What attracts women

How to lure sexy chicks? Women are smart, prudent and insidious, but we are not born with a bast! Only weaklings attract women with money, gifts and concessions. A real man has bigger trump cards.

How to attract the attention of women in the absence of a sports car, luxury penthouse and other expensive male bells and whistles?

Women's tastes and preferences differ, but have common features. Some traits you can influence and this is good news. Some don't, and that's bad news. But in the world there is cognac and other girls, so as not to worry about this. We will give some male traits that you can change.

What attracts women

sexuality. A low male voice attracts women. When talking to a woman, a man instinctively slightly lowers the timbre of his voice and adds notes of hoarseness. But you can make your voice like that forever with the help of special training. How to make low, courageous and hoarse?

• Doctors recommend reading the book aloud, pronouncing each syllable slowly. After reading 5 sentences, you should start over, but a semitone lower. So gradually lower your voice until you feel discomfort. It is worth training for 10 minutes 3 times a day. • Another type of training is singing sounds. Taking the sound "and", "o" or any other sing, fixing it at the right height. Move down and up the tone of your voice. Record your voice on the recorder and listen. You will understand how others perceive you. You will adjust the volume, timbre, intonation and speed of speech.

2. Athletic V Shape

The V shape is the ideal look for a man. The girl likes the figures of male swimmers. These are broad shoulders, a developed chest and a narrow waist. Strong and pumped up arms complete the perfect masculine look. You don't need a big set of exercises. Start with basic.

Think it won't work? I, too, have been working out for a long time with almost no success. Until a friend advised me to drink regular protein for muscle growth. In six months, I have changed dramatically. That's what I lacked for full muscle growth. Based on current research, the average serving size should be 30-35g. Increasing the portion has little effect on muscle growth.

3. Sense of humor

Nothing brings a man and a woman closer than having the first one have a good sense of humor. Some people manage to develop a sense of humor from childhood, while others remain average. How to develop a sense of humor and be funny?

• Collect jokes. Read daily jokes and funny stories in humorous publications. The Internet allows you to get a ton of new jokes every day. Some of them will be deposited in your brain. You will tell these jokes in the company, and everyone will laugh. The other part will be safely forgotten by you. But in a similar situation, the joke will emerge from memory as one's own. It will be in other words and in a different interpretation, but it will be no less funny. That way you can get sharp. • Be self-deprecating. The ability to laugh at yourself captivates others, especially girls. It will create a cheerful atmosphere around you. If necessary, joke sharply, boldly and with a challenge. Girls love this. May people remember you as a cheerful person with a good sense of humor. This will play into your hands.

• The development of a sense of humor is influenced by the vocabulary and education of a person. Read more, develop your horizons and explore the world. Connect more with funny people who know how to joke perfectly. Women love men who rip the laughter out of their chests. For this, they will let you touch their boobs with your dirty little hands.

4. Broad soul

How to lure sexy chicks? Girls love to be listened to. Be interested in her personal life, problems and thoughts. Try to get into the female world. It's easy and she'll be grateful.

5. Strong eggs

Only a firm and unshakable character that will not let her doubt your leadership. Strong eggs, like those of Chuck Norris, will not allow her to manipulate and show a bad temper. Strong balls and a member will be needed in bed, where you will have it. To commit an act of violence against her in the form of sex. She is your woman who knows her place and the master of her body.

Only weaklings attract women with money, gifts and concessions. A real man has bigger trump cards.

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