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What are the mistakes in relationships? 30 tips for a happy relationship

Love is a wonderful feeling, but only if the relationship does not end as usual with a breakup and a broken heart. What are some common mistakes couples make when they don't have enough relationship experience? Here is a list of everything you will encounter in real relationships that are far from real. Tips for a truly happy relationship.

You will be in a relationship at a time when the biggest changes are happening in your life. But despite the storms outside, it is important to keep the relationship happy, because what could be better than a harmonious personal life?

What are the mistakes in relationships? Tips for a happy relationship.

1. Any things become useless if you do not take care of them. Sometimes we feel very comfortable in a relationship that we relax the rolls too much. Good relationships require attention, care and work on them. You do not need to take a person for granted so that your feelings do not fade away. Take care of relationships and love.

2. Rejoice, laugh, fool around, have fun, do stupid things and enjoy each other. Bring positivity to your soul mate and be the reason for her joy. The best and most beautiful sound is the laughter of your soulmate at your jokes.

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3. In real relationships, we fight, yell, get offended, angry, but that's okay. Don't let bad days define your relationship. Enjoy the good moments and days, not just dwell on the negative ones. But it is better to try in a relationship so that the positive aspects prevail.

4. What mistake is often made in new relationships? If you see your soul mate too rarely or too often. Look for the golden mean to balance the relationship between longing and annoying.

5. Relationships are not built on the same colors exclusively on March 8th. A little attention on a normal, random day goes a long way. Please each other with 100 different little things. Serve coffee in bed, cook dinner, give gifts, take care, worry and worry.

6. What are the mistakes in relationships? Some relationships are filled with red flags that just scream about their fragility. Do not ignore the obvious facts that the relationship is doomed and hopeless.

7. Relationships are not 50% by 50%. You must invest each not 50% of your strength in a relationship, but 100%. Give all the best in feelings, love, passion and relationships completely, then they will be happy.

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8. Not talking about anxiety and discomfort in a relationship can play a bad joke. Discuss emerging issues early on so they don't take root and destroy them.

9. You need to be able to shut up and apologize in time. Arguments and lengthy explanations are useless if the fault is really yours. Just apologize.

10. One of the absurd mistakes we make in relationships would be the wrong approach to a problem. You are not against each other in an argument. You are a team that is against the very problem that has arisen. You are on the same side that wants to solve problems and come to a compromise. “We are against the world” is the motto of a happy relationship.

11. Be unhappy before a relationship and enter into it, hoping for a change? Relationships will not make you happy if you yourself are deeply unhappy for reasons other than loneliness. A happy relationship is a union of two happy people.

12. Say what your significant other needs to know to make you happy or understand better. Voice your desires so that they are real. Listen to the desires of the other half in order to achieve the principle of reciprocity.

13. Hug and kiss for no reason. Touch, hug, kiss or just slap on the pope when passing by the second half. Tactile touch is important for a happy and strong relationship.

14. It is foolish to keep score in a relationship who has done, said, presented and otherwise proved himself. This is a love relationship, not a sporting event. Both parties are building a happy relationship, but it shouldn't turn into score keeping.

15. Words can never be returned, so do not stoop to insults and other dirty tricks. Even the most sincere apologies may not drown out the pain and memories of hurtful words.

16. What is the most common mistake in a relationship? This lack of independence and unwillingness to relationships. Your soulmate is not a servant or mother who should take care of you. If you can't take care of yourself on your own, it's too early to start a relationship.

17. You can't expect perfect relationships from imperfect people. You will quarrel and put up, but the main thing is to stick to each other. You can even go to bed quarreling, but the next day try to solve the problem or misunderstanding that has arisen.

18. In a long-term relationship, you need to make efforts no less than in their beginning, and sometimes even more. This is normal if you want to keep love for a long time.

19. Consider your soul mate as a source of inspiration and happiness. We both will feel this attitude through 1000 factors. Do not look around, but look for beauty and love within relationships.

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20. Don't fight over stupid things that aren't worth it. If things are not important, then it is better to save the relationship than to engage in nonsense.

21. Nothing is as bad in a relationship as codependency. When one person dives too intrusively into a relationship, it can be devastating. Have your own interests, pursue hobbies, spend time apart, hang out with friends. Do not dissolve into each other, but be full-fledged individuals and individuals.

22. Lying in a relationship can easily ruin what you hold dear. Avoid lying so that you do not regret it bitterly in the future. Cheating and jealousy are the most important reasons for a breakup, so avoid it. Integrity is the foundation of a happy relationship.

23. The quality of intercourse does not compensate for its quantity, if it happens very rarely. Make love regularly without making it a marital duty. More variety, removal of restrictions, manifestation of fantasy, spontaneity, special toys and the fulfillment of each other's desires. Physical love strengthens relationships if you don't push it to the far corner. A fulfilling intimate life makes us happier.

24. Listen to each other in relationships rather than taking words as an attack. If the other half is upset, then listen to her and try to understand. Always put yourself on the side of the other person in order to better understand the situation.

25. Love alone is not enough in a relationship. It is important to find common points, common goals and common plans for life. The difference between a beginning relationship and a long-term one is that you have a shared path together. You have the same goal point and dreams, not different ones.

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You don’t need to remember for years what you already apologized for and should have forgotten.

27. Try to go to bed together, keeping this ritual. Such things bring together, which is great for the strength of the relationship. You can sleep under different blankets if you are constantly fighting for it.

28. Support each other in public, and criticize only in private. You are a team, and therefore must protect each other in any conflict.

29. Love each other in your partner's love language. Show yourself in the way that your partner needs the most. If your soul mate needs regular confessions, kisses, romance, or something similar, then do it. Love each other in your partner's love language.

30. Surprise, delight and love each other - this is obvious, but we often forget.

We all want happy love, but this requires certain efforts and actions. What are the mistakes in relationships? There may be a million, but that's not what matters. Any relationship requires attention, but it pays off handsomely. A happy relationship will make you happy, but what else do you need in life?