What can you bet? Bet with a girl, boyfriend or friends

What could be more interesting than a dispute or a bet when something interesting and tempting is at stake? What can you bet with your old friends or a pretty girl? Betting will help you have fun and benefit from winnings.

In our youth we often argued over things when we disagreed. Sometimes we did this several times a day. Arguments with friends usually ended in snaps, breams, or fofans. They argued with the girls for a kiss or going to the movies.

But the stakes have changed with age. With women, we argue for chocolate or a bottle of champagne. With men, we argue over a bottle of alcohol or who is affixed next time. But it usually doesn't hurt. Indeed, in most cases, the loss is destroyed by joint forces.

What can you bet? What to come up with a bet and what to bet on? Everything, as in childhood, depends on who you play with. This is a friendly bet, an argument with colleagues or a pretty girl.

A good example of controversy and the danger of betting would be the excellent film Fall in Love with Me If You Dare. This game needs a beautiful box, a beautiful girlfriend, and the rest is not important.

- There are still a couple of tests left for me. Learn, not weak. — What? - Swallow an ant, scold a beggar on the road, love you madly...

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What can you bet? Wish List

Sample wish list for a prize in dispute. The winner can guess this if they win, and the loser does it as a punishment. What are we arguing for?

1. A bottle of alcohol or a whole case of alcohol.

2. Chocolate, cake or any sweet.

3. Push-ups, sit-ups or other physical exercises.

4. Do something strange in the presence of strangers.

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5. Movie tickets, romantic date, moonlight walk.

6. Go to a cafe, cook something tasty or have breakfast in bed.

7. Kiss, hickey, hug, or anything out of the ordinary.

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8. Paying half the party, get-together or travel.

9. Wash the winner's car, clean the apartment or iron things.

10. Do something unusual.

11. Get a haircut, let your hair grow out, or dye it red. Make a temporary tattoo.

12. Wear something ridiculous or get naked.

13. Massage, dance or striptease.

14. Any kind of intimacy.

15. Fulfillment of any desire. This is the most interesting.

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What can you bet? What to offer for a dispute?

The reason for the dispute can be anything on which you are stuck or do not agree. You can choose something any task that a person will not be able to complete. You can come up with cool tasks or difficult ones. Often what is bet is a good fit for punishing the loser.

1. Play billiards, bowling or cards. Who will win?

2. Who looks at whom without blinking?


3. Walk down the street with a colander on your head, lifting it, greeting passers-by. Weak?

4. Eat a banana without using the hand that is sandwiched between the legs of another person.

5. Get to know someone on the street in a certain amount of time.

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7. Make a bet on the match. Whose team will win?

8. A girl goes without make-up for a whole week.

9. Who runs or swims faster?

10. Swim naked, dive into an ice hole or take a cold shower.

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11. Put on 20-30 pieces of clothing and then go outside.

12. Quit smoking for a month. Will the person survive?

13. Take part in a marathon or race.

14. Sing a karaoke song in public.

15. Dancing famously in a random place.

16. Lick or bite off the soap. Eat something inedible.

17. Learn to do the splits or juggle.

18. Depict a madman on the street.

19. Grow hair on the head or beard.

20. Conquer the mountains, ride a bike for many kilometers, go down in kayaks.

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21. Lose 5 kilos in two months.

22. Put on your underpants over your clothes and go for a walk like Superman.

23. Bet that you will jump higher than a house or a lantern. The secret is that the house and the lantern cannot jump.

24. Posing like a bodybuilder on the street or begging.

25. Draw a dot between the eyes and walk with it all day.

26. Approach a stranger and say something absurd.

27. Parachute or bungee jump.

28. To learn how to dance well in a certain amount of time.

29. Drink a liter of water in one gulp or eat a lemon.

30. Graduate without bad grades.

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What can you bet? You can argue and bet on anything. The prize can also be anything. But in a dispute, the most important thing is that both parties to the dispute are satisfied. An argument is needed in order to have fun and challenge yourself.