What a man needs to learn before marriage

Why not rush to get married? On the one hand, a good deal will not be called a marriage. On the other hand, a man needs time to form his character. What does a man need to learn before marriage?

Sometimes, before marriage, a man needs to get his mind and body in order.

What a man needs to learn before marriage

Learn to find the right girls. How many times have you hooked up with unsuccessful girls? Toxic relationships with hysterical, stupid, self-serving, inadequate, problematic or windy people. Learn to choose from the crowd those girls who are worth your attention. Which are suitable not only for entertainment, but also for permanent relationships.

Learn to look for those who like you. When you're young, you don't know what your future girlfriend should look like. With age, the image of the girl becomes clear. You clearly imagine what you want from a girl, how she should look like and what she should be like.

Learn to influence and understand girls. Thin strings of the soul of women, what drives them and how to influence them. Communication with women teaches understanding the intricacies of relationships, finding compromises and resolving difficulties. With age, it becomes easy and simple to put in place or achieve something from a girl.

Learn love joys. Experience comes with time. Experiments, research and knowledge of women's bodies will help a man become a pro in bed. In youth, one must venture into the world of carnal exploration in order to impress the girls in the bed of love.

Psychologists recommend not even thinking about marriage until the age of 30, men can do it later…