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What and how affects male and female sexuality

There are many criteria for evaluating the sexuality of men and women. Many are not supported by anything at all, but there are several unwritten truths

Sex as a field in which everyone goes his own way to a single goal.


Let the “quasi-fashions” (he himself is like that in life) not despair, sexuality is inherent in absolutely everyone, however, there are many tricky ways that allow introducing their own “pluses” into battle to force others to ignore on the "cons" and still stand out against the general background. What I mean is that sexuality can be influenced both for the worse and for the better, you just need to know how to do it and not listen to those who believe more in the bad than in the positive future, in the sense of the beautiful. This happens because of our boundless ignorance in this area and qualitative progress, in my opinion, is somehow not visible. Men still believe that their sexuality depends on the color of the car and socks, as well as the length of the nose, feet, chest hair, etc., while beautiful ladies torment their bodies with diets, silicone implants and layered makeup, believing that this can help shape their sexuality. I consider this, to put it mildly, a delusion, the benefits of which easily end up in the pockets of those who generate such hysteria. It is one thing, the size of the penis or the shape of the breasts to drive the owner or owner of such imperfection into depression, and it is quite another to believe that a person’s sexuality depends on the shape of his ears. Believe me, reader, your sexuality is exclusively in your brains, and if you are limited in it, no qualities that determine an individual's attitude to sex by any external or internal signs will help.

This is clearly my personal opinion, because many consider sexuality a tribute to time and morality, but this approach, although it lies on the surface, is still not entirely correct. The fact is that regardless of the physiological, psychological, social, cultural, political, spiritual, religious, ethical, ethnic,... assessments of a person's sexual life, his sexuality is constant. I agree that it is rather difficult to trace such universality on specific examples, but this is solely due to the total control of one's own sexuality by the individual himself, as well as by the society in which he is a member. Perhaps some will not agree with my point of view on this matter, but by doing so they will try to refute the postulate "created in the image and likeness." A person is perfect from the very beginning, and only physiological, psychological, social, cultural, political, spiritual, religious, ethical, ethnic,... assessments of his behavior and lifestyle can bring him out of the state of perfection. Everyone has the right to relate to sex as he is more comfortable with, to shape his sexuality according to his own needs, if this does not infringe on the rights of another person, but to consider oneself flawed because of having one's own opinion means really being mistaken.

What activates or depresses sexuality.

Sexuality - is the attitude of the individual to sexual life, expressed by his facial expressions, gestures, words - in short, behavior. If you accept the idea that sexuality is a form of human behavior to implement a program originally programmed in the gene code, get acquainted with what forms it and what oppresses, that is, affects it, one way or another. This is necessary in order to understand how you can improve yourself in this direction, because it is possible that the acceptance of my conclusions will inspire someone to take decisive steps in this area. Yes, I know that all people are different and that it is impossible to find a universal approach to women. But who said that you are the “different” reader, and that you are not subject to the “universal approach”? But what if? What are you ultimately risking? And what am I telling you?

In short, human sexuality (animals also have it, only called instinct) is formed by the following indicators:

— gene code — basic principles of sexual behavior inherited from parents in order to attract partners;

- physiology - hereditary or acquired diseases that enhance or weaken the basic sexual constitution and libido;

- psyche - hereditary or acquired shifts in the psyche causing a change in the sexual component of the personality;

- education - additional information regarding sexuality in behavior received from ancestors and the environment (kindergarten, school, etc.), as well as norms and rules adopted by society, designed to limit the freedom of sexual activity;

- partnership - the launch of new programs responsible for sexuality in connection with the appearance of a partner and, accordingly, feelings: love, attraction, sympathy, etc.;

- experience - correction of sexuality in the light of newly acquired knowledge;

- everyday life - an increase or decrease in external or internal sexuality due to entering into a marriage union;

Undoubtedly, people are able to influence any of these components except the first, so whining in a rag, reproaching parents for poor-quality conception is the lot of fatalists, not for those who forge themselves for a better life, or at least not spoils the "original" Creators. Understandably, there are also many side effects that prevent the development of sexuality, and you should know them:

- health - purely physiological processes that prevent the development of sexuality;

- problems - stressful situations that distract the brain from the formation of sexual thoughts;

- lack of experience - failure to use the experience accumulated by mankind to improve their own sexuality;

- complexes - problems with sexual self-esteem;

- fatigue - excessive enthusiasm for any other processes to the detriment of sexual;

- boredom - lack of incentives to maintain or improve one's own sexuality;

— …

Notice, I didn’t put damned heredity at the head, and you know why - it can be compensated for by other qualities that increase this very sexuality (this will be discussed below). He also did not remember morality, which sometimes really infringes on the sexual sphere, because the person himself brings himself to such a high spiritual level, when only monosex remains, for which sexuality is no longer important. A lot of things affect our sexuality thanks solely to ourselves, and this is complete crap. Only sexuality is condemned out of envy, which once again proves its priority in human behavior. Morality and spirituality are cool concepts, however, they, like sexuality, should be used without fanaticism.

Note that sexuality really varies in the light of different faiths, as well as among different nationalities. Does this not indicate that its true meaning is the same for everyone, but has not yet been understood and accepted unanimously? And who, in your opinion, is looking for a path in the right direction, if teenagers dream about sex without exception, and the truth speaks through the mouth of a baby?

