What a man needs a woman

To answer this question, first of all, you need to understand what kind of woman needs a man. After all, the tastes and “requirements” of all women, like men, are different. Some of the ladies are quite unintelligible: “if he doesn’t go by himself, he will be my king”, and someone dreams of a billionaire and life in the Maldives. But if you do not take into account these two extreme options, then you can put together some general characteristics that a man with whom you want to start a family has.

Employment and stable income

You need money to provide for your family. Let's say that initially both partners work in a pair, but at some point, if you are not child-free, you will have children. Children are a fairly large expense item. And maternity payments are not such a large amount, besides, it is not clear what will happen after and how the situation with the kindergarten will develop. If the child gets sick often, the mother will have to take sick leave, etc. In addition, there may be other costs. Therefore, a good salary is very important to become a support for your family.

Ability to cope with one's emotions

When a man throws tantrums, many compare him to a woman. But if a woman's mood is sometimes affected by hormonal disruptions, then a man freaking out for no reason looks ridiculous. In fact, both a man and a woman in adulthood should be able to cope with their mood swings on their own and be able to “let off steam” so as not to hang their problems on others. If you want to talk to someone, it is better to take a course of psychotherapy.

Working through your psychological traumas

If you feel that you have mental problems, resentment towards your parents, fears and clamps, then you you won't build. First build them with yourself, and then with a woman. Do not be shy to contact a psychologist, this specialist should have been a common occurrence in our lives for a long time. But the fact is that Russians still believe that going to a psychologist is a disease and extreme measures, so for people who finally get to it, the situation is already too serious. And in this case, he already receives a referral to a psychiatrist and prescription of medications.

Do not blame your partner

Asking yourself the question: “What kind of man does a woman need?” Think about how it would be for you if a woman blames you for all common problems. Therefore, such a woman does not need a man. If you have a habit of thinking that a woman is obliged to support you in everything, forgetting about herself, then you are deeply mistaken. She may have problems and worries no less than you.

If you are a successful man, then you will be able to manage your emotions yourself without trying to pin the responsibility for them on a woman. Only infantiles complain for years and blame others for their failures.

Honesty is conducive

It doesn't mean you can't lie about something without hurting her. It is not necessary to admit that you broke her favorite vase, because you can try to replace it with a new one, if one is on sale.

But tell her that you fell out of love, if this really happened. There is no need to go into details and make it more painful. In that case, just don't burden her with your presence anymore.

No dependencies

What kind of man does a woman need? Obviously not the one who, when problems arise, resorts to alcohol or drugs instead of a solution. This speaks of a fragile psyche and unwillingness to be the master of one's own life. Why would such a man need a woman? To suffer next to him or put her life on trying to get out of this swamp? You are an adult and should understand that it is at least unfair to hang the responsibility for your minuses on the shoulders of your beloved woman.

Saving money and stinginess are two different things

How long do you think she will live with you if you save on everything and demand receipts from stores? And especially - to tell her how to manage money, in particular - her money. If you are not ready to give something from time to time and take on at least half of the expenses, then why would you even live with someone?

And remember, phrases like: “You cut yourself too big a piece of cheese” and “Wow, yogurt for 50 rubles! Maybe stop flaunting?!" say that you are at least inadequate. A miser pays twice, so try to be generous at least towards those you love.

Restraint and self-sufficiency

The ability to control oneself is extremely valuable these days. A calm man inspires confidence. Also, restraint in the manifestation of negative emotions can be an indisputable plus, because the one who yells at a woman or allows you to raise a hand against her is doomed to loneliness. If you want to feel good and comfortable with you, behave tactfully and be a worthy person.

Calmness and self-sufficiency is also expressed in the fact that you have no desire to prove something to anyone. You will not be drawn into a criminal adventure for the sake of money and will not be taken “weakly”.


Maturity and self-confidence are one of the main qualities that a man who needs a woman should have. Note that self-confidence and arrogance are not the same thing. Confidence comes from awareness, it is a consequence of the fact that you have achieved something in life, and not wandering without work, without friends and your home.

