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What can you do on the weekend? 70 things to do for the weekend

We have been waiting all week, starting from a difficult Monday, for the weekend. But when free time comes, we miss it, or we spend it stupidly, and then regret it. On weekends, your soul needs a holiday, your body needs rest, but your butt needs adventure? What can you do and how to have fun on the weekend? Plan for the best day off.

There is nothing more pleasant than Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings. These are the days when you do whatever you want, following your own impulses. Weekends are a small ideal life that is your outlet in the work or school week. But not all weekends pass in such a way that we are satisfied. Very often we regret that we spent our free time senselessly and stupidly.

On weekends you can do a lot of things, the main thing is to plan and come up with what you will do. We will give you a list of things to do, and you choose for yourself what is more for the soul and other parts of the body. How to have fun in your free time on the weekends? Where to go, what to do and how to play tricks?

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What can you do on the weekends?

1. Go for a walk aimlessly. It can be a park, streets or other place.

2. Look for interesting events that take place in your city at the weekend.

3. Read a book or listen to an audiobook. Choose entertaining or educational to your liking.

4. Have a real picnic with buddies, frisbees, kebabs, girls and beer.

5. Go to the sports ground. They always play football, basketball or workout there.

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6. Take up your favorite hobby or find a new passion.

7. Cook something cool and tasty in your kitchen.

8. Join a gym to work out in the company of cute and athletic people.

9. Put your house in order or rearrange it.

10. Do the thing that you have always put off, but have long dreamed of doing.

11. Make a list of plans for the next month, six months, a year, five years.

12. Start learning a new specialty, which may become the main one in the near future.

13. Go to nature, where you can enjoy the silence and your thoughts.

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14. Gather your friends and go for a walk anywhere.

15. Go to the bathhouse, swimming pool, water park or arrange spa treatments at home in the bathroom.

16. What can you do on the weekends? Get some sleep. Weekends are a great time to unwind.

17. Learn the basic elements of yoga to make the body more flexible and healthy, and the soul calmer. Meditation and yoga are the path to self-knowledge.

18. Ride a bike, skate, ski, horse or car.

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19. Arrange a photo shoot and get a lot of new photos. Take pictures of your girlfriend by having a hot photo session.

20. Go to meet relatives or friends whom you have not seen for a long time.

21. Go to the cinema, exhibition, concert or festival.

22. Install a dating app and then go on a date.

23. Try extreme sports to get the most out of your weekend.

24. Go bar-hopping, visiting a few in the evening.

25. Listen to music, sing karaoke and dance your heart out.

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27. Travel, even to a neighboring city, where there will always be many new experiences.

28. Make and try to make something with your own hands.

29. Play computer or board games.


30. Go on a real hike.

31. Go shopping by shopping.

32. Take up martial arts or beat a pear.

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33. Learn skills to survive difficult times and emergencies.

34. Go hunting or fishing.

35. Learn psychology, time management, rhetoric and other useful skills.

36. Get out for a run by joining a local running club.

37. Find a way to cut costs and also make money. Find a side job.

38. Learn to dance, draw or do something similar interesting.

39. Go to places where you have never been.

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40. Master any useful program on the computer.

41. Take care of your appearance by putting yourself in order.

42. Write a resume and look for a new job.

43. Play with your pet or children, if available.

44. Arrange your personal life by making acquaintances and going on dates.

45. Read useful and interesting sites, such as our site

46. Make a wish map or a visualization map.

47. Get to know people not from your circle and company, but completely different and unusual. This will broaden your horizons.

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48. Throw a real party or go to someone else's.

49. Go to admire the sunset, sunrise or starry sky.

50. Change your life schedule by planning your life differently.

51. Watch entertainment programs to cheer yourself up on the weekends.

52. Start learning a foreign language or something else important.

53. Take a break from the hustle and bustle, doing nothing on the weekend.

54. Fix something or go to the garage.

55. Attend a sporting event or competition and cheer for your favorite team.

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56. Get into orienteering, geocaching, or buy a metal detector.

57. Drink some booze alone or in noisy company.

58. Open for something new.

59. Study the starry sky, or start compiling a family tree.

60. Start a blog on the Internet or a YouTube channel.

61. Go to the dacha, flood the sauna, take a walk in the company of friends and pretty chicks.

62. Become a volunteer and help a loved one.

63. Think of how to radically change your life for the better.

64. Take an online course that interests you.

65. Find like-minded people who burn with similar goals and ideas.

66. Go out and hang out to make the weekend memorable.

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67. Try something new that you never knew how to do.

68. Play or learn to play a musical instrument.

69. Do something spontaneously that comes to mind.

70. Dream, fantasize and think about the future. Dreams Come True.

What can you do on the weekends? Anything. It is important that you do not feel sorry for the time spent. Use your free time wisely so that the weekend becomes a real reset for the new week. You've done a good job this week, and now it's time to have a good rest.