began to go to doctors and dentist for regular examinations.

68. Improved bowel function. Every morning, be sure to go to the toilet.

69. Stop being afraid to say no.

70. Every day I began to learn something new and interesting.

71. Stopped waiting for someone to change my life. Everything depends only on me.

72. Began to be proud of himself and raised his self-esteem.

73. Stop worrying about what other people think.

74. I started spending much less than I earn.

75. Sometimes I spend time alone in order to better understand myself.

76. It is foolish to take yourself too seriously.

77. I got myself three types of hobbies: mental, sports and for the soul.

78. Proper hygiene was important to me.

79. I corrected my posture with exercises and a special corset.

80. Started listening to educational podcasts and books every day.

81. Yoga, meditation and a quieter life helped to find harmony.

82. Stopped smoking, drinking a lot and doing nonsense.

83. Got rid of prejudices and thought patterns. It helped open up new things.

84. Meet new people and visit new places.

85. Spent enough time and energy to improve his personal life.

86. Tried to become happy, which most do not.

87. I learned to communicate with strangers and not be afraid of communication.

88. Started trying to make the world a little better. We must leave behind a memory.

89. Turned off notifications, mailings and other nonsense that interferes with a peaceful life.

90. Stopped living only for the sake of others and began to take care of himself.

91. Formed positive habits, because this is the second nature of a person.

92. I began to live every day and enjoy it, and not wait for something only in the future.

93. I study something for 15 minutes a day. Every day.

94. Spending time with people you like and are attracted to.

95. I began to expand my horizons, because there are so many interesting things in the world.

96. In the mornings he smiled at himself in the mirror and complimented himself.

97. Changed life orientations. Work to live, not live to work.

98. Stopped doing all sorts of nonsense. It was the best decision.

99. I started traveling more than buying clothes and gadgets.

100. I started to do what I wanted to do for a long time, but always put it off.

101. Love is the main thing in life.

Life is too short to be unhappy most of the time. It's time to make life better, brighter and happier.