The Bremen Town Musicians, of course, are romantic guys, but where can you get confidence in the future if there is nothing behind your soul? A woman wants to have a safe place to live without thinking that tomorrow she will have to look for a new home. Your arrogant air and frivolity will not help anything when it comes to a serious relationship. You can philosophize for years about earning money and buying your own apartment, but if you need to, then you will plan and implement it and live up to the dreams of what kind of man a woman needs.

When leaving, leave

If you tell your current girlfriend about the past and say how you could not leave for years, suffered and held a woman, although she no longer wanted to, you plant doubts in her head. She may think that if you break up, everything will happen again. And pushiness is the enemy of a healthy relationship. If you decide to leave and made this decision carefully and accurately, then politely say goodbye, thank you for all the good things and disappear from her life. There is no need to “ping”, checking how she is there, whether she found someone, whether she built life. If you have changed your mind and cannot live without a woman, but she does not call back, have the dignity of sticking to your plan and decision made earlier.

Take care of your health

First of all, you need it. At least in order to stay alive and active. Go through annual examinations, this helps to identify possible diseases in the early stages of development. And this guarantees a quick and successful disposal of them.

Go in for sports

Moderately and without fanaticism. Yes, women are pleased to look at a beautiful body, like you, but it is absolutely not necessary to spend hours in the gym, and even more so, take bodybuilding drugs. Leave it to those who have chosen this sport as their profession. Sign up for swimming, gym or martial arts. Choose the type of physical activity that you enjoy. This will help you not to fall apart ahead of time and will give you energy.

The ability to show tenderness

When asked what kind of man a woman needs, many will answer: affectionate and gentle. This doesn't mean you have to stop being masculine. Just don't be afraid to show your feelings. In addition, women love with their ears, and therefore learn to compliment and show tenderness, even if this is not typical for you, try to touch more often. After all, as Stanislavsky said: "To love is to want to touch." Hugs, kisses and caresses - all this is pleasant for both sexes. In addition, these actions and words strengthen attachment.

Education matters

What kind of man does a woman need? Certainly educated. And how you were raised matters a lot. This is influenced by the microclimate in the family. If you were supported, understood and tried to deal with problems with the help of words, then you will be able to support and understand. If you were accepted for who you are and did not put the unbearable burden of your unfulfilled dreams on you, then you, most likely, will love your woman without conditions and accept her.

Education is the basis of the foundations, the necessary basis for laying the foundation of your character. Conflicts and misunderstandings in the family, mutual accusations and physical punishment are the causes of serious injuries and, as an adult, such a man will no longer want to have a family or children.

It is important to know at least the elementary rules of etiquette and be able to behave in society. We do not live in the forest, and our whole life is spent among people. Therefore, they will have to be taken into account.

Intellectual development

A smart man is one of the answers to the eternal question, what kind of man a woman needs. Mind is interesting and sexy. Girls are really attracted to intelligence. Sometimes even more than a sculpted body and a charming smile. Women who prefer to have smart partners are called sapiosexuals. And indeed, now is not the time when strength is the main thing that can attract the opposite sex.

Women are thrilled by brash intellectuals. What is the hero of the series “Doctor House” worth, who does not stand out for his beautiful appearance, but takes the place of the head doctor of a prestigious hospital and does not complain about the lack of attention from women. The hero from the Big Bang Theory series, Sheldon Cooper, is also very popular, which once again proves the value and attractiveness of the mind for women.

Count only on yourself

You need to do this, first of all, for your own sake. It is absolutely not necessary to be at the top of the career ladder, but relying only on yourself in work and life and not relying on outside support is very important. It makes you independent. Not considering others as tools to solve your problems is already half the battle. You can ask for help, but it is better to do it only in extreme cases.

No need to compare

If you constantly compare yourself with others, both in the professional field and in relationships, you can quickly become disillusioned with life. A man who constantly compares himself and his woman with those around him will never be calm and satisfied with life, because there are always more successful and more beautiful people. They are unlikely to want to communicate with you if you look after each lady with a desire to evaluate the length of her legs, and when you come home from work, sullenly say that your colleague has been promoted again. Ask questions to yourself and compare yourself to yourself yesterday. What will you do today to be better tomorrow? Then you can motivate yourself to change. Praise yourself for your successes rather than suffer your failures.

