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What are women afraid of? Top women's fears

Women have always been great cowards, even if they are brave and pretend to be indifferent. What are women most afraid of? Understanding these fears will explain their illogical behavior a little, and will also help at all stages of communication with a girl. Top women's fears.

Girls have many troubles and fears since childhood. They do not tell the man directly about them, but this can be easily seen. Understanding women's fears will help a man with a fairer sex. These are the pain points of girls that you need to know.

Top female fears

1. Fear of aging

Girls are proud of their appearance and beauty. They diligently care for their face and body. But they notice how they gradually get older. Girls may look great, but there's a new generation of young chicks growing up on the street. New Lolitas reach 18 years old, seduce men with their inexperience, firm breasts and youthful body. Girls lose confidence and become more nervous.

What to do? A man can use this and talk about her beauty every day. The girl's gratitude will have no boundaries.

2. Fear of being alone

All girls face the fear of being alone. In youth, everything is simple and nothing cares. But as soon as her girlfriends start flying from guys and getting married, this fear will appear. It is this fear that will push girls towards men, even if they are not very suitable. A girl would rather have at least some man caring for her than no one. Therefore, she does not let her ex go until she finds a new man.

What to do? Appear trustworthy and loyal. Speak words of eternal love.

3. Fear of sex

In addition to the obvious fear of the first intercourse, girls are often afraid of any sex, especially with a new man. She is afraid not to please a man physically, not to satisfy him in sex, or to look like a log in bed. They are afraid that it will be worse in sex than the man's past girlfriends.

What to do? A man should note the girl's sexuality, her hot temperament and great sex.

4. Fear of poverty

All girls prefer young and rich men. Or at least the rich. And for this they are often accused of commercialism. But women are very afraid to contact a man who will be a loser. Forever without money, normal food, beautiful clothes and travel. The problem is to dress children and bring them out to people. To roam around rented apartments and to roam from a small amount of money. Life is one, and fighting poverty, with a man who is not suitable for this, is very scary for a girl. Girls avoid men who can turn out to be losers and losers, who then dump the whole burden of life on them.

What to do? Show that you are not a bastard.

5. Fear of getting pregnant and not getting pregnant

Even condoms and other means cannot be 100% relied upon. Girls strive to build a career, travel and are not in a hurry with their families. They follow the figure and pregnancy is very undesirable here. Therefore, flying is very scary for a girl. Especially if she is not sure that the guy is the one with whom she would like to start a family.

What to do? A man should be hinted that he is also not planning children yet. But if she becomes pregnant, then the man will be ready to help and start a family, and not run away sparkling with his heels. But at the same time, girls are afraid that they will never get pregnant.

6. Fear of getting fat

Babs always diet and count calories. Girls are afraid not to fit into their favorite dress or jeans. They are afraid of becoming fat and ugly. Therefore, they will be of no use to anyone. Even today's man.

What to do? Compliment a girl about her appearance. And if she gets fat, then offer to run together or sign up for a gym.

7. Fear of looking like a fool or a loser

The girl is afraid to get into an absurd situation and look funny. So her image, which she long and hard created, will be broken. The girl is afraid to seem like a loser compared to other girlfriends. All women are involved in a strange race, where it is important to be better, richer and cooler than others.

What to do? Help the girl in all endeavors, do not laugh at her and show support.

Women are big cowards, but if a man helps her cope with her fears, then she will also try. She will be the best companion, girlfriend, wife, mother, friend and lover.