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What are you spending your life on?

Have you ever wondered what you spend your life on? Work, transport, meals, sleep, social networks and the Internet. There is almost nothing else interesting, or it happens very rarely. We spend our whole lives on routine things and are rarely happy. At best, we live on the weekends, but even then infrequently.

We are all accustomed to lead a certain way of life. We have developed habits, routines and lifestyles over the years. Wake up, breakfast, transport, work, drive home, dinner, some business, and then sleep. This is how our normal working day goes, and on weekends we lie on the couch or walk with friends. Or maybe we stupidly get enough sleep and stare into the box.

What do people spend their lives on?

One working day, week, month, half a year, vacation, year and again in a circle. Life runs very fast, and we spend almost all of our time doing routine things that we do on autopilot. According to statistics, people spend the time of their lives in the following way.

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  • We'll spend 20 years sleeping.
  • 15 years on the Internet, telephone and social networks.
  • 10 years to work, most often unloved and hated.
  • 5 years for food and cooking.
  • 4 years for transport and waiting in traffic jams.
  • We spend 2.5 years in the bathroom and toilet.
  • We have been going to polyclinics, hospitals, pharmacies for 2 years, and those who did not take care of their health, the more.
  • 2 years for shops, sales, queues and shopping.
  • 1 year for cleaning and repairs.
  • 1 month for laundry, ironing and other household items.

In total, it turns out about 62 years, but we have not yet taken into account a bunch of different little things that we spend our lives on. The average life expectancy of an ordinary person is 72 years, which leaves about 10 years of free time. What will you spend the remaining 10 years of your personal time on?

It's not much if you think about it. You will only truly live for 10 years, but you will spend them rather recklessly.

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What do you spend your life on?

We will spend most of our lives on everyday issues and routines that we do automatically. What about the rest of the time? Sofa, empty pastime, meaningless conversations, boredom and laziness? We will complain that we are overwhelmed by melancholy and despondency. We miss our time through our fingers, not appreciating it at all.

We work at an unloved job, we do useless and unnecessary things to anyone. We maintain our image, put on masks, show off on social networks. We plunge into a boring life, following some patterns and rules so as not to upset anyone. We waste our lives so senselessly as if we had another hundred years to spare.

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We suffer for nothing, live in the past, resent or envy someone. We lie, boast, flatter, flatter, or do bad things. What are we spending our lives on? Isn't it disgusting to be the devil knows who? Those to whom you yourself would not shake hands if you looked from the side.

We carefully choose the color of the curtains, the style of the T-shirt, the brand of shoes and other nonsense. We are so serious about external gloss and show-off that we forget about other important matters. Or maybe it was necessary to choose goals and dreams in life just as scrupulously? Who cares about shoes and the color of your shirt if you wear them where you don't want to go? To hell with all fashionable clothes and things, if you are obliged to do not what you want in them! Maybe you should follow your dreams, not sales?

We hoard things, rags, gadgets, money, gold, property. But we leave this world unexpectedly and naked. And what did we spend all the time on, if we are ready to give all this rubbish, for an extra day in this world? For another sunrise and sunset? For one more kiss, hug, conversation or an extra second with a loved one?

Watch the German film Knockin' on Heaven's Door with actor Til Schweiger. In it, two men, with a fatal diagnosis, are driven in a stolen car and a million dollars to the sea. They want to see the sea. What is there to talk about in heaven if you have never seen the sea?

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What do we spend our lives on? We are afraid to rejoice, to truly love, to be grateful for life, to do good things, to do good and to follow our dreams. We're wasting years of our lives for nothing.

Enjoy life, use every moment of it, follow your dreams, radiate warmth, give happiness and sincere love.

What are you spending your life on? Answer yourself.