Do not humiliate yourself in front of anyone

Neither in front of women, nor in front of the boss. Have self-respect. A man who a woman needs always remains self-sufficient. Humiliation in front of anyone destroys your personality. If someone wants you to humiliate yourself in front of him, stop communicating with this person. It's just a waste of time and effort. You can always build relationships at work and in love without a drop of humiliation. Be above this and you will achieve more: both a good job and a beloved woman. After all, ladies appreciate strong personalities.

A real man does not devalue women

Yes, everyone has disappointments in life and unsuccessful love stories. If, after a breakup or quarrel, you begin to vilify your woman and everyone else, then you are unlikely to be able to build a serious relationship.

"What kind of man does a woman need?" - a difficult question. One will forgive you insults and inattention, the other will forget your number. If in principle you do not value the female gender, then you are unlikely to meet openness and understanding on his part. There are, of course, women - terpily, but they have little in common with strong personalities. By devaluing, you lose both the respect of the ladies and the chance for a relationship with a worthy woman, because she will not tolerate this.

Be an interesting person

Anyone who is not interesting to himself is not interesting to anyone. If you do not know how to entertain yourself in your free time, then how can you attract a woman? Sitting and watching a movie with a glass of wine is a pleasant experience, but if you do it every evening, then such leisure will quickly get bored. Try to find a few activities for yourself that you can share with others. Biking, rollerblading, snowboarding or stand-up board - all this both improves health and body, and brings positive emotions.

Appreciate and inspire women's beauty

There are many men who try to assert themselves at the expense of a woman and list her shortcomings and also advise what to do to become more beautiful and better. It's okay if she asks you for advice about it. But if not, then this is not support, but a lack of tact. A man who loves and admires women will never try to exalt himself at their expense. Women, and so most often unnecessarily demanding of themselves and exhaust themselves, trying to achieve a fictitious ideal.

Let her know that she is beautiful to you both in evening dress and sleepy in the morning. This will make her more beautiful and happier. After all, what kind of man does a woman need? One that can make her happy.


We are made deeper and smarter by getting to know new countries and cultures. Having known another life and feeling like a person living differently, you can be different. Pay attention to foreign cuisine, traditions and customs, look into the eyes of those who never knew you and try to understand how they live. It's very interesting to learn new things. Move and dream, do not stop there - all this will make you the one with whom they will dream to spend time.

Learn to be friends

The ability to make friends makes you spiritually rich and happy. If you do not just spend time with friends over beer, but are really interested in their problems, help and try to understand, then it is worth a lot. Friendship gives strength and helps out in difficult times. A true friend is part of your family, and if learning how to build healthy relationships is important to you, try learning how to make real friends first.

Pay attention to the desires of a woman

A woman, one way or another, always makes it clear what she wants and what she has long dreamed of. This does not mean that every desire must be fulfilled instantly. But it would be nice to pay attention to at least some. A woman will feel happy if there is a man nearby who listens to her and helps in the implementation of long-planned affairs. And also try to develop the ability to hear what she is silent about. If you are able to do this, then what other man does a woman need?

Don't abuse

Neither physically nor emotionally. If you are jealous or jealous that she spends time with her friends, this is not a reason to insult her or her friends. This item has a lot to do with upbringing and restraint. But it is important to mention it, since it is not only unworthy to stoop to insults, but also stupid. Are you a man or not? If you see that you are neglected, then leave this woman alone, but do not behave obscenely.

Appreciate your time

Idlely wandering around the clubs is permissible only in adolescence. When you are over 30, learn how to use your resources rationally, as this is of great importance. The distribution of time between work, family and hobbies is your primary task. One complements the other, and in order to have enough energy for work, you must relax in the family, and in order to fully enjoy the relationship, you need to relax, indulging in your favorite business.

If you waste your time, no one will be interested in you. Learn to be rational and you won't be boring.

Whatever you are now, it's never too late to become the best version of yourself. And then your woman in response to the question: “What kind of man does a woman need?” he will confidently say: "Just like you."