What by its action or inaction makes a person be sexual, in one way or another different from the basic settings:

- hormones

Whatever one may say, and from a certain age the brain is bombarded with thoughts oh so far from what morality and adult education prescribes. The biochemical reactions caused by such thoughts produce liters of all kinds of chemical compounds that easily cause the sexual behavior of any person. It is unlikely that anyone has noticed how, when thinking “about this”, the voice rasps, palms sweat and eyes shine - this is the effect of the hormonal cocktail of sexuality. A reduced amount of hormones in the body naturally works the other way around, but this happens extremely rarely.

- sympathy

Actually non-professional sexuality is most often manifested by the sympathy of one person for another. It starts at a very early age, when a boy wants to please a girl, and that other boy and this chain reaction starts the program of sexuality, and that, gaining momentum, leads people to death. And what, old men and women also flirt as they can, despite the complete lack of opportunities.

- love

I can’t say that I know more about love than others, I myself have never suffered from this, but they say that it is she who awakens the true sexuality of a person. Having fallen in love, they say, a person completely rebuilds his appearance and attitude to the world around him, as well as his behavior not only in the presence of an object of desire, but also in life in general. And then: eyes sparkle, saliva drips, breath is stale, adrenaline splashes from everywhere, and invisible vibes... - this is unlikely to provoke anyone, even an outsider, even their own sex...

- attraction

But attraction is a concept of a purely physiological plan. When the rush of blood to the genitals provoked by the brain "calls back" to the top about the onset of an erection (regardless of gender), there is a sharp release of hormones of various kinds into the blood, which make a person instantly go into that state called sexual preoccupation. And in it the symptoms are no different from love.

- obligations

And this happens, because there are many professions where there is no way without this sexuality. Striptease, for example, prostitution, a personal secretary, acting,... - but you never know what else. Here, a person first sets himself up for a sexual image and behavior, and then the memory brings it into his bottomless bins and everything starts to happen reflexively. If desired, any program of the human body can be run in auto mode and sexuality too. Someone can control this, someone can not, but how do you determine this without tests?

What and how affects sexuality?

There are many criteria for evaluating the sexuality of men and women. Many are not supported by anything at all, but there are several unwritten truths that rarely conflict with civilized ideas about sexuality. I won’t talk about the uncivilized, it’s unlikely that anyone is interested in the spicy features of the sex of the inhabitants of some island state, but the most typical ones are worth discussing.

- men

According to women, a man should be smart, educated, active, tall, strong, fit, sober, not tolerating objections (as an additional option, external and inner beauty, but courteous, cheerful, kind and... sexually preoccupied. Allegedly, only in this situation, the male can easily knock out any lady with his sexuality, and even some of the unisexuals can say hello. But the ladies don't say how to achieve all this, especially if the male scares mice with his appearance, has completed only three classes of the parochial school, has a full range of bad habits? How can one become a sex symbol - but in no way. Everything that distinguishes a man in appearance and inner content from traditional stereotypes has an extremely negative effect on his sexuality. Yes, there are women who are extreme, women who suffer, etc. capable of evaluating male dignity in any situation, but these are exceptions. Most of the worthy representatives of the fair sex still ignore such men, destroying the remnants of their sexuality completely. And if we recall the male suspiciousness, inflated self-esteem and an incredible number of sexual complexes, it is very problematic to meet full-fledged sexuality in their environment.

- women

A woman, according to men, should be beautiful, slender, fit, cheerful, sociable, gentle, slightly immodest, but not too easily accessible, and also a little naive or even slightly stupid. In this scenario, the sexuality in this lady will be awakened against all odds, and she will never be allowed to fall asleep. Such a person will subsequently easily stack everything that comes to her from the category of penis-bearing ones, and those who understand this really demonstrate the highest class. By the way, the real female sexuality is significantly different from the one that imposes the modern style of behavior and fashion on the fair sex. Yes, when at puberty a man is excited by any opportunity for sex, the concept of female sexuality is of no fundamental importance, but with age, ladies who have not penetrated the meaning of true female sexuality will hardly have to count on amazing sex. Men in sex can do everything and always, but not with everyone.

My aphorism does not claim to be recognized like the pearls of my (possibly) ancestor Saltykov-Shchedrin, but if you think about it, it is true. The sexuality of a woman directly depends on a man, and with age, not only naked sex is required, but also all those qualities of the fair sex that were discussed above.

Sexuality and physiology.

So, whatever I say in the future about the psycho-physiological influence on sexuality, men and women kill it in the bud, driven by their appearance. A small (large) penis of a man or a small (large, drooping, shapeless, etc.) chest (ass) of a woman can negate even the most amazing sexuality, which was not burdened by anything before. If you are one of those readers, drop the reading and start from here.

Human sexuality is an extremely unstable phenomenon, despite being inherent in each individual from birth, but it is subject to restoration at any age. Anticipating skepticism in this place - I explain: sexuality is a consequence of Greater Sex, which knows no differences between sexes, ages and realizations. Doubt? And you try, in the end, it won't get any worse...